Activbody activ5 hand-held isometric strength schooling tool – for palms, legs, upper and lower frame muscles – portable and lightweight – with custom designed workout teacher app, black & orange

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  • make sure this suits by coming into your model range.
  • get more potent – isometric workout is associated with an boom in muscle bulk, higher and decrease frame electricity, growth in bone density
  • advantages over aerobic exercising – stretching and aerobic exercising by myself have validated to be a much less powerful form of training than isometric electricity schooling in bone fractures.
  • lowers blood stress – clinical evidence shows that isometrics, as a part of healthy way of life, may additionally help lower blood pressure.
  • saves you time – isometrics presents a full body exercise whilst you don’t have time to get to the fitness center.

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product description

activ5 is a bluetooth-enabled, portable workout and power training tool for males and females that, along side the activ5 accomplice telephone app, coaches users via five-minute full body workouts and measures information including energy, precision and other non-public metrics. Activ5 is good for all people from working specialists who sit all day, to tourists, seniors, busy mothers, college students or in reality individuals who discover it challenging to suit in each day hobby. It’s like having a gymnasium and a non-public trainer in your pocket.

7 reviews for Activbody activ5 hand-held isometric strength schooling tool – for palms, legs, upper and lower frame muscles – portable and lightweight – with custom designed workout teacher app, black & orange

  1. Adolphus McClanahan

    It’s a novel way to exercise using a compact method to measure and monitor strength. App is excellent bit needs more Bluetooth sound features so that it will not require to look at the cell phone screen during compression exercise. (Example wood chop exercise while walking). Other wise, highly recommended, well thought out device, app, and application! Read more

  2. T. Chace

    I was very motivated and excited about trying this product because in theory it’s a great idea and very innovative. I love the idea of getting the muscle building in a short amount of time and using body weight. However, the exercises are not very well explained so you never really sure if you’re doing them right. The documentation sucks. There’s no reason why they can’t have YouTube videos to help E ensure that you are doing things correctly and getting the benefits from the work you putting in. They’re simple diagrams that don’t explain correct positioning and some you really have no idea what you’re actually supposed to be doing. So in essence you’re paying for a really expensive little scale. Great idea. Interesting concept. Terrible documentation and execution. Read more

  3. showkees

    I can’t tell much improvement after daily use. Having to watch the phone screen during exercise to do exercise is awkward and at times uncomfortable. Wish it had audible directions or didn’t require watching phone. Read more

  4. Dan

    Okay, it’s not literally a rock, but it may as well be. You will get exactly the same workout squeezing a rock. Yes, there’s an app that will tell you to squeeze harder or what not but it really doesn’t make any difference with the workout. And that brings me to the biggest issue: you cannot imagine a duller workout. It’s just squeezing an inanimate object in different ways. Tossed mine after a month or two of non-use. Read more

  5. Besokool

    This device is designed for a specific purpose. It does achieve that purpose quite well. You really need to understand Isometric training, and manage your expectations accordingly. There are many great books that explain the nueral connection one must practice, for Isometric gains. Bodybuilders usually master nueral connection. With that being said, this device is no way intended to create large muscle mass. That is a science unto itself which involves a significant increase in protein consumption, compared to the average American diet. I have been using the Active5 for about a month – no changes to diet, resistance training or cardio. Overall, my muscles feel harder. I wouldn’t say they grown in size, but I suppose it’s possible. But here’s the big takeaway. I’ve had zero problems with the app. Using this can be done sitting or standing. And I find it to be a lot of fun. Anything that creates muscle tension, and provides a some fun – is a total win in my book. If your a person of average strength, I would add this to your routine. But you should definitely do other exercises to stress your muscles besides this. Also, if you’re a true fan of isometrics, you will want a Bullworker. Read more

  6. 1baldchick

    I have fibromyalgia and this is the perfect tool to regain strength. It has all kinds of exercises and levels. Just remember don’t overdo it as you set it and will be perfect. Read more

  7. Lindsay

    This is more of a game for me. It’s fun so I don’t think of it as exercising, but you will build up strength if you do it. This is a great product for me. I enjoy it. Read more

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