Aeromat elite exercising mat with eyelets

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made of phthalates and latex free % closed-cellular foam. Long lasting 1/2″ thick foam mat. Terrific for any ground exercising. Clean to clean with damp material. Light weight, clean to roll up, with convenient carry take care of. Rack holds up to 10 mats. This workout mat is far thicker than most competing yoga mats. The mat is made using a sophisticated foam generation, which offers advanced effect absorption and luxury. No greater sore ankles whilst you take a seat in lotus position, because the mat is right for all types of yoga, specifically restorative poses. Further, the mat’s terrific production guarantees that it’ll closing a long way longer than maximum preferred foam mats. Extra features include a nonslip surface that grips the ground securely and a moisture-resistant pores and skin it’s easy to easy.


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8 reviews for Aeromat elite exercising mat with eyelets

  1. Elle Bee

    Update: so I returned the original one because the creases never worked themselves out, my new one showed up today and it’s even worse!!!! It’s not an issue that’s happening during shipping, that’s for sure. Save your money and upgrade!! I bought this mat because it’s what they use in my barre class. If mine went damaged, I’d be giving it 5 stars—but, as you can tell from the photos, it has the most awful crease in it. They’re so bad/deep that it goes to the other side and the foam is super thin in that spot. The mat was shipped in a large cardboard box and was in a plastic bag bag, folded in half (but not to the point there was a crease). So it’s not a matter of it being stuffed in a box —this is a manufacturer issue that needs to be fixed ASAP! Read more

  2. Curt Evrard

    I like the fact that these mats are comfortable I use them at my fitness facility during bootcamp workouts and people are able to do push-ups on on people are able to do crunches and abs in the thickness help significantly. I did not like the handles I would have preferred the two holes on your side cuz I feel like overtime that handles my ripoff but for the purpose of purchasing them and using them on a day-to-day basis they have been great Read more

  3. jesma

    My only complaint is that the product sticker was placed directly on the mat and impossible to remove entirely. However that doesn’t affect the functionality. The thickness is great for workouts. The size is ideal for small spaces. The warehouse price made this a great deal. Read more

  4. Janet Simpson

    It does not have the grooves that the picture shows and I ordered a blue mat and got turquoise. Also, it’s just a rubber mat that you end up “sticking” to when you lay on it. I definitely would not recommend this mat. Read more

  5. Confidentially yours. Lsrlsalsl

    Miss Matt is very good. It is soft on your knees and joints, it is lightweight and has two holes upon which you can hang it so it takes up less room. It would be nice if it were longer because you can’t get full coverage under your body with it. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    I bought this primarily for exercises that require being on the floor: pushups, plank (and all its evil variants), ab crunches (of all kinds) and it is great for that. Yes, it can slide around the floor a bit, but it cushions like a champ. My wrists don’t get as sore when holding myself up in plank; my elbows don’t scream when doing side planks. As a bonus, it makes a nice mat for meditating. Read more

  7. Rivera, Judee

    This should be advertised for children’s use. Its not something a 200+ man can use. Read more

  8. Deborah

    Sturdy, non slip on my carpet, have had for more than a month and I use it 5 days a week, holding up really well. Read more

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