Aeropilates consolation kit

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  • consolation package comes with 3 add-ons: head pillow, non-slip towel and detachable furry hand grips
  • head pillow: contoured design promotes postural alignment head pillow: plush padding head pillow: smooth, clean-to-smooth vinyl covering head pillow: elastic bands to keep pillow in vicinity
  • non-slip towel: tender and brief-drying design non-slip towel: designed to cowl the aeropilates platform non-slip towel: gadget washable
  • furry hand grips: growth consolation in longer workout sessions hairy hand grips: detachable and easy to switch out with normal hand grips
  • fabric kind: microfiber

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up your pilates practice

similarly your pilates ability with the aeropilates consolation kit, a set of add-ons designed to lessen soreness so that you can focus greater on getting the consequences you choice. The package comes with three gadgets:

  • aeropilates towel
  • aeropilates head pillow
  • aeropilates hairy hand grips
  • comfort package comes with 3 accessories: head pillow, non-slip towel and detachable furry hand grips
  • head pillow: contoured layout promotes postural alignment and has plush padding for consolation
  • head pillow: tender, smooth-to-clean vinyl overlaying
  • head pillow: elastic bands to preserve pillow in area
  • non-slip towel: tender and short-drying design, machine washable
  • non-slip towel: designed to cowl the aeropilates platform
  • furry hand grips: boom comfort in longer exercising classes
  • furry hand grips: removable and clean to replace out with everyday hand grips
  • non-slip towel

    place the towel on your pilates reformer for an absorbent, non-slip surface throughout exercise. The porous cloth soaks up any excess sweat and allows provide prolonged balance. When you’re achieved, really throw it in the wash earlier than the subsequent consultation.

    hairy hand grips

    bushy hand grips are equipped with a wonderful smooth, clean fabric to hold your fingers more secure during both extensive and gentle moves. They’re also without problems detachable for laundry.

    head pillow

    designed to suit the contour of your neck, the top pillow promotes proper postural alignment and a supported body during your routine. The lush padding and tender, clean-to-clean vinyl is handy and useful. Attaching the pillow to a reformer is straightforward with protected elastic bands.

    6 reviews for Aeropilates consolation kit

    1. Victoria

      This added pillow for the Aero a Pilates is a must have. I should have purchased long ago. I also bought the stand and the box for my Pilates machine. All of these items make a huge difference,Read more

    2. Goldilocks

      purchased this so I could get the fur covers for my pilates machine..the thickness of the fur is so much so that it is impossible to grip the handles at all..unless you have huge hands..which I don’t..returnedRead more

    3. Cynthia

      Fit this so my daughter with special needs would be more comfortable. Upgraded our reformer!Read more

    4. allisonp55

      Love this head/neck support. Less strain on my neck.Thank you!Read more

    5. Gisele R.

      I love it!! Comfort is great!Read more

    6. Sharon

      Love how all items support the comfort of getting an optimal workout.Read more

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