Aeropilates precision collection reformer 535

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  • premium pilates enjoy: the aeropilates precision series reformer 535 offers a effective system for burning fats, shaping and slimming the body, enhancing aerobic, and greater.
  • fun, powerful cardio: four levels of spring resistance provide the potential to customize your preferred intensity degree.
  • designed for overall performance: includes the intuitive aerobic rebounder for a amusing, mild and powerful way to improve practical fitness without the burden on the joints. Switch to the protected padded foot bar to execute traditional pilates sporting activities.
  • streaming workout routines included: follow together with online get admission to to 2 of our popular motion pictures, the aeropilates primer and simple workout bundle. Streams from your cellphone, tablet, clever television or pc.
  • comfort factors: excessive-density foam shoulder pads, adjustable & padded headrest, double loop hand and foot straps, extensive padded platform, adjustable pulley risers, and integrated wheels with folding frame for clean portability.

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aeropilates precision collection reformer 535

4 degrees of spring resistance provide a greater variety of alternatives in your preferred intensity level. Use the intuitive aerobic rebounder for a amusing, mild, effective way to enhance purposeful fitness without the weight at the joints. In case you preference more conventional pilates sporting events, transfer to the adjustable padded foot bar.

your outcomes at the aeropilates precision collection reformer 535 may be improved thanks to the various comfort factors constructed in to the gadget, including:

  • excessive-density foam shoulder pads
  • adjustable, padded head rest
  • adjustable pulley risers
  • double loop hand and foot straps
  • extensive, padded platform
  • built-in wheels and folding design for clean storage / portability
  • take your pilates practice to a new level with the aeropilates precision collection reformer 535.

    *requires internet get entry to. See user manual for info.

  • 4 tiers of spring resistance provide eight extraordinary mixtures
  • particular cardio rebounder and adjustable, padded foot bar for wide style of physical games
  • padded platform, shoulder pads, head rest and double loop hand and foot straps for consolation
  • comes with on-line get admission to to aeropilates primer and fundamental workout package motion pictures
  • attractive grey and wood trim layout
  • folding body and integrated wheels for clean shipping and garage
  • burn calories and tone muscle with out the effect in your joints with the cardio rebounder
  • *patent number: us7179207
  • transfer to the padded foot bar to execute traditional pilates physical games.

    two heavier and lighter springs offer a wide range range of options to healthy your preferred intensity stage

    double loop hand and foot straps offer extended comfort at some point of sporting events of all kinds

    the adjustable, padded head relaxation and high-density foam shoulder pads promote balance, rest and alignment at some point of workout

    fold the reformer when you’re done for an smooth storage answer

    8 reviews for Aeropilates precision collection reformer 535

    1. Philip V. McCalister

      Barely 6 months old and already falling apart. Shoddy welding and weak materials.Read more

    2. adamama

      I’ve used various studio reformers for about 5yrs and would say I’m a beginner/intermediate user. While this is not a studio quality reformer it is top notch for home use. It arrived quickly and was well packaged. Assembled w/in minutes. Is a solid piece of equipment (I was expecting something more flimsy). It needed a spray of silicone (sold separately) on the track to eliminate noise when using. I fold and put it away after each use and it’s fairly easy to do. It is the only folding reformer with springs on the market. There’s no end to great Youtube workouts. It takes a little getting used to if you’ve used a studio machine, but so far it’s working smoothly and is a superb workout. I LOVE it! No regrets.Read more

    3. cheryl

      I have been looking for a reformer that is portable. My husband assembled it and commented on how well built it is. It works as smoothly as the reformer in wood frame. I don’t mind getting up an down from the floor. I do have a squeak in one wheel. I will use some silicone spray. Otherwise the spring tension is just right for a at home pilates session.I like that the shoulder blocks can be removed for moves done on all fours. The foot bar is a good hight for me. I am 5’2″. It is no adjustable, but can be removed. I have not used the rebounder. It is well built and seems like it would work just fine. I think when I don’t need it to be portable I can have my husband build a wood frame for it. So for the price I feel I got my money’s worth.Read more

    4. PMD

      I bought this reformer because it has springs instead of bungee cords, and it folds in half for storage. This is the only precision series that folds. It’s a solid piece of equipment, but don’t expect it to be like the studio quality reformers that cost 3-4 times more than this unit. Assembly was pretty easy, but I needed help to get it out of the box. Once it was out of the box, there were only several pieces to put on the reformer – legs, pulley risers, and rebounder/foot bar. Upon initial use with the rebounder, it was squeaky, so I used WD40 on the wheels and that went away. There was also some clinking noise when the metal pulley moves/slacks when you jump, and also the plastic ball that attaches to the rope underneath the reformer would hit the metal piece underneath. In order to solve these noise issues, I used self adhesive furniture bumpers (tiny ones) on the metal. The noise is just a small annoyance, and you probably won’t hear it much if you had music or workout video on – I noticed the sound because I was using it in a quiet room. I can do most of the workouts that I do at the studio. Overall, it was a good purchase for a home pilates reformer that folds.Read more

    5. Anonymous

      I bought this Pilates reformer because of its ability to fold up to store upright and the low price. Overall I really like it. The springs aren’t as difficult as the springs on my Pilates chair, but I get a decent workout on it when using all four springs. It was easy to put together. It’s also easy to fold up, just watch your fingers. It rolls out of the way easily too. One complaint is that it’s kind of noisy. I greased the track with some fitness equipment oil and it helped a little. But I still can’t figure out where it’s still squeaking from. Also the free workout videos are okay, not the best, not the worst, but okay. I mix in some other videos I found online. Other than that, I love it.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Love this reformer for the price. This is not going to be like a studio reformer but I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I love to use it and see results quickly. I also bought furry grips and neck pillow. If you dont care about the folding feature, buy the one with legs.Read more

    7. Susan M. Consorte

      Not a studio quality reformer but pretty close. Holds up well to jump board with no sliding. May invest in the stand because the beads designed to hold the straps clank on the floor but not a deal breaker. Otherwise a nice machine.Read more

    8. Shoe lover

      Great reformer for a good price. I like that it folds and is easily stored out of way. Definitely not “studio” quality but gets the job done when you’re not able to go to a Pilates studio. Assembly is easy. I’m quite pleased with this purchase!Read more

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