Aeropilates precision series reformer 608

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using getting into your version variety.
  • energy of aeropilates: the aeropilates precision series reformer 608 provides an powerful manner to burn fat, form and tone muscle, enhance coronary heart health and enhance flexibility.
  • performance-targeted pilates: consists of 4 springs for a total of 8 one of a kind levels of interhcnageable depth.
  • aerobic rebounder: the particular cardio rebounder provides a fun, green technique to burn energy, make stronger the pelvic floor and improve cardiovascular function without the effect felt at the joints. Switch to the padded foot bar for classic pilates actions.
  • video-on-call for covered: comes with on line get right of entry to to aeropilates primer and basic exercise package films. Streams out of your phone, pill, clever tv, or laptop.
  • top class consolation elements: outfitted with a extensive & padded platform, cushioned and adjustable headrest, excessive-density foam shoulder pads, double loop hand and foot straps, and adjustable pulley risers. Alluring mild gray and wooden trim design.

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aeropilates precision collection reformer 608

4 springs offer a total of eight extraordinary degrees of interchangeable intensity. Use the patented aerobic rebounder lying down for an effective, amusing way to burn energy and toughen the body without the impact in your joints. For traditional pilates sporting events, transfer to the blanketed padded foot bar.

comply with at the side of a pilates expert and get admission to 3 unfastened online exercise movies blanketed* with purchase. The aeropilates primer and primary exercise package videos walk you thru all of the fundamentals to get began on an powerful pilates exercise. Ordinary, in-individual pilates instructions may be luxurious. This precious bundle permits you to study the basics of pilates in your own home for free! Streams to your cellphone, television, laptop or tablet.

the 608 reformer is outfitted with several elements to help lessen discomfort all through routines, so you can recognition greater on getting the consequences you desire. The wide, padded platform movements gracefully along aluminum rails and ball-bearing rollers. The padded headrest, foam shoulder pads, double loop hand and foot straps and adjustable pulley risers offer extended comfort.

*requires internet get right of entry to. See consumer manual for instructions.

  • four stages of spring resistance offer eight different combinations
  • patented aerobic rebounder and padded foot bar
  • extensive, padded platform
  • excessive-density foam shoulder pads and upgraded, adjustable padded head relaxation
  • adjustable pulley risers
  • double loop hand and foot straps
  • comes with free on line get entry to to aeropilates primer and simple exercising package movies
  • appealing grey and wooden trim layout
  • affords an green and effective manner to burn calories with out the effect in your joints
  • *patent number: us7179207
  • wider, padded foot bar is good for classic pilates exercises

    use any configuration of 4 springs for up to eight special intensity tiers

    excessive-density foam shoulder pads and and the adjustable, padded headrest provide consolation and aid during exercise

    personalize the attitude of the straps with the adjustable pulley risers

    after you’re achieved exercise, use the built-in wheels to move your reformer to storage

    8 reviews for Aeropilates precision series reformer 608

    1. Chris

      It’s definitely not a studio machine but, it’s close. Since, I’m stuck at home…I need my Pilates reformer workouts to keep me sane. I have a metal rod in my femur. I was worried with it being lower to the ground than the SPX reformer I’m used to it would be hard getting up and down. Not the case at all. Things I dislike are the neck/shoulder bolsters, the noise, and the machine moves with intense cardio rebound workouts. These sound bad but, are tolerable. It’s one of the better at home reformers I’ve tried. I’ve done 3 (hour long) workouts on it and it’s sturdy. It’s nice looking too! It’s not hard to move around if need be. I will say this…if you have weak arms the lowest spring can be tough. I’m up for a challenge but, I’m sure you can use w/o if needed. I put my BOSU ball on it and mix up the workouts. I recommend it for the price. On Stamina Aero Pilates website, the 608 goes for $1200.Read more

    2. Lisa Williams

      So I bought this cause I’m a pilates mat devotee and I always wanted to try reformer workouts. First of all… The machine is sturdy. This one does NOT fold. I thought it did when I bought it but it’s fine. I’m storing it upright clipped to the wall, as we have a small house but I really really wanted this machine.Not folding makes it much sturdier to use. I don’t feel unsafe. I feel supported. Yes the machine could do with some tweaks but nothing you couldn’t manage yourself. I find the resistance to be adequate for my needs right now. As I get back into the workouts and up to higher-level springs that opinion might change but right now I’m alternating between one and two springs.I was worried about the machine not working for taller folks but my 6’1″ husband was able to get on it and use the rebounder without clunking on the stops. I’ve worked out on it twice and I’m happy. I did a pretty intense 40 minute pilates work out and then 10 minutes on arms and 10 minute rebounder workout and I feel it. If you’re used to working out on a rebounder, I totally could see how you could be a little disappointed but if you are new to intermediate on the reformer I think this could work for you.I saw someone who had issues with putting the machine together and getting the holes to line up… Pro tip… Turn the machine on it’s side and you’l be able to get the side pieces flush. It helps to have two people for the install to help support the side pieces as you fit them together. You want them to be as straight as possible so the carriage can glide as intended.I started doing pilates in the early twenty tens. I’m in my 40s. I lost like 50 pounds doing pilates. I’m in no way new to pilates but I’m new to the reformer and if you have the space for this machine and the dedication, you can take your mat workouts to a new level. I’m super pleased.Read more

    3. SJVLawGirl

      I bought this so I would not lose all the progress I had made in the studio while we are stuck/safe at home. The price point was decent, so I made the purchase. Another reviewer was correct that the shoulder blocks are not comfortable, very firm and dig into your shoulders. The instructions could have been written better, I used the wrong screws and had to take them back out and replace with the correct ones. Not sure how long the foot bar will last. Held in place by 4 short screws, so I am concerned when doing any glute work that requires me to lift myself up using the bar… It is just okay. A little clunky, some noise and not as smooth gliding as my studio reformer. I wanted to add a red higher tension spring to the reformer, so I could workout with similar springs to what we use in my class, but Stamina said the machine is only made for the blue (light) and yellow (medium) springs and would not sell me the spring. Still happy I have something to workout at home on and this will suffice for that purpose.Read more

    4. Melissa Leventhal

      I have wanted to have my own reformer since I first discovered Pilates almost 15 years ago. I’ve had this put together for a week and already feel stronger. It’s pricey upfront, but if you consider how much a reformer class costs it’ll pay for itself pretty quickly.Strengthening my core is helping with chronic back aches and my plantar fasciitis pain has become almost non-existent (without having to wear an arch brace all day every day).Read more

    5. sweetpeaz

      This is upgraded machine for myself, I owned one for fifteen years prior that was phenomenal!I would strongly recommend this machine to anyone looking to either upgrade their current reformer or looking for a fun new way too work out the entire body.Take your time in putting it together by reading the instructions fully, you will need another person to help put it together and it’s very easy to put together.A very heavy machine that’s high quality. Worth every penny and then some.Read more

    6. m0

      This came in the mail a few days ago. Finally assembled it today and I had a lot of problems with the screw holes not aligning properly so I ended up assembling it without screwing in two holes. Honestly I would return it but it’s such a big item so I’m going to try and live with it for now. Also it’s not comfortable, the foams around the shoulder are so hard and uncomfortable. Also the straps are a bit on the short side. It looks good but they could have done better with comfort and precision. I bought it because I’m into pilates and with the present stay at home order I can’t go to my classes. I thought the price was pretty decent but with all the defects this should not cost this much for this quality.Read more

    7. Tugce

      I knew it would not be the same as the studios, but I thought it might be of similar quality. Neck foams are not soft enough, I damaged my shoulder after one use.It is not easy to assemble. It always goes to one side and that side is already starting to be damaged (pictured)They sent me the wrong screws for the wheels. I should contact customer service.It is definitely not worth the price.Read more

    8. Amazon Queen

      I love it! I”m saving so much money by not paying those high studio fees!!Read more

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