Aeropilates pro reformer with free-form cardio rebounder

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  • the aeropilates seasoned xp557 is our longest aeropilates reformer with all of the functions and look of an upscale studio reformer
  • reformer dimensions – 100. Five” l x 23. Five” w x 36” h encouraged clearance vicinity – 2ft. From all sides padded, flared, black platform – 23. 25” w x 50” l consumer weight – three hundred max person peak – 6’ 4 weight – 133 lbs.
  • taller, padded, wider, removable and adjustable foot bar with 3 high density foam shoulder pads
  • pro 557 works with adjustable resistance variable springs light) spring – 7 to 28 yellow (heavy) spring – nine to 39 lbs.
  • multiplied built in silver metal body raised 15” off the floor with okaywooden trim 9 cardio rebounder – 14” x 19”
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  • low-impact and smooth on joints
  • total-body workout
  • mental readability
  • easy to apply
  • tones and strengthens
  • increases staying power
  • over three hundred possible sporting activities
  • accelerated mobility and flexibility
  • fixes imbalances
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    AeroPilates Pro XP 556 Home Pilates Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder, Pro XP 557

    4 reviews for Aeropilates pro reformer with free-form cardio rebounder

    1. Lucy

      I got the xp557 and I love it. I am a Club Pilates member and I just wanted a small machine that I could use on my off days. I don’t have the budget for a balance body reformer like they have at the club, but this is a perfectly fine home quality reformer for 1/3-1/4 the price of one of those. I made a few upgrades as were suggested by others. I oiled the wheels which really helped, highly recommend. I used an odorless machine oil that’s free from detergents and it’s great, I hate the WD 40 smell. I also wasn’t a fan of the pullys, so I went to ace hardware and for a few bucks bought all metal pullys and lanyards. I cant get the old pullys off without buying a whole new bolt or a cutter, so I just left them on there to remind me how handy I am haha. See pic for replacement idea! I may also add some command hooks for the foot loops as others have suggested, but changing out the pullys for $7 is well worth it!!!! My advice would be not to expect it to be like a commercial studio reformer and you won’t be disappointed. I can easily still do all the things we do in class and I sweat the same and that’s all that matters. I am 34 with osteoarthritis in my knees already, so for me it’s basically this for the rest of my life and I’m just fine with that! I love Pilates and it kicks my butt!UPDATE: I managed to source the exact pulleys they use on the really nice reformers in the studio I go to. The brand is RONSTAN and I included another pic. I got them on amazon! $60 for the pair but knowing they are legit I was cool with that!Read more

    2. AAA

      OK, I am not sure why their are so many negative reviews. You didn’t purchase a $4000 to $5000 reformer, so why would you expect the same level of quality? If you are comfortable with Pilates and using a Reformer solo, this machine is great given the price point. Every time I look at it, I fall in love. I subscribe to the website Pilates Anytime and do rigorous workouts. Their are some advanced moves you will be unable to do (like Snake) -but you won’t feel like you are missing out on performing different positions. After paying $110 for private sessions for years, buying this Reformer made complete sense. Very happy with this purchase.Read more

    3. David

      I was going back on 3-4 stars. I think 4 because of the value, 3 because it has some serious issues that bug me.I had pretty high expectations for this reformer given the good reviews. In the end it’s about average if you are used to studio grade reformers. I have about two years of Pilates studio classes behind me so feel I am somewhat knowledgeable to review it.Cons:No hand posts next to head rest for ropes or holding on to for certain exercises.The shoulder pads are circular and pretty stiff and often irritate my shoulders from too much direct pressure.Cannot adjust the stop distance on the return for the carriage. Makes it tough if you have longer legs.The foot bar is too narrow and the whole assembly feels budget. Removing it and adjust it feels flimsy and awkward.The rebounder jump board has a small surface area and the elasticness is pretty weak. No options for a solid jump board either.The return smoothness of the carriage is not great and can be a little jerky close to the start where there is little tension.Wish it had more springs to offer more power. Even with all four on it’s a bit weak for some exercises.I have concerns of the quality of the platform, as when pressing down with my knees I here cracking which is alarming. The platform also has kind of weak padding that is loose.ProsFeels overall pretty sturdy, and I am 6′, 200lb guy.Considering it is 60% less than higher end name brand reformers the value is pretty good.Great length for jumping, never come close to hitting the top, and I am 6′.Ropes and foot/hand holds feel solid.The assembly was not too bad. It helped to have a drill with hex bits. I did it myself in about 2 hours.Overall happy about the smoothness. Not close to higher end $5k models but good enough to the point you are not distracted by it.Good height from the ground.Visually looks pretty good. High quality wood end caps.Wheels make it easy to move.Conclusion:If you are not super hardcore Pilates expert and looking for something reasonably priced for the home, this is good. For more advanced users I feel this model is lacking and going for name brand reformer would be better. I have only ever used high end studio grade reformers so have been spoiled. My thinking is I will see how well my home practice goes. If I use it enough to justify it I will probably upgrade in 6 months to something in the $3-4k range and sell this one. In the mean time, it gets the job done!Read more

    4. Tracy

      I waited to review this. I have had it for almost 8mos. I love it. I have a lot of health problems and was unable to do Pilates in a studio because the teachers either worked me too hard or too soft because of my problems. I bought this for my home in hopes that I would be able to build up some strength. I had to take it slow. The DVD’s provided are really for beginners, which I needed. There are 3 DVD”s in one case. One is a short cardio DVD, one is a short reformer workout and one is just explanatory. I supplement workouts with you-tube. The reformer comes with a chart of exercises which is very handy and tells you what springs to put on.The springs are easy for me to maneuver and I am glad I got the machine with springs rather than cords as I think they will last longer. I will eventually buy more DVD’s. I am 5’1″ and was concerned that it would be too large for me but it is fine. I think it could accommodate tall and short people, with ease. I have seen a significant improvement in my strength and physical appearance. The best part is you can easily adjust the springs or repetitions and gradually increase your workouts. It was worth every penny and is a solid machine. I purchased the mat for underneath and would recommend that. It is a large machine and requires a lot of space, but like I said, it is worth it. It takes time to see and feel improvement but it will come.Read more

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