Ainaan boxing speed ball putting kind tumbler sandbag double cease mma for schooling fitness center workout agility (yellow)

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  • by means of coming into your model variety.
  • ☺ horizontal and vertical suspension speed bag. Vital schooling gadget for boxing exercise. Particularly used to teach punch velocity
  • ☺ fabricated from high-grade pu leather, the ball period is set 30cm after inflation, the ball diameter is about 20cm, and the total period of the rubber rope and the ball is set 170cm (the dimensions when the rubber wire isn’t stretched)
  • ☺ excellent-stretched elastic rope, stretched up to 3 meters in period, clean to dangle. Can be hung in nearly any commonplace scene
  • ☺ inflation precautions. Moisten the needle with water and insert it slowly. Make sure to maintain the gas stick in one hand, and do not permit the gasoline stick press the ball! Inflate to the right quantity to save you the ball from bursting due to excessive gasoline quantity.
  • ☺ if you stumble upon any best or education issues, you can tell us. We will remedy it for you immediately.

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[features: ] broadly used to exercise the punching velocity 2*broaden pace, timing and accuracy designed with awesome pu leather-based, practical and durable four*best for all punching motion, slippin, counter punching and reflex relieve strain at home or in the office

8 reviews for Ainaan boxing speed ball putting kind tumbler sandbag double cease mma for schooling fitness center workout agility (yellow)

  1. Matthew Cassidy

    So it has a nice shape and for less than 16 dollars it comes with elastic straps which is a steal. The other review stating that the air nipple is in the way is almost correct. The thing is, it sticks out because its a probably how every other bag comes from a factory before they trim it off! Just trim it with a pair of scissors so its flush with the bag. The leather doesnt fit snug to the ball like a glove so when you are filling it up be aware that it may look like it can still take air but will in fact be full. Its just a cosmetic thing really. It hasnt effected the functional use of the bag at all. Wont find a better deal in my opinion.Read more

  2. MF

    I’m a fan of boxing but not a boxer. I purchased this to get some extra exercise. First week of use, I used this with just some fingerless gloves. I did around 6 three minute “rounds” per day. The following week, same routine but with 16 oz. boxing gloves. The first week, the bags stitching started to come loose in a spot. Put some duct tape over the spot. The second week, the bladder got a hole in it and now it’s useless. Maybe I can find a kickball to put inside of it and use it again. Save some time and money and get something of better quality. Recently purchased a Title bag that has foam inside. It’s holding up good so far. Not the same feel as with a bladder.Read more

  3. Ian Adkins

    The cords that hold the bag may break early it depends how much and how hard you hit it. Just get some resistance bands or bungee cords and it works just fine, the bag is very durable and it feels great to hit.Read more

  4. JJRJR

    Ball is good and decent quality. Bands that come with it are terrible and possible hazard. Loops are connected via a small sharp c-clamp(at very end of edge of band) that is bound to fly off into someone’s eye after a few rounds. Get what you pay for. Picts to follow.Read more

  5. rufusss

    Seem to work fine great for my cardio sessionsRead more

  6. Talley Whyte

    I do 5 minutes a day bare handed and the bag’s stitching started fraying after the first week… But hey price was low and now I know that I will be overjoyed with my next one.Read more

  7. Doug marshall

    Really nice quality for the price I own a Muay Thai gym and use it every day all year long … BEST BUYRead more

  8. Gian B.

    For the price it’s good but as you can see in the pictures. It’s a little hard to set up if you don’t have the equipment. And sense the bungee cords are so small I had to use metal wires and weights and stuff like that but besides that it’s really nice and I would recommend it if you don’t have a lot of money.Read more

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