Amazon basics 1. Five inch heavy workout education exercise battle rope – 344 x 1. Five inch, black

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  • make certain this fits by way of getting into your model wide variety.
  • 1. 5-inch exercise rope for electricity education—works arms, fingers, shoulders, back, abs, core, and legs
  • 3-strand-thick design manufactured from durable polyester combo; excessive tensile power prevents breaking, fraying, or coming lose
  • can be used for undulation, pulling, or mountaineering exercises, alone or as a part of a team
  • rolls up for take-anywhere portability and compact storage
  • measures 344*1. Five inch lengthy; sponsored via an amazon basics confined one-12 months assurance

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exercising rope

a popular resistance device for strength schooling, the exercise rope engages the fingers, palms, shoulders, back, middle, and legs for a full-body exercise.

convenient versatility

in addition to the familiar undulation physical games, the versatile rope also can be used for pulling or hiking sporting events, on my own or as a part of a team.


the 3-strand-thick heavy-responsibility exercising rope features a durable polyester combination with high tensile strength to save you breakage and fraying.


the transportable rope’s bendy design may be used almost anywhere, indoors or out. All that’s wished is a solid anchor, like a tree or a pole.

product description

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8 reviews for Amazon basics 1. Five inch heavy workout education exercise battle rope – 344 x 1. Five inch, black

  1. Tomichella Curry

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Great quality! Thick! Definitely feel a burn! Video is hilarious lol, but I can’t wait until I build my stamina! 💪🏽 Read more

  2. angela robertson

    omg I went to a boot camp class and did battle ropes for the first time I immediately came home and ordered this. these ropes gives me a good work out and get my heart to pumping Read more

  3. K Dude

    I bought the smallest cheapest ropes, the 344 x 1.5 inch ones. I was worried they might be too small or not strong enough, but I was surprised to find how big these are. I have an athletic build and I’m fit, and I found these to pack some good punch. Also, these are the perfect size if you live in a small apartment. They’re almost too big, so that’s a good thing if you’re concerned if they’re big enough. Mine literally stretch out across one of the rooms and this is even after it’s folded so that you’re holding two in your hand. There were no threads pulling off like some reviewers said. I was worried about that, but mine are incredible looking and brand new. I should warn that if you have anyone that lives below you that these are pretty strong. They will make some noise just by moving it across the room and dropping it on the floor. If you’re working out with them and slamming them on the floor over and over, your neighbor might hear it depending on how thin the floor and their ceiling is. And depending on how cool your neighbor is if you’re just doing it for less than an hour a day, might want to keep that in mind. Maybe get those exercise padding floor things to lessen the noise impact for them. Read more

  4. Michael Mason

    Love it. Use it as a climbing rope for my kids. Read more

  5. Dan

    There is a reason rogue ropes cost like five times as much, they are more durable. This rope for like 50$ is a good deal in my opinion. I would not recommend using it on top of rough concrete like a driveway or sidewalk, as mine got chewed up after a weekish, I now use it on grass and have zero problems. Should last a long time if you use the right surfaces. You can’t beat this price for this rope. It is a heavy rope that you can swing around, boom. BUT DONT expect Rogue level quality for five times cheaper. Cmon people, you get what you pay for. Read more


    I love it I got the 30′ one and I only could do it for 7 rounds of 45 seconds and it killed me I really like it only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t come with the attachment thing . That the only thing I wish that they sell them with the rope. Because if you don’t have that attachment you can’t really do the work out Read more

  7. Zanthor

    Great ropes for the price, but mine are stiffer on on side than the other. I kept thinking one of my shoulders was just weaker, but no, the rope is just more rigid on one handle wxtending down to almost half way the length of the rope. I thought maybe after using them a while the stiff part would loosen, but not so far. One side feels like rope which is nice. The other half feels like an electrical cord. Stiff and hard…like my abs. Kidding. So I have to switch sides every couple of minutes and go a little harder than normal to keep the motion fluid. I would have returned these, but ive put quite a bit of wear on them by using them in the driveway. Ill just buy a more expensive pair since im saving money on my gym dues. Not buying nylon again, getting real rope next time. If there is such a thing. Read more

  8. Ralph

    Amazon just keeps allowing me to return the frayed rope without actually doing anything about the quality. It usually frays after about three weeks, so I’m on my third rope in three months. I’m moving on to another brand. Read more

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