Amazon basics excessive density exercise gadget and treadmill mat

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  • make sure this suits via entering your version wide variety.
  • three-by using-8. Five-foot mat fabricated from high-density p. C; best for placing below a home-fitness center rowing machine or an workout bike
  • enables guard floors and carpets from the impact of heavy gadget
  • creates a smooth, premier workout area
  • additionally works well for step-aerobics or as a wellknown cardio mat; glossy black color for clean coordinating
  • measures 102 by 36 by way of 0. 2 inches (lxwxh); weighs 7 pounds
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workout-device mat

this mat’s thick padding works well underneath heavy health equipment, like an exercising motorbike or rowing device. It may additionally be used for trendy aerobics.

durable design

fabricated from excessive-density %, the rectangular-fashioned mat offers rugged power and a cushioning surface for introduced comfort.

allows protect flooring

the excessive-density mat creates a shielding barrier between fitness tools and bare or carpeted floors.

clean, devoted space

the mat’s clean, easy surface can help save you harmful ground and carpet dirt from moving into the moving mechanical elements of workout gadget.

product description

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2.5' x 6', 3' x 8.5', 4' x 6'

8 reviews for Amazon basics excessive density exercise gadget and treadmill mat

  1. Riley

    The product claims it is .2 inches in thickness. It is not even close to that. At best, it is closer to .05 inches in thickness. Very disappointed. I cannot imagine putting a treadmill on this or any other piece of exercise equipment. Read more

  2. Krista

    It was a gift for my son to use as a workout mat. didn’t last a week before it started to tear and “flake”. Small pieces of the mat started to separate along the edges. Would not recommend at all Read more

  3. Jay Lee

    I use it for my Concept 2 Model D rower and it fits perfectly, with a tiny bit of room to spear on all sides. I got it like new via Amazon Warehouse, so it was roughly 15% cheaper. If new, it seems a bit over priced for what it is, since other competitors for similar prices have thicker and heavier duty mats. I do like that it is relatively light, since I can roll it up and put it away when I store my rower. If i were to just leave it on the floor all the time, I might opt for a more heavy duty mat. Quality wise, it seems pretty good, no damage on my floor even after hour long rowing sessions. My rower doesn’t slide around while using intensely either. Read more

  4. Bemused

    Seems pretty thick and durable. Its longer than I expected but that’s my fault for not measuring. It’ll do the job. My biggest complaint is the plastic/gas smell you get when opening it. I don’t often complain about this kind of stuff but this smell literally infiltrated my entire downstairs. I’m sure it will dissipate but hasn’t yet (left it overnight). Do yourself a favor and open it on a nice day and leave it outside for a couple of hours. Read more

  5. Cali Girl

    Purpose: For an elliptical machine that sits on porcelain tile. Pros: 1) The material is soft and I know that it’s protecting the tile underneath. Cons: 1) I had to roll my 200-lb elliptical onto this mat, and while I was getting it right in the middle, some of it caught under the wheel and ripped. Luckily the rip isn’t right underneath the machine, so I’m okay with it. Summary: I can’t knock off a star for the rip but I recommend that you do your best to get your machine in place on the first try. Rolling heavy equipment over it may result in the same rip that’s in mine. Read more

  6. LM

    I purchased this mat a few weeks ago since I am now working out at home due to the pandemic. I’ve used it nearly every single day. I do a lot of HIIT and circuit training so I sweat a lot and didn’t want to sweat all over my house or ruin my floors. I was using my yoga mat, but I was damaging it with my shoes. So I bought this and its exactly what I was hoping for. It is wider and slightly longer than a yoga mat, has a coated, textured surface that allows for gripping without my shoes getting stuck. It has some padding too so it absorbs some shock when doing jump squats, etc. It is easy to wipe clean and rolls up easily so I can store it in my closet when not in use. Read more

  7. Scott Froemming

    Knocking a star, as I thought the mat would be a bit thicker (actually is about 2mm), and the item description failed to mention this. It’s also a bit softer than I had thought, which is just a bit harder than the standard rubber drawer liners (which I use for my garage toolbox). The mat is suitable for my home gym needs, however may not be suitable for heavier benches / workout machines due to softness and thinness. Read more

  8. tbone

    This is a great mat for basic exercise and equipment and a great bargain to get two of them for the price of one. I use it every day and have a recumbent exercycle and weights on top of the mat and the mat sits on carpet. I also use it for floor exercises. I purchased a larger and more expensive mat for an elliptical machine and I can’t tell the difference in quality between the two. The mat with the exercycle does move forward about foot or so every couple of weeks but that is to be expected on carpet. Would definitely buy again as it can be used for many other functions. Read more

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