Amazon basics medicine ball for exercises exercise stability education

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  • ensure this fits
  • through getting into your model number.
  • eight-pound ball for top- and lower-body exercises
  • best for traditional medicinal drug ball exercises
  • facilitates develop center electricity, balance, and coordination
  • strong rubber production; can leap off hard surfaces
  • textured finish presents a advanced grip
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remedy ball fitness

a worth addition to any exercising, this remedy ball enables improve core power, promote better stability, and cultivate coordination.

flexible use

the weighted ball works nicely for a variety of higher- and lower-body workouts, together with the traditional returned-and-forth ball-toss remedy-ball workout.

personalize your exercising

the weighted ball is available in multiple, colour-coded weight stages. Make the most out of every sit up, twist, arm enhance, squat, or lunge.

durable, at ease rubber grip

its textured rubber end offers a at ease grip for dealing with as well as sturdiness.


Medicine Ball, Medicine Ball + Vinyl Kettlebell – 10 Pounds


10 Pound, 12 Pound, 4 Pound, 6 Pound, 8 Pound

7 reviews for Amazon basics medicine ball for exercises exercise stability education

  1. Adam

    It’s a heavy ass ball. Seems indestructible. That’s all you really need to know. I’m not sure how you can give this ball anything but five stars. Like, what were you expecting? Anyway, this ball is good to toss to unsuspecting people. Like your wife. They will struggle catching it and it’s funny. They won’t see the humor in it but you will. Although I’ve never tried it, you could probably leave it in your front yard by the sidewalk and wait for some punk kid to come along and try to boot it down the street. Pretty sure it won’t go very far and the kid prob won’t go along kicking random objects for fun anymore. So right there are two pretty good uses for this product. You can also excercise with it. End review. Thank you.Read more

  2. Melanie Gilbert

    Medicine balls are a neglected part of the fitness experience. They are more commonly seen in rehabilitation centers than mainline gyms, and perhaps for that reason they carry the taint of remedial or soft workouts.Yet, these balls offer a surprisingly tough and fatiguing upper body workout. A ten-pound ball – roughly the weight and size of a gallon of milk – is a great way to build on a strength and fitness program. Start with 100 partner throws (depending on speed of the chest-high catch and release, this may take 2 minutes), before moving up to a 5-minute continuous throwing workout. It’s an exercise that is both invigorating and eviscerating. The effort is so gradual and yet so cumulative; the fatigue sets in slowly, then all at once.Because you are pushing against the weight of the ball, then launching it through the air (or letting go in passing drills), the workout is completely different from pumping iron or other fixed upper-body workouts like chin ups. The best comparison for me is training on a speed bag in boxing. I lovemedicine ball workouts. They take up little space and can be used in a variety of standing and floor positions in both solo and partner workouts. And honestly, working out with a ball – even a 10-pound one – is fun.AmazonBasics brand medicine ball is a solidly crafted piece of equipment with two-tone coloring, a pebbly, rubberized basketball-sized grip, and dense feel. Highly recommend buying several sizes in this line for your home-based gym.NOTE: When throwing this ball, I suggest paddedcycling gloves for comfort.Read more

  3. Scott E.

    Great bang for the buck like many other of amazons products. Ball is dead on for weight great grippy texture which is great because you don’t want to drop this on your foot! It’s solid no give at all.. me and my wife pass this back and forth while doing sit-ups on a decline bench a great effective excercize to do with your partner. I do wish it was softer because sooner or later I have a feeling me or the wife is going to get hit in the face with this thing but it’s going to make a great story 😆Read more

  4. horrorgirldonna

    Thinking I’m Wonder Woman, I decided I would purchase the 16 pounder to use along with Sagi & Autumn on the Beachbody Hammer & Chisel workout. But the issue is that even big ol’ manly-man Sagi is using only an 8 pound ball during the workout, so it’s been a real challenge to keep up (I’m 49 years of age, weigh 135 and am 5’5″). On the upside, it’s the perfect type of ball for slamming moves and tossing drills for my son, who is a baseball player. Great moves for the core and the perfect weight for that sort of thing.This ball is sturdy and well-made with a textured, no-slip rubber surface, very much like a super-heavy basketball. It’s a terrific addition to our home gym. You’d have to be King Kong to damage it, I believe!Read more

  5. Lazaro Ferro

    This medicine ball is like holding a stick of butter. You have to use gloves to keep it in your hand or wear steel toe boots so when it drops on your toes. The size and weight are true to the description and the outside material looks to be durable. However, I washed it down several times with a degreaser and Dawn soap and you still feel the oil in your hands. Don’t recommended at all.Read more

  6. Lisa Faloon

    I own a personal training facility. (Twenty five years next year.) I purchased these balls to replace the med balls I had for over 15 years. Within one year, two literally broke(split down the middle) upon client pounding the ball on carpeted floor. I have used the other balls for this exercise for years and have never had one break. Our 8 pounder and now the 10 pounder have done the same thing. Will not be ordering this product againRead more

  7. EricY

    If you’re looking for a medicine ball, you probably already know what they are for and why you should get one so I won’t pretend to be your personal trainer. For the price (good) and the quality (very good, in fact), the AB medicine balls are a great buy.Yes, Amazon is taking over the world and putting everyone else out of business, but if you want to assuage your guilt then take the money you’ve saved and donate it to a worthy charity at year-end here, and take the tax write-off before Congress screws you over…Read more

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