Amazon fundamentals vinyl kettlebell – 15 pounds, pink

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  • make sure this suits by using getting into your version quantity.
  • vinyl-covered iron kettlebell for fitness training
  • available in an expansion of weights from 10 to 60 kilos
  • comes in a variety of desirable shades specific to weight
  • extraordinary for agility education, aerobic, persistence, squats, lunges, and extra
  • vinyl coating protects floors, reduces noise, and forestalls corrosion
  • textured deal with for at ease grip

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vinyl-coated kettlebell

amazon fundamentals vinyl lined cast iron kettlebells carry out as weight resistance and a counter-stability for an expansion of dynamic physical games.

strong cast iron

strong solid iron creation and smooth-to-deal with shape enables make sure dependable weight distribution. More than one weights to be had to customise your workout.

shade-coded convenience

the kettlebell’s vinyl coating enables without problems identify every weight, as well as protects flooring, reduces noise and rolling, and stops corrosion.

wide textured grip

the gently curved cope with has a textured floor for a comfy, comfy grip. The huge manage helps one or two-handed sporting events.

product description

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8 reviews for Amazon fundamentals vinyl kettlebell – 15 pounds, pink

  1. Crystal M.

    I’ve just started working out and this is a great beginners kettlebell. I recommend you buy this. Read more

  2. Another Amazon Customer

    I was hoping to find a good value since KBs are so incredibly expensive. Particularly now that they are in such high demand. Regardless of the other reviews warning of the poor quality, I figured I’d take a chance. After all, it’s a chunk of metal – kind of hard to get it wrong. Well, *I* was wrong: the handle had a ton of nicks in the metal. So many that it would make it impossible to do a single kettlebell swing without cutting my hand. (ask me how I know) Even then I though about keeping it. Maybe I could fill the voids with enamel paint, maybe some coats of nail polish …. Then it me: the absurdity of having to give my KB a spa treatment in order to perform it’s job without drawing blood. So I returned it. Many things in my life are high maintenance, my KBs should not be. Read more

  3. AL

    Based on the reviews I thought this would be a great deal on a kettlebell. I already have a 15lb kettlebell at home and was purchasing a new one to match because I’ve started to do more moves balancing on the handles, like push-ups ect. Unfortunately, this kettlebell doesn’t have a flat bottom. The bottom is warped and slightly rounded so it wobbles all over the place when you set it down. Balancing on the handles is tricky if not dangerous, I’m afraid if I sway even a little it will roll over and I’ll hurt my wrist. So if you don’t plan on balancing on the handle or you don’t mind storing it on its side because it constantly falls over then this is the kettlebell for you! Read more

  4. FloraM

    Ugh. I’m so disappointed. The box was partially open. When I opened it up, this kettlebell looks like garbage. The handle has so many imperfections and things sticking out of it that it is virtually unusable. There is a bump on the bottom that prevents it from sitting flat Finally, there was a black mark on one side of it. I was so looking forward to this and now I have to return. Read more

  5. John

    My hands are not big and it might be strange I’m writing this review for a pink kettlebell but this was the only one I could find that was reasonably priced in the 15 lb range on my way to working up to a 20-lber. I wish they had made the handle bigger so we could swing it around more easily without dropping. Read more

  6. Rena

    This is a great kettlebell for beginners. It’s easy to hold and lift. A few important things to note: The soft vinyl is imperfect. There are a couple of small bubbles in the vinyl including a bigger one at the bottom of the weight. Fortunately the bubble on the bottom does not prevent the weight from laying flat. My weight also came with two defects that looked like the vinyl had melted on BOTH sides of the face. The melted damage is on the right side above where it says amazonbasics. The melted pieces stuck out from the weight so I ended up cutting the pieces off, which then left somewhat of a hole, but it doesn’t take away from its functionality. Read more

  7. Smile Saurus

    I’m new to the kettlebell game, I needed one for a workout video that I found in my Body Building app. I used the chart to buy a 15# one because I’m a 5’1″ female. Either I’m not strong or this is way too heavy for me. But it’s well-made and the vinyl coating makes it comfortable to use. Read more

  8. NKOTB_amante

    Although it was very delayed in its arrival, I was beyond thrilled to finally receive it! It is exactly what I wanted in the exact shade of pink that I was hoping for! It is comfortable and easy to hold whether using the handle or holding the base 4 squats. As you can see in my pictures, I love anything and everything pink, and this fits perfectly with everything else I have. It makes me excited to workout! Read more

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