Balancefrom adjustable exercising aerobic stepper step platform trainer, four removable raisers included

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  • raisers are included, so you can regulate the platform among four-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch excessive of your desire
  • textured surface is non-slip, and shock soaking up, the surface is a slip-loose, which means you could have balance with each single set of steps
  • dimension: 31-inch long and eleven. 5-inch huge, height is adjustable at 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch
  • constructed with the long lasting abs fabric of lengthy-lasting.  light-weight and clean to carry, bring together and keep
  • happiness – all proper stability from merchandise are protected through a a hundred% balance from satisfaction aid and a pair of-year stability from aid
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it improves average health with the aid of building energy , decreasing fat, and boosting your cardiovascular health.

it additionally burns energy, making it an ideal way to hold your target body weight.

balancefrom adjustable aerobic step platform

raisers are included, so that you can modify the platform amongst four-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch excessive of your preference. Textured floor is non-slip, and shock absorbing, the surface is a slip-loose, meaning you can have balance with every unmarried set of steps.

dimension: 31-inch lengthy and eleven. 5-inch huge, top is adjustable at four-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch. Constructed with the durable abs cloth of long-lasting. Light-weight and clean to hold, bring together and keep.

  • adjustable at four”, 6″ and eight”
  • raisers are covered
  • textured surface
  • light-weight
  • raisers are included, so you can regulate the platform among four-inch, 6-inch and eight-inch.

    built with round corners and edges so it will not hurt you even as doing exercise.

    rubber toes at backside prevent the step platform from shifting round at the same time as doing exercise.

    constructed with spherical corners and edges so it will not do any harm you even as doing exercise.

    raisers are blanketed, so you can regulate the platform among 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch.

    raisers are covered, so that you can modify the platform among 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch.


    Aerobic Stepper

    8 reviews for Balancefrom adjustable exercising aerobic stepper step platform trainer, four removable raisers included

    1. Lisa Dollins

      I was so excited to get this in and start using it, it had come in the same day it broke. I have been doing step classes a long time and was happy I could do them at home. My father in law saw it and wanted to try it, which is probably good this was him and not me because I am currently pregnant. I had used it earlier that day and then he attempted to do part of a video I had done earlier. The video required you jump up on the step. When he did it snapped right in half causing him to fall. Unless you are very light and do not plan to do any intense step class I do not recommend this product.Read more

    2. Mike

      I unpacked this product and was attaching the modular pieces that can be attached to the bottom of the step to increase/decrease height. During that process, one of the pegs that the modular pieces fit on to snapped. The peg serves to hold the modular piece in place. I was not applying much force at all, merely attaching the pieces. I went on amazon and hit the “product support” button. There was a link to a website and a phone number. The website no longer exists, and the phone goes directly to voicemail and indicates that the voicemail box is full — so you cannot leave a message. This step broke before I even used it once. Find another source for this product!Read more

    3. Kenny Evans

      This trainer is worth twice what I paid for it, in my book. It’s solid, modular and easy to use. I’m 200+ lbs, and have had no issues. I would use it more that I do, but gotta steal it from my wife! The additional risers that store underneath the main platform when not in use sometimes slip out, so I recommend removing them if you are not using them to raise the platform. But for storing the trainer, it’s a great design. A+.Read more

    4. Armando Varillas

      I was so surprised of how good this product is and it’s size, I’ve been looking for something similar but it either cost 4X more or they’re too small, I attached some pictures so you guys get an idea of how big is it and how convenientlythe risers are hidden on the bottom so no extra space is needed, it’s so easy to hide it under the bed, I put it on top of a queen size bed for size comparison.if you buy this product you won’t be disappointed it’s well built and convenient.Mando.Read more

    5. LaToshia Waters

      I Love my new Aerobic Balance Step Board. The ad gives two separate choices(Aerobic and Step Platform) I chose the less expensive of two & im pleased with my choice so far! I read the measurements and it seems to be the same size. I got this for a new online class for YouTube called Xtreme Workout with Phil- Their boards appearance to be somewhat similar, others seem wider on surfaces, but I’m gonna try to make this work, even if I need to take smaller steps when moving across board (depending on movements) I will update my review later if needed. Otherwise, Board seems sturdy and easy to adjust to desired height. I tried uploading both clips, but can only upload one video per review. Therefore, I’ve attached photos of each added level. This was only $28 & change, now it’s a few dollars more, but still better priced than the competitors. This is Best to try out if you want a decent Platform to exercise on. When taking down the levels, Turn board over and place inside top slit one direction- Then place the other step underneath in opposite direction. Do this for each side. Two steps per side. Hope this helps!Read more

    6. John Wheby

      This is the perfect stepper/bench for at-home workout, where space is limited. Just a little smaller than the steppers you would use at the gym. Very lightweight and sturdy. I like that the risers attach underneath when not needed or for storage. This stepper can be stored just about anywhere, when the risers are tucked underneath, like under a bed, dresser, behind a piece of furniture or in a closet. Great buy for the price.Read more

    7. Josef Jones

      I love them! I bought 2 for me and my wife, they are wonderful to burn some calories. Ok i put in my review but i have a problem with one of the steps. One of them have been used. I was told they were brand new. I will send pics. So when i step up on it it creeks and cracks. Its not stable. My wifes is fine.Read more

    8. rmoffett

      Pros: wide range of height variability, relatively inexpensive price, longer length than some others, and ability to store extra risers attached to stepCons: feels narrow when jumping on from a straddle position, makes clicking noise at times when jumping on so feels unstable like it could fall apart causing injury psychological con, extra risers can’t be stored under the step if any are attached to itOverall: 4 stars for a good product with a few minor but workable cons. Pros definitely outweigh the cons, especially if not jumping. Upon further inspection of the clicking noise, it appears that it is from where a free corner rubs on a riser when moved suddenly with jumping. The risers themselves feel like they’re attached well, so it seems to be just a mental thing.Read more

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