Balancefrom all-purpose extra thick high density anti-slip workout pilates yoga mat with carrying strap, (72″ l x 24″ w x 2/5 inch thick)

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  • make sure this fits
  • by using coming into your version wide variety.
  • 72″ long 24″ huge guarantees consolation for people of all styles and sizes. With high density foam cloth, the 2/five-inch (10 mm) thick top rate mat with no trouble cushions you on difficult flooring
  • with double sided non-slip surfaces, stability from all-cause top class exercising pilates yoga mat comes with an extraordinary slip resistant benefit to save you accidents
  • terrific resilience let you keep your stability in the course of any workout fashion. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be easily washed with cleaning soap and water
  • clean strapping and light weight feature are brought to this mat for clean transport and storage. The top class mat appears first-class, feels at ease, keeps you well balanced
  • a unfastened yoga mat strap is protected. All proper balance from products are blanketed via a one hundred% stability from pride and a couple of-yr balance from
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from the manufacturer

all genuine balancefrom products come with a 2-yr warranty and one hundred% balancefrom pride assure to make your purchase worry loose. Really contact us or your vendor if you have any questions.

  • 10 mm greater thick
  • non-slip traction
  • free wearing strap
  • mild weight and transportable
  • balancefrom gofit exercise pilates yoga mat

    with double sided non-slip surfaces, balancefrom all-motive premium exercise yoga mat comes with an tremendous slip resistant benefit to save you injuries. Top notch resilience let you hold your balance throughout any workout fashion. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be without problems washed with cleaning soap and water. Easy strapping and light weight characteristic are introduced to this mat for easy transport and garage. Balancefrom all-purpose top rate workout yoga mat is manufactured and sold solely by way of balancefrom amazon store.

    seventy two” long 24″ huge guarantees consolation for people of all styles and sizes. With excessive density foam cloth, the 10 mm thick premium mat with no trouble cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on tough flooring.

    with high density foam material, the ten mm thick premium mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on difficult floors.

    easy to smooth. The moisture resistant era and high best material make mat to be easily washed with cleaning soap and water.

    a free strap is covered. No longer like different, the period of our strap is adjustable. The loops have velcro ends for less difficult and higher hold.


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    8 reviews for Balancefrom all-purpose extra thick high density anti-slip workout pilates yoga mat with carrying strap, (72″ l x 24″ w x 2/5 inch thick)

    1. Anony Mouse

      Pros:1. It’s thick and provides good support for knees2. Comes with a strap. Make sit easier to carryCons:1. After a couple of use, it became too slick2. It doesn’t remain steady on the gym floor. It keeps on moving from side to side while I’m moving through poses.3. It makes squeaky noise4. I could see some holes beginning to develop on the matRead more

    2. G Garber

      I started doing daily bed yoga 6ish months ago after being sick/bed ridden. With my health improving, I got back on the floor with my old yoga mat (light blue). Was painful! Added my “guest” mat (dark blue) for thicken it and protect the knees – barely helpful. Researched thick yoga mats and most are over 30-40$ for 4-6mm. When I saw this one, I was doubtful (too good to be true, right?) but gave it a try. Well, it is working for me (and for my yoga partner, Mocha Cino). Perfectly thick, good material and… cheap! Thinking to get another one just for our camping trip/keep in the car later. Or as gift for Xmas maybe; gift for less than 20$? That can be it! :D2 years later UPDATE: Still holding up!!! I’m back right now to get another one for my husband. Price increased a tiny bit but still an incredible deal for the quality. It does last!!! Mocha and the mat are doing fine, thx. :)Read more

    3. Conspicuous Consumer

      I bought this so I wouldn’t have to put my face in the carpet of my rental apartment. What I didn’t expect was how much more secure I would feel doing my exercises and how it would stop my feet from sliding. I also bought two knee pads which didn’t help at all but doubling up the mat under my knees totally prevented knee pain. Experiment with knee placement as I have found it more effective to place the ball of my knee on the other side of the doubled part . It is totally silent and doesn’t move when used on top of carpet. This is a soft, secure, affordable mat.Addendum: I’ve used my mat daily for two months with one durability issue. A thread has come loose and will require hand stitching to repair.4 Month Addendum: No holes or slickness issues as reported by some other reviewers. I am normal weight and use my pad for yoga so I suspect that some of the mat degradation others report is a function of heavier use.Read more

    4. Liz

      This mat has a nauseating rubber/chemical smell. I have been airing it out for over two weeks and the smell has not diminished at all. I do not recommend buying this mat.Read more

    5. Anita Schoenfeld

      I started yoga again after a long pause. I went to pick up my old mat and realized it was this think piece of rubber with wear spots where my toes would hit. So I decided to look on Amazon and came across the BalanceFrom GoFit after looking at all of the other mats on Amazon. This mat was listed as the thickest, was bound on the edges and had a carrying strap (I don’t like the mats with an extra carry bag…too much work to put away after class). And it was really well-priced.When it arrived I was blown away. It is soft and springy, has ridges for good grip and stuck to the floor without sliding. I used it the first time on Monday morning on a hardwood floor during class and it didn’t budge. I used it on carpeting at home this morning and again, on a berber carpet it didn’t slip or move.I’m thinking of buying a second mat to leave in my car for class. Great product at a terrific price.Read more

    6. Sillystuff

      Selected this because of the thickness of the mat. Price seemed good compared to others that I have purchased in the past. Unfortunately, the mat off-gassed for the first several uses and after about 10 uses started to wear at the seam. It also slides if it is placed on a smooth service, like a wood yoga studio floor. Pros are that the mat is lightweight, color is great and the padding is super. Maybe not the best mat for hardcore yogis.Read more

    7. Corrie

      The stitching around the mat came out after 10 minutes. Going back for sure!The mat is nice and thick to give a lot of padding, but the material is pretty slippery.Read more

    8. Crystal Miles

      I love that this mat already comes with a shoulder strap! It is a great all around mat to use for Yoga and Tai-Chi. I have also tried it with Pilates during a 30 minute workout. It is easy to wipe down and clean with water and soap. (I used Dawn) If you have cats, you can always get a hook for the back of your door and hang it by the shoulder strap. This mat is exactly what it says, durable, comfortable and easy to carry. I would highly recommend it.Read more

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