Balancefrom bfgyfm6bl goyoga complete zip workout yoga mat bag with multi-practical storage wallet

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  • make certain this suits
  • by using getting into your model wide variety.
  • dimensions – 25″ lengthy and 7. Five” diameter. The front shipment pocket: 10. Five” lengthy and 6″ wide. Side pocket: 6. Five” lengthy and 5″ wide
  • flawlessly fits stability from move yoga and cross in shape collection exercising pilates yoga mat and different 1/2-inch or 1/four-inch thick mats
  • manufactured from a hundred% cotton to make certain it’s soft, long lasting and mild weight. Adjustable shoulder strap for custom designed bag duration. Complete zip closure for easy inside and outside
  • massive expandable the front cargo pocket offers you enough space for your keys, telephone, books or you water bottle, and many others. Facet pocket fits your song participant with an earphone slit to keep twine tangle-unfastened
  • all real stability from products are blanketed via a one hundred% stability from pleasure assure and 2-year balance from guarantee. Client delight is our highest precedence

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review: with complete zip feature, it is clean to put your mat within the bag and maintain it smooth and prepared. Adjustable shoulder strap is designed for custom designed length and smooth sporting. A massive and expandable the front pocket is good on your personal belongings inclusive of your keys, books, water bottles, cellular phones, wallet, etc. Meanwhile, a facet pocket is designed with a earphone slip, which is ideal for your cell telephone or a song participant. – this pocket can preserve a cellular cellphone as big as an iphone 6 plus. One hundred% natural cotton canvas offers you comfort and offers the bag durability. Dimensions: 25-inch lengthy and 7. 5-inch diameter. It is able to maintain any mat as much as half-inch thick and 24-inch wide. Perfect for our “stability from cross yoga all-reason half of-inch extra thick excessive density anti-tear workout yoga mat” which is the number 1 nice promoting mat on amazon for years and going for walks. Assurance: all true balance from products come with a 2-year assurance and a hundred% stability from satisfaction guarantee to make your purchase fear loose. In reality contact us or your seller if you have any questions. Patron pleasure is our maximum priority. At a glance: – 25-inch long and 7. 5-inch in diameter – complete zip feature – massive expandable front pocket – aspect pocket with earphone slit – adjustable shoulder strap – 2-year guarantee.

8 reviews for Balancefrom bfgyfm6bl goyoga complete zip workout yoga mat bag with multi-practical storage wallet

  1. Deb

    This yoga bag is thick, sturdy, canvas. I purchased the blue one, and it is a sky-blue, light blue. It is much wider than I need for my medium thick yoga mat to fit into. Length is just right for my mat.I had another yoga bag like it in black, and it’s zipper broke. Eventually I couldn’t get either zipper to go back on it’s track. A 2-year warranty came with this new yoga bag (and probably the old as well), so I looked back and found that I had purchased the older bag just over 2 years ago. Shucks. Just missed the warranty cut-off. I really liked the black, as I didn’t worry about it getting dirty. This light blue one I’ll have to be more careful. I will want to keep track of this warranty this time in case the same zipper problem happens.I like that the bag is wider than my mat. I usually ride to yoga class on my bike and take shopping bags to do grocery shopping before coming home. Folded up grocery bags can be stuffed in next to my mat. I don’t carry a block or strap with me. Easy to carry the strap… the block might fit in the bag too, I’m not sure.The velcro pockets are handy. I put my phone and wallet in the large one (wish it had a more secure fastener tho.). The small one I put in free class passes that I get. I don’t carry a water bottle, but that’s probably what the larger pocket is designed for, as it has an elasticized opening.As you can see, I obviously liked it enough to purchase the second one over many other options out there. When the zipper broke on the first, I had it repaired at a dry cleaner for $10, but it broke again. If I’d remembered how inexpensive these bags were, I would have just purchased another one right away. I had to do that anyway. I’d pay more for this if it had a fully metal zipper that would last. The rest of the old bag is in good shape. Will need to figure out what to do with it. To replace the zipper completely would probably take a good deal of work and not be worth the $$.Read more

  2. S. Kelly

    Yeah it’s a good value or whatever, but the whole point it to make a yoga mat carry-able. Which shouldn’t be painful. I walked through three airports with this buckle digging into my neck and shoulder. When I got home I cut off the buckle and sewed the strap on. GET IT TOGETHER, PEOPLE. Make a buckle that doesn’t hurt or don’t make one.Read more

  3. MrsJMc

    This bag is big enough for my warrior mat (normal width but 84’ long), a yoga towel, two small 4x4x1 knee pads, all on the inside with still some room to spare. The big outer pocket holds two types of gym gloves and 2 pairs socks. Again with room to spare. I haven’t needed the smaller pocket yet but it is just more room.Read more

  4. RG

    A nice lightweight bag with a little flair to tote my yoga mat in! It has 2 pockets to store my phone, keys gave spray and hair bands for easy access. The strap isn’t a belt that will come undone and stays secure. I’m very pleased with this purchase.Read more

  5. Angie

    I absolutely love this bag! It fits my yoga mat, water bottle, towel, wallet, keys, and phone! I don’t have to worry about carry another bag or anything falling out. I got the light blue one and the color is beautiful and calming. Also as a person who plays an instrument, it’s also perfect to carry a small zither, guitar, or drums. It’s quite sturdy as well. I have no issues with it and overall it’s great. Highly recommended.Read more

  6. chad elliott

    This is an awesome product. I was pleasantly surprised that it was better quality than expected for such a great price! The color options were good. It is large enough for most mats and additional items you might need. And I like that it also has two secure pockets and an adjustable strap. Highly recommended!Read more

  7. Amanda

    Perfect yoga mat holderIt’s has enough space for your keys and phoneRead more

  8. SSP

    Easy to carry while riding my bicycle to the gym. I throw it over my shoulder.Read more

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