Balancefrom gofit all-cause weights

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  • make sure this suits through getting into your version quantity.
  • barbell rubber coated cast iron hex dumbbell
  • made inside the united states or imported
  • dumbbells are widely used in gyms and houses for numerous workout functions, a top notch tool for either full frame exercise, or precise muscle organizations
  • excessive satisfactory solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber, dumbbells will closing at some point of the years at the same time as shield your floor
  • strong steel chrome end contoured (ergo) handles designed to fit easily. Textured deal with gives a good and secure grip
  • hexagon form rubber encased heads assist save you rolling and offer less difficult garage
  • dumbbells come in pairs, singles or sets with rack at your desire, simply select those fit your purpose the best
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  • what’s the diameter of the 5 lb hexagonal ends? The images for 5, 25, and 30 lb all show four. Four inches but need to’t they be diffent sizes?
  • question: what’s the diameter of the 5 lb hexagonal ends? The pictures for five, 25, and 30 lb all display 4. Four inches but must’t they be diffent sizes? Answer: the 5lb hex end is three”. By using leticia on july 15, 2019 collapse all solutions

  • any recent customers to speak at the intended chemical scent some reviewers cited?
  • query: any latest customers to talk on the intended chemical odor a few reviewers stated? Solution: i bought of those these days. There are no strong or bizarre smells coming from the dumbbells, and i’m very glad with them. With the aid of jon satko on april eleven, 2018 failed to get answers. See more solutions (2) disintegrate all solutions

  • i want to place them on a rack. What are the take care of length?
  • question: i want to place them on a rack. What are the manage size? Answer: what number of re you putting on rack and how much weight overall i take advantage of a 500pound restrict rack through jake on june 17, 2017 failed to get answers. See greater solutions (three) fall apart all solutions

  • are the weights accurate? I’m able to’t figure out how a 30lb weight ships at 28. 2 lbs…
  • query: are the weights accurate? I can’t discern out how a 30lb weight ships at 28. 2 lbs… Answer: they’re not a hundred% accurate. The weights i purchased are some ounces off. It’s not horribly terrible although considering the rate. By means of ten8terriquez on september 24, 2019 fall apart all answers


    30-Pound, 40-Pound, 45-Pound

    8 reviews for Balancefrom gofit all-cause weights

    1. Tommy Lee

      For the price, …these simply can’t be beat. As at least one other reviewer has stated, the contoured handle on these are so much nicer than just a straight bar. I’m 47, and lift every single day. And as with most people my age, have a little arthritis in my hand. The contoured handles on these weights make lifting so much nicer. The only other comment I can think of, is that the wood floors in my home appreciate these rubber coated weights much more so than solid steel weights sitting on rubber mats :p Anytime you can find these for $1 or less per pound, …its a deal! And if you’re a Prime member that gets FREE shipping to boot (like ME), …they simply can’t be beat! Read more

    2. VM

      I can already feel the gains as my biceps tear right through my shirts–and that is only after a week of use! Honestly though, these are great weights at a great price. I was able to purchase 2 of these for $50— and that cannot be beat. The quality seems equal or better than most weights you can find at the local stores. Had an issue where one weight got lost in shipping, but was quickly reshipped. Also, the packaging does could be better (the cardboard box was demolished for both weights)—but both had no damage or wear. Overall, very happy with this purchase—now I have to get back to picking things up and putting them down. Read more

    3. PeterLA

      These dumbbells have the best kind of grip available – contoured to fit your hand and well textured for good hand grip. Other similarly priced dumbbells have straight grips that are too skinny. The quality all around looks very good. BUT, the chemical smell of the rubber coating is horrible. I thought it would go away after a few days but it hasn’t. And, the rubber marks anything light colored with black marks. These are not appropriate for in-home use unless you have a black floor and really good ventilation. Read more

    4. Leticia gonzales

      Ordered a 45lb dumbbell and they sent 70lb. The website they have listed won’t load and the phone number goes straight to voicemail🙄 Read more

    5. rain13

      Works well for home gym in this new normal of COVID 19. My family especially the college boys have gotten good use. Sturdy, compact enough and does the job Read more

    6. Nancy Churchill

      Lots of more expensive gym products like this out there but at the end of the day, this does the same exact thing as ones costing twice to three times as much. Great for home gym or a gym that has lighter frequency of use. Grip is good without being too aggressive & tapered for more comfortable ergonomics. Rubber coating is more forgiving than the full cast metal if dropped. For the money, tough to beat. Read more

    7. Honkahonk

      Overall a great buy. Nothing cheaper out there. My only negative is that the black coating is rubbing of residue, I guess after few uses it will go away, otherwise your shirt has black residue over you after you done bench pressing. Also the weight is a shade below the 30lbs, I got 28.5lb on the weigh machine. I’ll buy again cause of the price. Read more

    8. John Rabson Jr.

      I’m not sure why these weights had such a pleasant smell. Anyway, they were easy to grip, challenging to lift — that’s the point, — and inexpensive. I’m pleased. Read more

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