Balancefrom gofit high density treadmill workout motorcycle equipment mat

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  • ensure this suits via getting into your model number.
  • high density mat enables guard your floors and carpets from the harm effects of heavy workout device’s
  • 2. Five-feet x five-feet can be large sufficient for most, workout bikes, elliptical and other exercise device’s
  • absorbs vibration and decreases noise because of all types of gadget whilst lengthen the existence of your gadget’s
  • will now not bleed onto carpet and smooth to easy with only a damp fabric. Sample layout to prevent machines from transferring round
  • all proper balance from merchandise are blanketed by using a 100% stability from delight and a pair of-year balance from
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from the manufacturer

2 versions to pick from: 2. 5-ft x 5-ft, three-ft x 6. Five-feet.

dimension: mat guarantees consolation for maximum equipments such as exercise bikes, treadmills and so on.

with high density material, the top rate mat nicely protect both your floor and your equipments.

product of percent substances, so it is able to be a yoga mat or workout mat as nicely.

balancefrom excessive density equipment mat

made of high density cloth to protect any floor type from being broken by means of heavy equipments such as treadmills, exercise motorcycles, elliptical, and so on. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be easily wiped clean with soap and water. The mats are designed with distinctive styles on each aspects.

no longer most effective it looks exceptional, but it can save you equipments from transferring round.

  • excessive density
  • 2. Five-ft x five-ft or 3-ft x 6. Five-feet.
  • guard each ground and equipments
  • anti-slip
  • smooth to easy
  • balancefrom excessive density treadmill exercising motorcycle system mat

    the mat is designed with rigid patterns on both aspects. So it might not slide round even as being used.

    fabricated from excessive density material to guard any ground kind from being broken by heavy equipments.

    the moisture resistant and high great cloth make mat to be without problems washed.


    2.5-Feet x 5-Feet, 3-Feet x 6.5-Feet

    8 reviews for Balancefrom gofit high density treadmill workout motorcycle equipment mat

    1. Night Owl

      I decided to purchase this mat over others because it comes with a 2-year warranty. Within two months, the mat started to develop a tear (I’ve been using it with an elliptical machine). I thought, “Well that’s disappointing, but it has a warranty.” However, when I tried to contact BalanceFrom to use the warranty, the website for the company is non-existent; and the phone number “belongs to a mailbox which has not been set-up yet.” Lesson learned: Before you buy something because of the warranty, make sure you can actually contact the company to use the warranty if necessary. Read more

    2. Amazon Customer

      Omg. The color is all over the apartment now. The floor is black. Look at my hand. Read more


      I expected this mat to be very durable but seemed very cheap and when placing my elliptical on top of it, it tore. I can no longer use it. I will say I understand why this mat received high ratings. In the packaging there is a note that says the recipient will receive a free gift if they rated the mat 5 stars. Read more

    4. Roxy

      Yoga mats are better quality than this! What a piece of crap! So thin, not durable at all, not stable or thick enough for workout equipment. Such a disappointment & piece of crap. To top it off, it smells so badly of chemicals, the scent has saturated my entire house & given me a migraine since it arrived. Read more

    5. B. Sala

      I purchased this exercise mat to put under our new Peleton bike. Overwhelmed with choices online and with the $70-75 one from Peleton direct I was lucky to find this one. So far so good it has been great. Looks good and is well made. The same one is sold by multiple sellers and I felt this was a good price. You could easily trim it if needed. I simply rolled mine up at one corner to keep my options open should I ever move the bike. Read more

    6. Pepper

      I love it so much, I just ordered 5 more. They advertise it as a treadmill mat, but I use them to protect my high end laminate floors from excessive dog consumption. I can vacuum, or pick them up to shake outside. They don’t slide around, and they minimize the amount of dog debris flying in the air. I use them under the dog crates and that has been just incredible protection for my floors. Mud season is upon us here, and these reduce my cleaning stress. I am putting one under my couch, and in front of the sliding door. I love walking on them too. I plan on lining my hallway floor with the next batch. I wish they a wood grain pattern, or wider option. LOVE! (I want to just scootch the pooch onto the mat..) Read more

    7. Emily

      For my birthday, my husband got me a second hand treadmill that we saw at a thrift store (twenty-five bucks!!) and as soon as we got it home, I realized I had made a huge mistake in not getting a treadmill mat since we have brand new hardwood floors. Off to Amazon I went and came across this nifty little life saver. I was concerned about the size because I can not guesstimate the size of anything to save my life, and I was too lazy to grab the measuring tape, so I figured the worst that would have happened is that I would have to return it. It had arrived on time as promised (unlike a lot of other items I have been ordering from other sellers) and packaged quite nicely. The hard part came when I, a 130lb woman, decided to try and place the treadmill on the mat. It kept catching and would have been quite a sight, but still, I was able to do it. My treadmill originally seemed a little unbalanced or unstable (again, second hand and $25, couldn’t be too upset) but this actually not only made it stable, but a lot quieter too. The mat does seem a little thin, but extremely dense, so I have no worries about it breaking down anytime soon. I have a Pro-Form Crosswalk 380 and the sizing was just right, so if you’re lazy like me, just compare the dimensions of my machine with yours. There is some extra room length wise, so may fit a longer machine, however, width wise, there isn’t much free space beyond what my treadmill took up. I am also extremely pleased that the company offers a 2-year warranty. It shows that they truely stand behind their product and makes me happy to support them as a company. Would definitetly recommend to anyone in the market for a product like this! Read more

    8. TUPILI

      It does exactly what its supposed to do. Holds my peloton well with no creases and holds the weight well. This is really well made and by the looks of it it will last long. When this got delivered we rolled it up and by mistake placed a few dumbbells on it and those weights creased up the mat pretty bad. We laid the mat flat on the floor and in a span two or three days it went back to looking new with absolutely no creases at all. Love this. Will certainly buy again for placing other equipment. Read more

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