Balancefrom goyoga+ all-motive half-inch greater thick excessive density anti-tear workout yoga mat and knee pad with sporting strap

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • comes with a regular mat and a knee pad. Regular mat measures seventy one” lengthy 24″ huge, half of” thick, guarantees comfort for people of all sizes and styles. Knee pad measures 24″ wide 10″ lengthy, three/5″ thick
  • with double sided non-slip surfaces, balance from all-motive top class exercise yoga mat comes with an tremendous slip resistant benefit to prevent accidents. It additionally with ease cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on tough flooring
  • superb resilience assist you to keep your balance throughout any workout style. Moisture resistant technology makes the mat to be effortlessly washed with cleaning soap and water
  • smooth strapping and mild weight function are delivered to this mat for easy shipping and storage. Stability from all-cause top rate exercise yoga mat is manufactured exclusively with the aid of stability from
  • a free yoga mat strap is included. All true stability from merchandise are covered via a one hundred% stability from delight guarantee and 2-year stability from warranty. Consumer pride is our maximum precedence
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with high density foam fabric, the half of” thick top class mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on difficult floors.

balancefrom goyoga+ all-purpose half of-inch exercise yoga mat and knee pad with sporting strap

comes with a everyday mat and a knee pad. Normal mat degree seventy one” long 24″ huge, half of” thick, guarantees comfort for human beings of all shapes and sizes. Knee pad measures 24″ extensive 10″ lengthy, three/5″ thick. With double sided non-slip surfaces, balancefrom all-cause premium exercise yoga mat comes with an exceptional slip resistant benefit to save you accidents.

  • comes with a everyday mat and knee pad
  • tremendous non-slip traction and cushion
  • a loose wearing strap is included
  • light weight and portable
  • balancefrom goyoga+ all-reason half-inch greater thick high density anti-tear exercise yoga mat and knee pad with carrying strap

    with excessive density foam fabric, the 1/2” thick top class mat without problems cushions backbone, hips, knees and elbows on difficult flooring.

    easy to easy. The moisture resistant generation and high nice fabric make mat to be without problems washed with cleaning soap and water.

    a free strap is protected. The period of our strap is adjustable. The loops have velcro ends for simpler and better keep.

    balancefrom goyoga+ all-cause half-inch extra thick excessive density anti-tear exercising yoga mat and knee pad with sporting strap

    all objects comes with a complete length exercise/yoga mat at half of” thick and a knee pad at three/five” thick.

    all items comes with a complete length exercising/yoga mat at half of” thick and a knee pad at three/five” thick.

    all gadgets comes with a complete length exercise/yoga mat at half” thick and a knee pad at 3/five” thick.


    Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

    7 reviews for Balancefrom goyoga+ all-motive half-inch greater thick excessive density anti-tear workout yoga mat and knee pad with sporting strap

    1. Chasing Phalanx

      I just started doing yoga again after a fifteen year hiatus (during which I royally messed up my knees and spent months in physical therapy). I bought this mat because it seemed it would be good for my knees and sturdier than the thinner mats. The mat comes with an extra knee pad and a carry strap that you can unfasten and fasten with simple velcro. The color is just as bold, bright, and beautiful as it is in the photo (I got turquoise). The knee pad itself is just another sliver of pad; though I thought I might need it, the mat itself is so thick that I haven’t used it yet. The mat doesn’t slide over the tiled floor of my yoga studio. However, considering I do hot yoga, I did start slipping and sliding through puddles of sweat on it the first time. Bringing a towel and putting it over the mat fixed this issue entirely. I’m 95% sure that was my rookie mistake rather than the mat’s, since it’s slippery because it rejects sweat and water. My tender knees get a little sore when I kneel on the mat, but usually when I kneel I’m in severe pain, so at least I CAN do kneeling exercises on this. It’s as thick as one of those garden knee pads you might see people use. It’s truly cushiony and helpful. In a bonus, the cushiony nature of the pad makes balancing poses more challenging and thus more of a workout, which I actually prefer. One of my yoga teachers mentioned that cushioned pads can make some poses more challenging and suggested a thinner mat, but I’m sticking with this one. It’s comfortable! Lastly, the carry strap is super easy to take on and off. To take off, you just unfasten the velcro on either side and tug it away. To put it on, you can just hold the mat still and put on one strap at a time. Even if the strap’s twisted, it’s still able to be grabbed and carried by it, so you don’t have to worry about it taking forever to get situated. This is truly a great product for the price. Highly recommended. Read more

    2. Sherry

      I don’t understand why there are so many good reviews on this mat which misled me into buying it. Firstly, it came with a few deep folding marks that won’t fade off; secondly, it has a bad and cheap smell; the last and most importantly, it is slippery and doesn’t stay in place, moving around on the carpet. Read more

    3. Dan Bradley

      This mat is lot better than I thought it would be, particularly for the price. You cannot buy the perfect mat for $18. I found the mat very supportive sitting, kneeling and standing. The reason people use thicker mats is to protect their knees. And yes, thick mats make it more difficult to hold balance positions while standing. So I generally step off the mat for standing balance positions. This is a small price to pay to save my knees. It did not stretch, leave indention’s in the mat, or have any offensive odor. The only drawback I experienced was that my hands slipped on the mat when I was in down-dog positions, particularly when my palms were sweaty. My old mat did the same thing. So I’m used to it, and find that it makes me work harder to hold the position. Read more

    4. Kristin H.

      So glad I ordered this! Soft with nice grip. Although I might have to pick up a second mat, as it looks like this one might be in high demand. No odor, soft feel. Love the carry strap and knee pad. Very light weight. Read more

    5. KC

      I am impressed with the soft, thick cushioning of the knee pad and the actual yoga mat. I bough the 1/2 inch mat and am happy I did. My grand daughter now wants to use it when she sleeps over as a “bed mat”. There is no odor. The purple is very pretty color. I am getting into my middle 50’s s having the knee pad was a plus. I can kneel comfortably on the mat and or knee pad. I have yet to use them together but I bet it will be comfortable. The pad rolls up nicely to travel. I also like to roll the mat edge for my hand placement/gripping and even though it is thick it rolls comfortable and helps with my gripping doing downward dog or other hand weight bearing type exercise. I have had surgeries on both my hands and this mat is comfortable for my hands. I do not slip on this mat. Read more

    6. Bellesmom

      I just moved into a house with all hard floor surfaces. I am also trying to come back from some major back injuries resulting in my posture, (when I can stand) being at almost a 45 degree angle & I can only walk a few feet at a time. After many failed surgeries, a surgical pump implanted & an ineffective bunch of medication, I finally decided that any improvement achieved is now up to me. I used to work out before I was like this and have decided to go back to that beginning with some stretching, massage, & yoga. I was really intrigued when I read that this company sent out elastic bands for strength training. Something I had never worked with before. That and the fact that this company seems to genuinely care whether or not you are pleased & satisfied with their products it what contributed to my choice to buy this particular mat. The mat is softer than I thought & appears very well made. Assuming I look at the mat now it looks like a beautiful lap pool in the middle of my living room floor and it invites me to come on and start working my muscles. Lol. I am excited about getting the stretch bands too! I am very pleased with this mat so far, it’s purchase sparks my energy. It is nice and thick and stays in place when I move around on it which was a very big concern I had. All said I am looking forward to starting my routine. Read more

    7. Lindsey Updegraff

      I started Barre inspired workouts and needed a mat. I have had a yoga mat before (and have used them in some classes before) but felt they were too thin (had to double up in classes). I was looking for a thick one and this one is great. I am really impressed with how thick the mat is… I opted for this version because for $2 extra I could get the knee pad to add extra padding for my knees but will likely use it for my hands to give padding on my wrists. I wanted another color but would have had to wait for stock and needed it sooner rather than later – I am more than happy with black. *If I filled out a review (of any kind, not 5 star) I am eligible to receive a bonus product, however I am pleased enough with the product alone that I would have written a review anyway. Read more

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