Balancefrom goyoga all-purpose half-inch greater thick excessive density anti-tear exercising yoga mat with sporting strap

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • 71″ lengthy 24″ extensive ensures comfort for humans of all styles and sizes. With high density foam material, the half of” thick premium mat without problems cushions backbone, hips, knees and elbows on hard flooring
  • with double sided non-slip surfaces, balancefrom all-purpose premium exercise yoga mat comes with an terrific slip resistant gain to prevent accidents
  • remarkable resilience permit you to preserve your balance throughout any exercising fashion. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be effortlessly washed with cleaning soap and water
  • a unfastened yoga mat strap is blanketed. All authentic balancefrom products are covered by a one hundred% balancefrom pleasure guarantee and a couple of-year balancefrom warranty. Customer satisfaction is our maximum precedence
  • protected components: balancefrom goyoga exercise yoga mat, yoga mat strap
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seventy one” lengthy 24″ extensive guarantees consolation for human beings of all shapes and sizes. With excessive density foam material, the half of” thick top class mat easily cushions backbone, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

smooth strapping and mild weight feature are added to this mat for easy shipping and garage.

balancefrom goyoga all-reason 1/2-inch workout yoga mat with carrying strap

with double sided non-slip surfaces, balancefrom all-purpose premium exercise yoga mat comes with an awesome slip resistant benefit to save you accidents. Splendid resilience allow you to maintain your balance in the course of any workout fashion. Moisture resistant generation makes the mat to be without difficulty washed with cleaning soap and water.

  • 1/2″ more thick
  • non-slip traction
  • carrying strap
  • mild weight and portable
  • balancefrom goyoga all-cause half-inch more thick high density anti-tear workout yoga mat with wearing strap

    with excessive density foam material, the half of” thick top class mat comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on tough flooring.

    smooth to easy. The moisture resistant generation and high first-class material make mat to be without difficulty washed with cleaning soap and water.

    a loose strap is protected. The period of our strap is adjustable. The loops have velcro ends for easier and higher maintain.

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    7 reviews for Balancefrom goyoga all-purpose half-inch greater thick excessive density anti-tear exercising yoga mat with sporting strap

    1. Nick

      Update: 2/27/18: After about 6 uses, I am seeing some indents where my feet and hands normally are placed. Not sure if this is premature wearing or not. Also, it seems this company generates a lot of reviews by offering free samples for giving a review of 100 words or more on their product. I received a pamphlet with my mat on their warranty and review process, posted a review, and then they sent me an e-mail “gift claim form” where I can basically get something for free from them since I provided a review. I purchased this for yoga, based on all the reviews this item has, and so far I’ve used it 3 times over the past week. It’s worked great so far, and here are my thoughts based on other reviews: 1) Squeakiness/noise: Yes, it does make some noise as I move into different poses. I do yoga at home, so it doesn’t bug me, but I could see it being a problem in a yoga studio or in a group of people. It doesn’t constantly squeak, but as I move my feet around, it does make some noise. I think it’s more the mat and the wooden floor it’s on which creates the noise. 2) Falling apart: Some reviews mentioned it immediately starts to disintegrate. I have noticed a couple of strands of rubber come off as I unroll it, but it doesn’t seem that bad at all. I’ll update this if it continues to come apart as other reviews had indicated. 3) Smell: It smells a little bit, kind of like a latex pillow or other similar rubber/plastic product. I only noticed it today when I had my face down on it, so it’s not strong at all. 4) Movement: I haven’t noticed it moving around at all. It sticks to my wooden floor pretty well, so no complaints there. 5) Squishiness: Some people have said it’s too thick and they sink into the mat. I haven’t noticed this at all. Prior to this mat, I was using a thin yoga mat and any time I was on my hands or knees for a long time it was very uncomfortable. This mat still allows me to do the poses, but much more comfortably than before. Read more

    2. Jennifer P.

      Came in on time, class tomorrow. I unrolled it and I’m so glad I got the 1/2 inch thickness it feels great on my feet. The mat is very long too which is nice. I love purple so yay on the color. Love the carrying strap, makes it so easy to contain and carry. Can’t wait to go to class tomorrow!! There was a small abnormality in the foam but it doesn’t go all the through and is no issue at all, you can see in pic it’s about the size of the tip of my pinky finger and does effect use of the mat at all. Update: down to 2 stars. The mat is comfy but it’s not good. After two uses the rubber looks likes it’s starting to break down. The mat moves a lot during a session and squeeks which is annoying and embarrassing. Returned Read more

    3. ProfEverard

      I should have listened to the other reviewers! I bought this mat because I wanted to have less pain while doing exercises like modified pushups or yoga poses that involve contact with my back/knees. The mat is certainly thick and helped to reduce the amount of pain I felt in my knees and back bones. HOWEVER, after only a few uses the mat started to tear on its surface. Moreover, this mat slips really badly! I have laminate wood floors; however, I also have two other yoga mats in the house and they do NOT slip. Read more

    4. km

      This mat did not hold up well at all. I do yoga 3X a week and wanted something heavier/thicker for knee support. After a few weeks, it curled up, there are tears along the sides, and it is basically unusable. Return window closes after 30 days but I did not start using it until mid-January so it’s been less than a month and I am stuck with it. Will not buy from this company – can’t even each anyone at customer link (which was provided by Amazon). Read more

    5. Andrew Michael Schultz

      This was my first yoga mat that I purchased. $10, what a steal, right? I have laminate floors and I could not do any routines without slipping and stretching the mat all over the place. I didn’t realize how much harder and undesirable a routine could be when you had the extra distraction of a stretchy, slippery mat. I also thought that thicker would be more comfortable, but I am actually going to try a standard 1/4 inch mat instead of this one because it almost seems too thick. The only redeeming quality was that I did not experience any tears like other customers, but with the amount of stretching, I could definitely see it happening. I used this maybe 4 or 5 times but I want to move on to something else at this point. Read more

    6. Billie

      I just received this in the mail, and I knew immediately I would like it. It is incredibly cushioned, which for me is of major importance. I have bad knees, and regular mats are never cushioned enough for me. I bruise easily, but this seems like it will prevent any sort of bruising or soreness on my knees or hips. I don’t really do any impact type exercise, so I cannot give a review to it on that. I do however do Piyo daily, as well as a few other body weight resistance and strengthening exercises, and this has an awesome grip. No more sliding or falling due to instability issues caused by no traction. I look forward to being able to do the exercises without fear of a few routines again! On a side note, I haven’t noticed any odd or offensive smells, so that’s a bonus! I am actually considering ordering a second mat for my husband! He is 6’3, and this seems like it is long enough, and soft enough for his back injury, for him to use as well Read more

    7. E. Keatley

      ok, this is the first yoga mat I’ve ever purchased, so I don’t have others to compare it too. First off, I’m not an avid yoga practitioner–I just wanted something with enough cushioning to pad my bones on a hard floor. This def’ly does that–it is very cushiony and soft. one side is completely smooth and the other is slightly corrugated. I assumed smooth was for the down side, and used it that way. Had no problems with slipping at all. I see that others have had issues with tears. I can see where that could happen–the foam is very soft. It is in fact softer, that I expected for something labeled high density. However, since every other pad I saw in stores was only a 1/4″ thick for the same price, I am very happy with it so far. Edit–I should have added, you’ll need to be sure your floor and shoes are clear of any grit–the foam is soft enough that any odd bits of stuff are going to imbed into it. Read more

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