Balancefrom vinyl fashionable weight set, one hundred lbs

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  • make certain this fits by way of coming into your model wide variety.
  • one hundred lbs vinyl weight set with barbell and spring locks
  • barbell: 5ft long, 1″ diameter
  • vinyl coated. Weights function vinyl outside, cement filling
  • 3 sets of balanced weights which encompass 10 lbs, two 15 lbs and 25 lbs weights
  • comes with barbell. Comes with spring clip collars
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from the producer

what blanketed:

six cement-stuffed, vinyl lined plates:


two 15-pound

10-pound weights

two spring clip collars

one 2-piece steel bar;

balancefrom vinyl fashionable weight set, one hundred lbs

resistance schooling is the use of your muscle mass to transport resistance, commonly weights. Examples of barbell resistance education are squats, bench press, barbell row, shoulder press, deadlifts and curls to name some.

barbells can help you pass more weight than you could with a dumbbell because you’ve got hands on a hard and fast object.

this makes it safer to study new exercises.

  • 100 lbs weight set
  • vinyl lined
  • comes with barbell
  • comes with spring clip collars
  • vinyl lined will now not get rusty.

    object encompass 100 lbs plates and bar.

    2x each 25 lbs, 15 lbs, 10 lbs weights.

    bar is textured for smooth grip.

    perfect addition to your own home health club.

    comes with clips for convenience.


    100-Pound Set, 100-Pound Weight Set

    8 reviews for Balancefrom vinyl fashionable weight set, one hundred lbs

    1. Krissy E

      Like the other reviews, I was sent a barbell where the pins do not fit in the barbell fully, making it useless to me. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get the pins in, and nothing has worked. The product comes with a 2 year warranty so I reached out to the support email listed and I haven’t gotten a response, and it has been over a week. The weights themselves are ok, but I am worried they won’t last long based on the other reviews. If you are a serious body builder, I would suggest you splurge and get a real one piece bar and non vinyl weight set. EDIT: September 21, 2020 It has now been quite a while and I’ve sent two emails to the company. I haven’t gotten a response yet so I’m changing my rating to 1 star. I can’t use the product fully without a bar, so now I have to buy a separate bar for another $100+. Read more

    2. Jeffrey N.

      I like the vinyl weights much better than metal, particularly better for using in a non-gym environment, such as a living room. My only complaint would be the price, as I was able to find the exact same product for about forty dollars at a local academy store. Read more

    3. Sarah Boutte

      Worst quality weights and bar you can find. The weights are very flimsy and all came scratched up already. The bar is the cheapest piece of China crap ever made. The damn pins they give to secure the bar dont even fit. Been hammering and they barely go in at all. Spend more and get different ones. Read more

    4. Misty Hailey

      Here’s the scoop!! I think damages are from shipping company. UPS dropped my package at door, it’s heavy so I get it, but my package was barely holding together. I scored this set on Cyber Monday for $120 and free shipping! Definitely worth it! Here’s some tips: 1) Don’t even attempt using the pins to put bar together. Won’t fit and probably poor support. Head to your hardware store and get screws w/bolts (see pic). Less than $1.50 and provides way more support. Slap a barbell pad over it, you’re good to go. 2) if the weights are dented in. Tap the edge with a hammer, they’ll round back out. 3) Remeber, this isn’t an Olympic set. So don’t compare it. Nonetheless, this is an awesome set to keep you toned. Read more

    5. jojo

      Incomplete product received. (1) 10 lbs and (1) 15 lbs weight missing Read more

    6. Robert Mccullough

      I bought this set to be an addition to an older 100pd cement set that I’ve had for a long time. Delivered as advertised in the ad and quicker than promised. The bar ends dont seem quite as long in the Amazon picture. I had hoped to be able to add weights from two sets together. That’s not big a big deal though. Could be my eyesight. See pics. I’m not a fan of how the bar attaches. in the center with the pins. I show a comparison to another bar from an old Golds Gym cement weight set that I have. See pic. A great set for the price considering the limited availability and crazy costs for weights during the pandemic. Read more

    7. Kaite Trinks

      The bar and weights are awesome. Only thing is they didn’t send the Two spring clip collars so now my weights are basically useless thanks. Waited almost a month for them Read more

    8. CSUF student

      The weights were reasonably priced! I love them! Also, they are not meant for dropping hard on the ground so be careful. Read more

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