Best fitness crunch and sit up straight schooling assistant

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  • ensure this suits by means of getting into your model variety.
  • perform crunches without problems and efficiently
  • flip over for pushups, dips and total frame exercise
  • lessen stress on head and neck
  • ideal for all fitness degrees

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ideal your stomach crunches with the suitable crunch. The proper crunch reduces stress and supports your head, neck and shoulder so you can recognition on targeting your stomach muscle groups. Perform crunches effortlessly and correctly. Turn over for pushups, dips and a complete frame exercise. Best for all fitness degrees.

3 reviews for Best fitness crunch and sit up straight schooling assistant

  1. DavidsList 📝👍💬✅

    Last year, I was on a mission to lose weight so I first joined a kickboxing class in April and lost 10 lbs in 2 months. After losing 10 lbs, I felt like I could be motivated to exercise on my own to lose more weight without rejoining the kickboxing class so I bought bunch of weight training gears to exercise and lift weights at home. I lost 10 more pounds working out at home and gained some muscles but I really wanted to lose my beer belly and trim my waist size. Even though I had a sit up bench and Perfect Ab Carver for many years, I gave up on them after using them for few times. Let’s face it, working on your abs is probably the hardest workout of all, especially since you don’t see the result for a long time unlike biceps or chest. I especially hated doing sit ups because I didn’t like the strains on my neck and head. Instead of feeling crunches in my stomach, I had more crunchy feeling on my neck when doing sit ups… 😣 I decided to purchase this Perfect Fitness Crunch before giving up on my abs and boy, I was so happy I did. WHAT I LIKE: [+] Well packaged and easy to assemble [+] Rock solid sturdy [+] Enables easy sit up repetition WITHOUT strains on your neck and head [+] Strong and breathable mesh screen for supporting your back or head [+] Flip over for inclined push ups and triceps dips [+] Color printed instruction sheet with 3 different levels of doing crunches WHAT I DON’T LIKE: [-] Depending on where you rest your head, you may feel the metal bar on the top of the mesh, which is very hard and uncomfortable (see picture). This is my only complain about this product. I really wish they had padded or added some sort of cushion in that area. There are similar products that have cushion or pad to rest your head but they don’t have the mesh where you can also rest your back or shoulder. In addition to the mesh screen, this would have been absolutely amazing if it had adjustable head rest cushion for people with different height. BOTTOM LINE: This is solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would have given 10 stars if it was padded or had cushion around the metal bar above the mesh screen. This is not a deal breaker for me since I can place rolled up towel or something soft there. This is definitely the best equipment for abs hands down and it really works your abs while making it easy to do crunches without straining your neck and head. TIPS: ✔️ I wore a waist trimmer belt when using this to force my stomach feel tight and sweat like crazy. ✔️ I also used ankle weight straps to add additional pound or two to up the Expert difficulty. ✔️ I used one of many available iPhone apps for sit ups to guide me with # of sit ups, repetitions and rests in between. I had to buy entire new wardrobe because I went from waist 36 to 32 last summer. Please remember that exercise alone is not enough but you must also consume a balanced diet if you really want to lose weight. In my experience, your body will psychologically reject unhealthy and large amount of food when you start exercising consistently because you start feeling good and proud of your body 💪💪 If you hate doing sit ups but you still want to work on your abs, buy this now and you will thank me. I highly recommend this without any hesitation. You’re welcome and good luck! I hope this helps and if it did, please click on the helpful button below! Read more

  2. M. Quick

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the ratings/reviews for this was “Wow, these reviews are all over the place. What’s with this thing?” I ultimately figured how bad can it be and purchased it anyways. Here’s what you need to know: Bottom Line… if all you are looking for is something to help you do sit ups and take a bit of strain off your neck in the process, this will work just fine. Buy it and be done. Now onto the juicy bits… I have seen reviews commenting on the fact that the unit slides when in use. Technically this can be true, but it will only happen if you’re using your arms and upper body to “force” the sit ups as opposed to using your abdominal muscles to do… you know… the sit ups. i.e. do them correctly and this won’t happen. Cheat and it will. I have seen reviews commenting on the fact that the unit has serious quality control issues and as such it makes it a MASSIVE pain to assemble. I’ve now assembled two of these. I don’t know if there are quality control issues,per se, but there are some pretty loose tolerances in the manufacturing process of these pieces. I would not say that either was a MASSIVE pain to assemble, but neither of them was easy and for both I had to “muscle” them a bit to get them together (which is never indicative of good design). For assembly I would suggest having a rubber mallet on hand as well as a screw driver. There are no actual screws, but the holes don’t always line up when you slide the ends together and you can stick the screw driver in them and “adjust” their positioning. Lastly, the box indicates that you can use this item for doing dips and push ups. Unless you are a VERY slight person, I would HIGHLY suggest AGAINST doing that. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 165 lbs. When I put my weight on the unit, it started to straighten out at the curved “joint”. Use it for its intended purpose and don’t try any of the nonsense depicted on the box. If you want to do dips, get a chair. If you want do do push ups, the floor is your friend, use it. Read more

  3. Michele

    No normal person likes to exercise lol (ok I’m just kidding. Don’t write me hate mail) I’m 5′ 9″ and 170 lbs So I have some weight I could afford to work off. Situps are my enemy so my one hated zone on my body is my stomach. Situps typically hurt my neck and upper back (maybe I do them wrong….but this causes me to avoid them). I originally wanted an ab lounge but because they were $130-$170 this one caught my eye. I read one guys review who said this thing takes work and even though I’m an avid couch potato (minus the TV) I liked that he said it took work. I’m smart, I know that any exercise they say is easy isn’t exercise. So his negative review actually made me buy it. It was easy to put together. There are literally 5 pieces (minus the bolts). The hardest part was getting that mesh back on and it wasn’t really even hard. Probably took me all of twenty minutes to put together, if that. If you sit too far up on this it’s even harder to use. The image on the box is of a woman who’s head is barely above the black mesh backing. I laughed at myself when I sat up too far on it and couldn’t even more forward to situp. But once I scooted down I was able to do some situps. (It’s for crunches) Let me tell you, after TWO I could feel a burn. It’s not like an ab lounge. I’ve used those and do like them, but sometimes question if they work. This one works. It does make it easier to do the crunch and my neck muscles aren’t hurting. It does make it easier while still getting the work out. I’d recommend it. =) Read more

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