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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your model quantity.
  • 360 stability with non-skid platform
  • smooth garage with stacking handles
  • padded comfort grips preserve wrists in neutral role

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best fitness pushup stands

interact extra muscles to maximize consequences with the right pushup stands. Padded consolation grips maintain the wrist in neutral positions to reduce joint pressure. Increases muscle strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, again and abs. 360 diploma balance with non-skid platform grips nicely on carpet and all difficult floor surfaces. Smooth garage with stacking handles.

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have interaction extra muscle groups to maximize outcomes with the suitable pushup stands. Padded comfort grips keep wrist in neutral positions to reduce joint stress. Will increase muscle energy and definition in fingers, shoulders, chest, lower back and abs. 360 degree stability with non-skid platform grips nicely on carpet and all difficult floor surfaces. Smooth storage with stacking handles.

8 reviews for Best health pushup stands

  1. Sam Green

    Written by Sam Green I am 65 and have to do yoga to keep my lower back fit. For some time now my right wrist has hurt so much I couldn’t do several yoga positions like down and up dog and plank. I tried wrist braces but did not help. These pushup stands are great. Wide, light, soft and very stable. They are very easy to put on your yoga mat and use during a workout. I can now do a full workout with no wrist pain. I would highly recommend them. Read more

  2. D.M.

    I’ve used several different types of push-up stands in my lifetime and this one is probably the best version ever designed. Three things set them apart: First, many push-up stands dig into your palms because they’re either too round or offer no padding because they are just metal bars. What I like about these is that they’ve found a nice middle-ground. They are made of hardened plastic so they are lightweight, but offer the same firmness and durability of metal and do not bend or give at all. The grip is flattened on top in addition to having a rounded, padded grip, so your hands don’t start to hurt after a few pushups. Second, I like that the bottoms of the stands have a non-slip and non-marring rubber coating (See pic), so they’re easy and secure on pretty much any type of flooring. I’ve used these on carpet, tile, and laminate, and they’ve worked well on everything. Third, I like how they nest on top of each other and take up very little space. This goes along with my point earlier about the material (hardened plastic). Along with the benefit of it being lightweight, they’re also designed so you can stack them and throw them under a dresser or table, or in your closet, and they’ll take up only a small amount of floor/shelf space. This is so much nicer than the design of many comparable stands, which are heavier, larger, and do not nest into one another. All in all, these are the best stands I’ve ever used. Lightweight, hard, compact, sturdy, and durable. I would definitely recommend and buy again. Read more

  3. Mj

    These things are great. I’ve always scoffed at these handles…blown them off as a way for some guy to make money off of the masses. After all, I can do my dam pushups just fine without them…ntil I tried them. They DO: 1) reduce wrist strain tho I never found this to be a problem while doing barehanded pushups….these DO allow you to adopt different hand positions that might otherwise be impossible. 2) allow you to get a deeper stretch at the bottom of the movement…allowing the chest to be hit a bit harder. 3) allow more range of motion when doing pushups with elevated feet. Three final points, I was originally concerned that the construction might not be sturdy enough for a heavier person (I’m 290-300) but these things are quite sturdy. I’m glad that I didn’t get the (more expensive) ones that allow your hands to swivel/rotate. I find that I can adjust mid-set at the top of the movement easily, just have to explode a bit at the top. 3) the grips and the bottom are rubberized with a material that seems to be great. Grips ceramic tile and carpet perfectly, haven’t tried on any other surface. Also the rubberized material seems to be very durable, but I’ve only had these things for a few months….. Overall, these are a great product. I wouldn’t trade for any of the other, more expensive ones available., Read more

  4. Jose Doe

    These handles get great reviews, but I personally don’t care for them AT ALL! First off, the base of these handles is very narrow. It’s not as though they are unstable, but i think making the base a little wider would help disperse the weight better, thus making them more comfortable to use. The handles are not comfortable at all. They are too wide and hurt my palms. Finally, they aren’t very tall. The whole point of using push-up handles is to get you higher off the ground so you can achieve a greater stretch/contraction at the bottom of the movement. Since these handles are so short, you don’t get much in the way of that advantage. So you may as well just be doing your pushups off the floor. I’ve already ordered a different set of handles and I’ll be returning these ASAP. Read more

  5. Packy

    I read a lot of reviews stating that the grips were way too big. I bought these anyhow because they are stackable and easy to store away. When they arrived, I did not find them to be too large – they’re just what I was looking for (picture for scale). They’re sturdy, portable, and supportive. I’m sure it depends on what you’re using them for and yiur level of experience but I only use them for push-ups and found them tobe perfect. Read more

  6. C. Lowell

    Love these! I like that the handles are a little wider so it doesn’t hurt my palms. The grips are sticky so you don’t slip off the handles. They are also stackable, so they’re easy to store relative to other metal pushup stands that I’ve seen. Would absolutely buy again. Read more

  7. AceCadet

    Very sturdy! Nice comfortable wide grip really makes it easier on my wrists and gives me several options for different grip positions. Love that they are fairly compact and stack up to put away easily. If I could change one thing I’d make them a little taller so I could get a bit more depth in my push-ups. But I can get that by just setting them on something (like a pair of yoga blocks). Overall I’m really happy with them and I’m able to get more reps in my sets because I have less pain. Recommended! Read more

  8. Rick V

    My first time using this type of equipment. Plenty sturdy for me, and good base for stability. Only negative is that the flatter aspect to the hand grips is somewhat uncomfortable, especially when positioned with hands not straightforward from body, as there is pressure on the outside of the hands near the wrist. This has been noted in some other reviews and I concur that a more rounded hand grip might be more comfortable. Read more

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