Bionic body tri-grip single cope with with carabiner clip exercise resistance tube accent bbtg-1/2 , 2. 50 x 7. 00 x eight. 00 inches

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  • heavy-duty outdoors: created from extremely sturdy % and secured to bendy nylon strap, the equipment boasts a durable surface that gained’t crack when sopping wet in sweat. This dependable gym accent on the way to closing you a long term.
  • smooth and brief attachment: featuring a available carabineer clip, this grip deal with without problems, yet securely, attaches to resistance or power tubes. The gear’s sincere design guarantees problem-unfastened attachment and elimination of resistance tubes.
  • compact workout accessory: exercising anyplace you are with this functional addition in your resistance bands. The compact design lets you effectively stash this gear to your bag or suitcase so you can train anyplace you are.
  • ergonomic layout: created to simplify training for all ability tiers, this versatile handle capabilities an ergonomically designed grip in an effort to with no trouble match in your palms. You could continually find a best handhold regardless of what workout you are appearing.
  • offers personalized exercise: this equipment is sensible and universally compatible with any resistance bands. You may put it to use for strength education, cardio workout routines, aerobic programs, or even bodybuilding.

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kim lyons bionic body tri-grip bar

the bionic frame tri-grip handle by way of bionic body gives a exquisite manner to take your exercising routine anywhere you pass. With its ergonomically designed tri-grip and heavy-obligation nylon, this at ease but durable deal with will hold tempo with all degrees of intensity in your schooling. The tri-grip manage permits you to simply carry out sporting events with both one hand or two arms, making it adaptable for a extensive variety of various sports.

the package includes a single tri-grip take care of and carabineer clip for quick and clean changes so you don’t lose crucial downtime for the duration of workouts. The design of the carabineer clips will allow the handles to be used with a diffusion of resistance bands, tubes, or any attachments with a view to receive a carabineer clip.

bionic body tri-grip manage features and speak to outs

the ergonomic cope with layout offers a at ease yet long lasting grip.

the tri-grip layout allows for single or double passed sports. The tri-grip manage is compatible with all workout gadget that accepts carabineer clips.

compact and journey-pleasant. Includes one (1) tri-grip cope with and one (1) carabineer for short adjustments

developed by means of kim lyons from the ground up

kim lyons is a movie star instructor from nbc’s hit display the most important loser and dr. Phil’s ultimate weight loss assignment – the bionic body line of fitness products has all of kim’s revel in as one of the maximum famous government within the fitness and fitness area.

a complete power and aerobic exercise:

bionic body brings a modern technique to power and aerobic education at domestic. It provides the possibility to have the equal resistance from huge business machines with out the clutter.

the real deal at home:

kim has influenced millions of humans to attain their goals of living a happy and healthy life-style and now you have got get right of entry to to the identical tools used in kim’s studio at home!

leaner – quicker – stronger

8 reviews for Bionic body tri-grip single cope with with carabiner clip exercise resistance tube accent bbtg-1/2 , 2. 50 x 7. 00 x eight. 00 inches

  1. Walter Thompson

    The handle isn’t wide enough. If you wear workout gloves then it’s too tight. The side of the handle is also made for a V-Handle which would be great but you can’t get both hands in the handle. A Big Mistake is the handle doesn’t have a rotating grip so the rough grip eats into your palms and puts undue pressure on your wrist. Could be a great handle but needs more work.Read more

  2. Gerald McDermott

    I purchased two of these handles. I have used them for a variety of purposes (bands, cables, sled pulls, etc.) and I am surprised at how durable they are. I will continue to find new uses for them…thanks for a solid and inexpensive product.Read more

  3. Sheridan M

    I’ve used these for pull-ups and dips, as well as for handles for improvized weights (e.g. sand bags). One of them can support my body weight (165 lb / 75 kg). They are comfortable and sturdy; hopefully they last a good amount of time. The metal rings are very thick and pose no concern – same for the carabiners, though their clip edges are VERY sharp – they obviously didn’t put a radius on the edges after they were milled, so I’m hesitant to use them around fabrics or webbing. The webbing connecting the handle to the ring seems well constructed/stitched, and hasn’t been a source of concern for me, so far.Read more

  4. Normal middle-aged guy

    No complaints. A lot of us launched into the working out at home mode in March of this year. This, some resistance bands, another longer press handle were part of the ensemble. Pick up a few anchor straps from the hardware section. Think creatively outside the box of the directions to all of these things. you can anchor to luggage racks on your suv, garage door rails, porch columns fence post. Viola, it’s not the gym, but the gym is sometimes closed. Sometimes for a while it turns out. Stay safe, allRead more

  5. Cynthia B. Ferguson

    Great angle for tricep extension with two hands or one handed grip. I use it with a doubled over 100lb Gofit resistance tube.No complaints and its nice to be pleasantly surprised on a gamble. Don’t need any pokes from the peanut gallery like “it won’t do this, or won’t do that”. I’m a retired soldier “good once as I ever was” and either you’re gonna work out or make excuses.This is good to have.Read more

  6. Inquiring Minds

    Serves a very unique purpose that handles with usual ring configuration can not do. Especially nice to use in cable crossover movements. All the other positions/uses outlined on website are nice add on/complementary movements. I’ve used them with 60# cable chest presses and it performs as you would expect – very safely. It works especially nice when performing deltoid shoulder exercises. You will be pleasantly surprised with value for under $10.Read more

  7. laz

    My husband and I have 2 Hobie outback’s, and the stern handle isn’t exactly what one would hope for after being on the water all day. If you see the little handle on the left.. that little thing digs in to your hand, palm and finger causing pain from a fully rigged kayak. So my husband saw these at his gym and thought they would work perfect. We got 2 of them and luckily the carabiners fit right in the spot that Hobie handle goes on. These are perfect kayak still heavy but my hand doesn’t hurt like it used to.Read more


    Made from a really tacky feeling plastic it sticks to your hand rather than spins in your grip as you go through the routine. Hard to describe but a hard plastic or metal handle would work much better as this one sticks to your skin and pulls you skin around with the motion pinching your hand skin.Read more

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