Bionic frame assorted resistance loop bands health bands for electricity lifting energy schooling domestic health club and cardio exercising

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  • premium latex construction – this schooling accessory resists tearing and abrasion with its top notch latex build. Its anti-snap material gives form retainment even when constantly stretched, making it a dependable workout device in an effort to remaining.
  • stretch bands with sturdiness – this resistance pull-up and stretch band has a resilient surface that resists wear and tear. Its heavy-responsibility production is flexible but sturdy, making sure it will not break under excessive pressure and pressure.
  • customizable resistance – get a more fit frame with the aid of education with this flexible equipment! This workout band is available in various resistance stages: 20 to 35lb (black), 30 to 50lb (purple), 40 to 80lb (green), 50 to 120lb (blue), and 60 to 150lb (orange).
  • transportable accessory – this fitness accessory can be used for mobility exercise, assisted pull-ups, banded squats, and bench presses. It is also an high-quality accent for yoga, rehab, crossfit, strength schooling, and pilates.
  • -12 months manufacture warranty – those incredible bands are compact, light-weight, and smooth to move. You’ll have resistance training system anywhere you pass. It comes with a 2-yr warranty to assist you to get the maximum from your investment.
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kim lyons bionic body extremely good bands

the bionic awesome band is a versatile closed loop resistance band by means of bionic body. It’s designed to increase the ascending resistance to your day by day exercises.

best accessory for pilates and yoga to enhance stretching and strengthening muscle tissue without additional needless stress to joints. Pass weight-less! Start building leaner muscle groups without the trouble of moving and storing unfastened weights.

20-35-pound – black

30-50-pound – crimson

40-80-pound – inexperienced

50-120-pound – blue

60-one hundred fifty-pound – orange

  • conditioning –strengthens your coronary heart and lungs whilst growing your metabolic rate
  • energy – will increase pace and agility by way of activating fast twitch muscle fibers
  • energy – boom muscle, tendon, ligament strength and bone density;
  • flexibility – boom variety of movement, flexibility and decrease the risk of harm
  • exercise samples offering bionic remarkable bands

    advanced by way of kim lyons from the ground up

    kim lyons is a celebrity teacher from nbc’s hit show the largest loser and dr. Phil’s final weight loss project – the bionic frame line of fitness merchandise has all of kim’s enjoy as one of the maximum trendy authorities inside the health and health arena.

    a total energy and aerobic exercise

    bionic frame brings a innovative method to power and cardio schooling at home. It presents the possibility to have the same resistance from huge business machines with out the muddle.

    the actual deal at domestic

    kim has prompted tens of millions of human beings to attain their goals of dwelling a satisfied and healthy way of life and now you have get entry to to the equal tools utilized in kim’s studio at domestic!

    leaner – quicker – stronger

    product description

    engage in excessive training and enhance muscle tone in hands, legs, ankles, shoulders, back and glutes with the bionic body resistance stretch band! Improve your workout program and accentuate your workout with this top rate health equipment that’s created to can help you training session and goal specific muscle companies proper in the comforts of home.

    crafted from extraordinarily robust latex, this low-priced, yet durable anxiety band resists abrasions and shrinkage. The bendy latex may be repeatedly stretched with out losing its unique shape and form, granting you dependable exercise system that may be used for lots education sessions.

    cross anywhere with this loop with its compact and lightweight layout that’s clean to transport. Just roll it up and throw them in a suitcase or fitness center bag and you’ll have the right resistance training system available anywhere you move. The bionic body superb band is ideal for health schooling, stretching, physical therapy, rehab, yoga, and pilates exercising.

    it has a maximum weight of three hundred kilos. Its heavy-responsibility creation is guaranteed to face up to heavy hundreds and will now not spoil underneath severe strain and pressure.

    whether or not it’s for your own home gym or professional use, the bionic frame exercise flex band will kick your fitness ordinary up a notch! Flex your manner a more fit, more muscular and toned frame with this premium elastic band.


    Blue – 50 to 120 lbs. (Single), Green – 40 to 80 lbs. (Single), Orange – 60 to 150 lbs. (Single)

    8 reviews for Bionic frame assorted resistance loop bands health bands for electricity lifting energy schooling domestic health club and cardio exercising

    1. D. Faust

      These bands are fantastic! I use these on a plate-loaded leg press. I fold them in half and wrap them around the handles and plate bar to essentially double-up the resistance on both sides, then use plates as well. This product has enabled me to increase my leg press strength and keep constant tension on the decline portion of the press movement. I find the quality of these bands to be very good. They’re strong, sturdy and do the job well.Read more

    2. ricemilk

      Versatile and sturdy, I have been using this almost every day since I got it and it has held up. It is a nice, portable, resistance workout you can throw in a bag.Read more

    3. Bratpane

      Sadly I misunderstood the sizing and am unable to use this as it is much too small. Great band, just wish it was the longer ones I was trying to buy.Read more

    4. Lisa Neil

      Do not order this product.. it broke after my sons second use. When it broke it popped him in the face and gave hime a bloody nose its very dangerousRead more

    5. Larry G.

      High quality resistance band. Works as advertised.Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      too strong for womenRead more

    7. CHEOL KIM

      It’s very good item for training my back~Read more

    8. Silvester Percival

      I agree that most people using this (and writing reviews) have no idea how to use it. First of all, this is an exercise band, but DO NOT expect it to replicate free weights. It serves a different purpose and should be used in different ways. Second, because of the way bands work (easy at first and harder as it stretches farther), bands are better for whole-body exercises, not minute movements like bicep curls. Third, bands are just as useful for HELPING with exercises (like pullups and dips) as with providing resistance. Keep these points in mind and you will probably get some use out of the bionic body band.Ultimately there is no end to the creative exercises you could find for this band, but I have found three main exercises I enjoy most:1. One-legged squats, or lunges. I wrap the band over my shoulder like a messenger bag, putting the other end under my foot. Keep the back straight and firm and simply drop into a lunge and lift back up, using the foot over the band as the leg to be exercised. Then switch legs and repeat.2. I didn’t expect to like this workout, but I found the band works well for shoulder shrugs. The reason is that you can easily adjust tension for burnouts. After putting the band under your feet, grip low for more resistance. As you get tired, slide your hands slowly up the band for less resistance. It makes it nice and easy to reduce weight during a burnout without having to switch weights.3. To help with pull-ups and dips. Loop the band over a bar above you and let its resistance “lighten” your load to keep proper form, or to complete a burnout. The band is especially helpful with pull-ups, but I’ve used it with dips a few times, too.Overall I’m very happy with the band. It works well, has nice thick material, and seems to be well made. I will report back about its long-term durability.Read more

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