Black mountain merchandise bmp exercising balance ball show holder set of three

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  • ensure this fits by means of entering your version number.
  • clean plastic stability ball holder allows for clean garage and show
  • two button clasps make set up of the holder handy and easy to apply
  • bought in a hard and fast of three
  • 14. 5in diameter best for any size balance ball
  • lifetime warranty on all gym ball holders

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product description

black mountain products clean plastic balance ball holder is the right product to keep and show your stability balls. Every ball holder is bought in my opinion so you should buy the amount you want. Use one on the floor as a base to display, and use more than one to stack your balls for show and garage. Two button clasps permit for easy set up and removal. Designed to suit and hold all sizes of yoga balance balls.

8 reviews for Black mountain merchandise bmp exercising balance ball show holder set of three

  1. Badger

    This package arrived on my doorstep only moments ago… I immediately opened and went to assemble only to find that this horribly over-priced product was just as defective as the previous buyers warned. The snaps ARE IN FACT surprisingly difficult to use (given the technology of snap buttons has existed for perhaps 100 years?) and THAT IS WHERE THE SNAPS EXIST… think about this… the contents of this product is a total of three pieces of clear pliable plastic and a total of 6 snap buttons…. FOR $40 (I do recognize I am the person who opted to overpay for something so ridiculous); however, you might expect the manufacturer to “take a win” on selling me $1 worth of materials I can easily procure from home depot and deliver me a product that works as intended… BUT NO… instead it’s the same lousy BS we get from wherever these products come from. So my only recourse is to get a refund and knock our a bad review to warn the rest of you. See my photos attached and by all means, avoid this product. Read more

  2. Khatrina

    Since I was skeptical when ordering the product you can only imagine my amazement and satisfaction when I discovered they worked exactly as stated. The plastic is heavy duty and the snaps are strong. Read more

  3. ariana

    Was happy when I first opened the package that it was heavy duty plastic, then the snaps wouldn’t snap. Got a tool and finally got 5 of the six snaps snapped but it put a dent on the face of the metal. Sixth one never snapped so I taped it closed. Also, the one section was misaligned so I cut a small relief between the snaps so the large bump it made for being misaligned wouldn’t force the snaps apart. It does what it says it does ,if they actually used snaps that worked, but otherwise I would not recommend spending the money they are asking for the end quality they sent unless you don’t mind returning it and waiting another week or two for delivery. Read more

  4. WildHeartHippieMama

    The idea of the product is excellent. However, like other reviews had mentioned, I received only one that was functional. The buttons on the other two are so crushed that they are absolutely not functional at all. And this was not something caused in shipping, it was definitely done in manufacturing. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the company, with the current pandemic, I’m not returning them. I used packaging tape to make it work. I contacted the company and received no response on the matter. I’m very disappointed at the lack of quality control. It’s such a basic, yet convenient idea. Read more

  5. P. Guh

    Researched many options on organizing the home gym area. Found this ball holder. Shipped quickly & so easy to put them together. I LOVE it!! Problem solved! I think it is better than other wall mount styles because I can just move the balls to any areas in the room. Read more

  6. Stavros Christoudias

    Literally one of the worst purchases i’ve ever made on amazon. I bought the three pack. It has literally ONE step to assemble: button the buttons. Only one of the three would button. The other two, the buttons were broken. I needed to duct tape the ends together in order for it to hold. Waste of money, coulda cut a sheet of clear plastic into a strip and taped the ends together—and saved myself some $$ Read more

  7. Dr. Beast

    Exactly as described. We use them in our home gym, as pictured. We receive complements from nearly all guests; “very neat”, “smart product”, “where’d you find this?”. It’s a great product! Read more

  8. Brian Rivers

    I’m not sure if it was by accident or on purpose, but I ordered one of these and received two. Both were defective (buttons improperly installed). I was only able to make one good set using both. With the set I was able to make, I am easily able to stack two exercise balls and I’m sure I could add a third without a problem. The design of the product is good but the manufacturing quality is poor. Read more

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