Black mountain merchandise resistance band set (5 bands protected)

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  • ensure this fits
  • through getting into your model quantity.
  • comes with b. M. P. Manual to help you get commenced together with your exercise habitual
  • includes yellow (2 to 4-kilos), inexperienced (four to 6-pounds), and blue (10 to 12-pounds)
  • black band (15 to twenty-pounds) and red band (25 to 30-pounds)
  • five piece resistance band set is made with the very best pleasant of artificial rubber
  • it has producers life time breakage guarantee and 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee

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from the producer

black mountain merchandise is a proud own family owned business enterprise who takes pride of their product high-quality and is dedicated to offering you the high-quality buying revel in inside the industry. We’ve taken client remarks into consideration, then invested closely in satisfactory control and product development to hone our product line to in particular fit you. As a result of our dedication on your happiness, we’ve had some of the pleasant-selling health merchandise on line for over 10 years. We’re so confident you’ll love your new bmp object, that we lower back every product we manufacture with our stamp of excellence; a a hundred% lifetime guarantee. So we invite you to enroll in the black mountain family nowadays because we’d love to be your partner as you ‘attain your height overall performance!’

black mountain merchandise resistance band set (five bands blanketed)

black mountain products handled resistance band set is really the excellent band set available on the market. This exercising band set changed into designed to deliver a fitness center pleasant product to your property at an affordable fee. With assist from professional health teachers, our design group constructed the maximum durable resistance band set on the market. With exercises designed to goal biceps, triceps, chest, top/decrease back, abs/center, and legs, the exercising potential is limitless. Enhancing your health and overall well being from the comfort of your own home can now be a reality.

black mountain merchandise bands final longer as every band is synthetic the usage of our proprietary extruded blend of artificial and herbal rubber. Our method has expanded the consistency of resistance while prolonging the life of the band. We’ve got examined our proprietary rubber against different exercise bands available on the market and feature determined ours to be much extra durable, whilst maintaining desired tension at some point of the checking out method. We’re so assured in our band layout we provide a lifetime warranty on all our gadget.

  • comes with a transportable sporting bag, door anchor, and starter manual
  • dealt with resistance bands are perfect for organization exercise instructions
  • allows for changing resistance speedy with running shoes
  • bmp handled bands make use of our proprietary rubber combo to maximize product existence
  • all black mountain products come with a manufacturer’s lifetime assurance
  • blessings of workout with handled resistance bands

    single resistance bands are best for group class sporting events.

    create a higher depth exercise through stepping on the band with one or toes.

    effortlessly switch from exercising to exercise through quick grabbing a specific band for an extreme cardio workout.

    integrate status wall sits into your exercising for a deep muscle exercising.

    a way to go teach

    this set of 5 resistance bands can be used by anyone. This set of take care of exercise bands consists of: yellow (2-four . Lbs.), blue (four-6 lbs.), green (10-12 lbs.), black (15-20 lbs.) and purple (25-30 lbs.) each band measures 48 inches lengthy. Black mountain merchandise resistance bands are a excellent opportunity to unfastened weights or any workout gadget. With the capacity to combine them with our a stability ball, treated bands are best for any move education. A single dealt with band can be used in any workout growing an excellent opportunity for your exercising software!

    6 reviews for Black mountain merchandise resistance band set (5 bands protected)

    1. Johannus Climactus

      Initially, the set I received was flawed. The green band flat out snapped after approximately six weeks of moderate to light (perhaps a more accurate description) of use. Up until that point, I liked the band set, particularly because I had to travel overseas and obviously couldn’t bring a weight set with me to continue with my rehab. Up to then, the only drawback I’d noted was the bands’ tendency to pick up lots of dirt and dust from the floor when using exercises that requires a low base. Six weeks, of course, simply isn’t an acceptable life span, even for workout resistance bands. HOWEVER, I am compelled now to update my review.I must commend the manufacturer, Black Mountain Products, for their concern regarding quality control issues. When I contacted them and sent some pictures of the band flaws mentioned above, they were very shocked at the poor quality of the set I’d received and immediately sent me a new set of bands, even without my asking. The new band set was on my doorstep in two days time and, indeed, they are in noticeably better condition than the first set I received. Since the product was “fulfilled by Amazon,” I can only surmise that the problem was a warehouse issue with Amazon. Maybe this set sat in stock for too long and under unfavorable climate conditions. Who knows? Well, the set sent straight from Black Mountain Products is in great shape and I have continued using these bands for my rehab exercises.Read more

    2. msmithmis

      I bought this set from Amazon in 2014. It is now 2020 and after 6 years, I had the first band snap. I was standing on the red and black cables (holding two handles in each hand) and extending my arms to the ceiling. So this means the bands were stretched out over 16 feet. This was not a problem for 6 years, but if any exercise will snap a band it’s this one. I called black mountain support to find a replacement and they replaced the band for free with free shipping. I have had many different bands over the years and thought they were all the same, but only this black mountain product has lasted. All the rest dry out and snap in no time.One thing I want to mention is that this set has individual bands with individual attached handles on each. If you want to put multiple bands on the same handle to increase the weight, you need the other set from black mountain, the Stackable Resistance Band Set. Both are great, I just found that you can outgrow the weight on this set. On the blackmountainproducts website, you can get all sorts of accessories to go with this. I only purchase resistance bands from Black Mountain now. Other bands have some new features, but you just can never tell if the bands will be durable and I have learned to trust these ones. Getting hit by a snapped band is no joke, so trust the material above all else. That’s my advice.Read more

    3. J. Bernal

      I’ve gotten them replaced multiple times because they simply break, the elasticity isn’t made of a reliable material, they will snap on you during a workout. Depending on which workout you are performing at the time, you will get hit hard. I am done with this brandRead more

    4. Johnny Deep

      Decent quality durable bands, but after 5 years of intermittent use with the somewhat abrasive nylon fabric door anchor, the rubber has frayed and become weaker. One band even developed a tear. BMP – if you’re reading this, can I still get free replacements?4/15/2018 – update: I contacted BMP to complain about the fraying bands and they promptly sent me replacements for the damaged bands as well as a new door anchor, free of charge. I’ll give an extra 1/2 star for that. That’s what you call great customer service!Read more

    5. Lake

      I bought this set from Amazon in 2013. In January, I had the first band snap, the yellow one. I was standing on the band (holding two handles in each hand) and extending my arms to the ceiling. I reordered the set, as I figured it was time for new ones anyway, but the logo on the new set is completely different. The logo in the item’s photos is closer to my old set, and I’m not sure what to think. Maybe these aren’t authentic? In my photo, the green band is from my 2013 set, and the yellow band is the new set. These were the best, but now I’m feeling unsure…Edit, January 20, 2021: Black Mountain’s website shows the new logo, so they seem legit. So far, the new yellow band is holding up just fine.Read more

    6. Joshua A. Johnson

      We received our Black Mountain resistance band 5-piece set one month ago and we’re very impressed with the quality. These resistance bands have been a great addition to our workout routine. We use them 3-5 times per week and feel they do exactly what they are supposed to do. We have not had any issues. We highly recommend getting these resistance bands, and here are a few reasons why:1. They come well packaged, along with a booklet explaining about the bands and the resistance levels for each color.2. The quality. As often as we use these bands, poor quality would have been a deal breaker. These bands hold up and the handles are quite comfortable to use while working out.3. The price. The price was a big reason why we decided to look at these Black Mountain bands in the first place.4. The product has a lot of positive reviews, which gave us confidence that the bands were the right choice for us.5. There is a no breakage guarantee. This makes us feel safe that if something does happen, Black Mountain will stand behind the product (another person reviewed saying that his band broke and Black Mountain sent him a replacement right away, no questions asked).Give these bands a try, you will not be disappointed.Read more

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