Black mountain merchandise resistance band set with door anchor, ankle strap, exercising chart, and carrying case

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  • ensure this fits through getting into your model variety.
  • bands protected: yellow (2-four lbs.), blue (four-6 lbs.), inexperienced (10-12 lbs.), black (15-20 lbs.) and red (25-30 lbs.). All bands are 48 inches in duration
  • this stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to seventy five lbs
  • functions a metal clipping gadget on bands for attachment to gentle-grip handles or ankle straps
  • includes a door anchor, exercising chart, sporting bag, ankle strap and starter manual
  • all black mountain merchandise include a producer’s lifetime guarantee

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  • could anybody advise this product for senior citizens with arthritis?
  • query: would all people recommend this product for senior citizens with arthritis? Answer: surely – sporting events has been established to help humans with arthritis. By using . Associated-product-video on august 21, 2013 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (3) crumble all solutions

  • how lengthy are they?? We’ve an old gold’s gym home trainer that makes use of bands which can be 60″ long. Through the years they have got misplaced a number of their resistance.
  • query: how lengthy are they?? We’ve an old gold’s gym home trainer that makes use of bands which are 60″ lengthy. Over time they have got lost a number of their resistance. Answer: the band itself is forty” long, then on each stop there may be a sturdy fabric connector with a d-link clasp that is five 1/2″. That attaches to the manage, any other 6 half of” from give up of handle to give up of manage, you are looking at 64″ general. By jessica d clark on march 12, 2013 fall apart all solutions

  • how exactly to those connect to the door? Are they just folded and glued among the door and frame, or is there some type of attachment?
  • question: how precisely to those connect to the door? Are they simply folded and glued among the door and frame, or is there a few form of attachment? Solution: there is an attachment, truely a strong band of cloth with a loop, for the bands to undergo, and the cease has a thickened portion that may be located on the other side of a door frame whilst the door is opened, but will no longer slip thru while the door is closed. It acts like an anchor. By way of kevin schooler on march 1, 2014 failed to get answers. See extra solutions (2) crumble all answers

  • this or spri? (rate-clever this is a better deal. However is it a higher product?)
  • query: this or spri? (fee-smart this is a better deal. But is it a higher product?) answer: mine get used every day and i have yet to come across a hassle with them. It is a superb product. Through kevin m. On july 14, 2014 collapse all solutions

    7 reviews for Black mountain merchandise resistance band set with door anchor, ankle strap, exercising chart, and carrying case

    1. Bryan Stephen Batson

      Strictly the facts. The product was used 6 times over a five month period. The stitching failed as shown in the picture causing the metal ring to slingshot into my face. Deep laceration on the cheek bone, bruised eye ball and eye lid. Required immediate attention from emergency room doctor with dermabond, medication, and eye examination. It could have been much worse. I wouldn’t recommend using this product without the use of a helmet. Read more

    2. B. Desmond

      DO NOT PURCHASE. The Safety Instructions from Black Mountain clearly state “Do Not, under any circumstances, use resistance bands beyond 90 days.” These bands are a scam. A product with Lifetime Warranty that is only safe to use for 90 days? Black Mountain you should be ashamed of yourselves… and so should you Amazon for even marketing their product!!! In addition, the door anchor slipped out of my locked front door with all bands at full extension striking me in the back of the neck and sending me flying to the floor. Reason: the anchor wedge is too small to adequately anchor in all door jambs. I have since purchased the Bodylastic Bands with internal safety cord, larger/stronger metal rings and fasteners, and a much larger door anchor. They also do not limit the life of their bands for only 90 days. Read more

    3. Me

      I hope you get to read this review before you purchase. I bought this product because a friend of mine put me on it. Received it yesterday and decided to actually read the manual (glad i did!). On page 3 are the saftey instructions and direction 4 says, “Resistance bands are intended for 90 days of use. Do Not, under any circumstances, use resistance bands beyond 90 days.” -_- So when you read about some people having theirs break and stuff, I am sure it was after this 90 day period. So dont let the “lifetime warranty” or 60 day “no questions asked” warranty fool you because they mean nothing when the products lifetime is only 90 days. The reason I gave this product two stars is because im sure they’ll do their job for their “lifetime”. If you’re looking for a short term addition to your workout, these are perfect for you. Read more

    4. CL

      “Lifetime Warranty”, except that, according to their instructions, under no circumstances should this product be used more than 90 days. These seem like a good deal until one realizes one is risking life and limb, according to the manufacturer, short of replacing them every 3 months! (Or limb, eye, and serious bruising, in any case – look at some of the reviews here with pictures.) Beyond the absurdly short lifetime claimed by the manufacturer, their liability limitation page also insists on wearing safety glasses (mind you, prescription eyewear explicitly doesn’t count), and under no conceivable circumstance will they accept any liability for their product (seriously: the list of things they claim not to be responsible for is long, and includes many things I very much doubt would hold up in court). Read more

    5. Ian

      These are all based on a simple idea of using the elasticity of bands to provide resistance for a workout. They only needed to do one thing to improve this basic idea so that it could be safe to use at home. The resilience of the elastic bands. However, these are just off the shelf bands with no improvement. As a result, these bands easily rip and tear after a few months of use. The lifetime product warranty that they are talking about covers only the first 90 days of use because that’s how they define the product lifetime in the fine print. That’s the product you will be paying $30 for. Beware. Read more

    6. Jm

      I’m conflicted over this review, as I loved this product until this morning when I ended up at the hospital getting stitches in the back of my head after the Velcro strap ripped off, sending the d-ring and carabiner flying into my head at 100Mph. Great bands, just be very careful using the Velcro strap. Read more

    7. Robert

      UPDATE: I bought a second set as a gift and when I went to inform them of the problems with the leg strap, I noticed that the stitching was improved, almost like a seat belt stitching pattern, much better so keep that in mind when reading the rest of this review. With this update I raised my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Check the stitching on the leg strap before using it. Mine attaches the D ring to the strap with a single stitched piece of fabric that ripped right off during my first use with 20lbs. I advise the company to create a better leg strap because this can be dangerous under pressure. When my strap broke, the bands shot back and hit the wall with all the clips attached and ended up knocking paint off my wall and leaving a small dent. If your leg strap only has 1 row of stitching holding it down then don’t use it, it will rip. Safety issue aside, I am currently enjoying this kit. I bought this in the effort to lift from home without having to spend loads of money on dumbells. I use the door harness which as of right now, after 2 days of use seems secure. However I don’t think I will ever shake the feeling that any second part of my door could break and I’ll have parts flying at me. As I said, I said I bought this with the intention of replacing dumbells, it can be difficult to get a complete workout because you always have to find sturdy locations to anchor it, but I did notice that after workout I felt that i had worked muscles that dumbells alone would never hit. Resistance training feels like its more beneficial to take your time with your reps as the tension builds as you stretch the bands. In conclusion, I am happy with this as a inexpensive alternative to dumbbells and will continue using it, but watch out for that ankle strap. Read more

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