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  • make sure this suits
  • by using getting into your version range.
  • more than one bands – bands blanketed: yellow 2-4lbs, blue 4-6lbs, inexperienced 10-12lbs, black 15-20lbs, pink 25-30lbs, orange 35-40lbs and pink forty five-50lbs
  • use collectively – any band can be used collectively at one-time to create more than one levels of resistance
  • metallic clips – features metallic clipping system on bands for attaching to tender-grip handles or ankle straps
  • accessories – consists of door anchors, units of handles, ankle straps, sporting case and starter guide
  • guarantee – all black mountain merchandise resistance bands come with a manufacturer warranty

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from the manufacturer

black mountain merchandise is a proud family owned company who takes delight in their product fine, and is dedicated to offering you the quality buying experience in the industry. We have taken purchaser comments into consideration, then invested heavily in satisfactory manage and product development to constantly improve our product line to specifically fit you. Because of our dedication on your happiness, we have had a number of the high-quality-selling fitness products on-line for over 10 years. We’re so assured that you’ll love your new bmp object, that we lower back every product we manufacture with our stamp of excellence; a 100 consistent with cent lifetime assure. So we invite you to join the black mountain own family these days because we would love to be your companion as you. ‘reach your height overall performance!’

black mountain merchandise remaining stackable resistance band set

black mountain merchandise (b. M. P.) resistance bands are crafted from the best best rubber to make certain most life. This black mountain merchandise remaining set of resistance bands consists of seven stackable resistance bands, two units of handles, two door anchors, two ankle straps, one sporting bag and an workout guide. These bands are perfect for optimizing your workout. With the ability to mix any of the seven bands together to acquire more than one tiers of resistance, you may be able to beautify the effectiveness of each exercising comfortably.

with the added door anchor, handles, and ankle strap this set will allow you to get a complete frame workout at domestic and overseas because the sporting bag makes it easy to take the set with you anywhere. This is a great set for every body from a beginner to an expert in fitness. With our exceptional customer service and lifelong warranty, you will in no way have any problems maintaining your set of bands.

  • seven bands covered, 2 units of handles, 2 door anchors, 2 ankle straps.
  • bands may be stacked to create various degrees of resistance.
  • metallic carabiner clips make attaching bands rapid and easy.
  • compact and lightweight system allows you to without problems take the resistance bands everywhere.
  • whole full body exercise in a single device.
  • construct muscle faster with stacked bands.

    achieve a complete frame workout with the supplied door anchor and ankle strap.

    countless workout possibilities.

    create custom workouts from low or excessive repetition units.

    resistance bands on simpler on tendons and joints.

    enables improve neighboring muscle businesses.

    set inlcudes

    yellow (2-four lbs)

    blue (4-6 lbs)

    green (10-12 lbs)

    black (15-20 lbs)

    purple (25-35 lbs)

    orange (30-35 lbs)

    purple (forty-forty five lbs)

    handles (2) ankle strap (2)

    door anchor (2)

    product description

    black mountain merchandise (b. M. P. ) resistance bands are made from the highest pleasant rubber to ensure most existence. This black mountain merchandise final set of resistance bands includes seven stackable resistance bands, two units of handles, two door anchors, two ankle straps, carrying bag and exercise guide. This set of exercise bands optimizes the benefit of the usage of any single or more than one (1-7) bands at once to attain a couple of ranges of resistance. B. M. P. ‘s stackable set of exercising bands permit for a much wider variety of resistance then conventional resistance bands units. Any aggregate of bands may be used at one time, with out the hassles of getting multiple handles on every band. This increase in range and ease of use makes this set ideal for all people from novices and experts. Stackable bands permit you to achieve the best levels of resistance possible.

    4 reviews for Black mountain products – closing resistance band set with starter manual

    1. Anthony V.

      The manual says that you must wear safety glasses and throw the bands out after one year. See the photo I took of the manual. The product description leaves out these important details. In fact, there are multiple photos of people not using safety glasses in the product description.I assume this is because these bands do not have safety sleeves, like some other brands do.Read more

    2. Micheal Mathews

      I got these as a supplement to my free weight workouts and so that I could carry a workout with me when I travel. In that respect, they have been great!They seem to be very durable, I bought them 4 months ago and use them 3-4 times a week. The Carabiners are solid and all but one of them opens and closes very easily (I have one that sticks sometimes).The set comes with a decent little nylon bag, it’s nothing fancy but everything fits in it and it’s a nice addition for organizing your gear.The amount of resistance you get from these is dependant a couple of key aspects.The first is that the resistance is partially dependent on the distance you stretch them (with-in their safety limits) so if you are trying to use these with a bench for something like a bench press you’re probably going to be disappointed since you won’t be able to stretch them far enough to get good resistance. I’m 6’5″ (198cm) and on my standard free weight bench I can’t get a good stretch unless I go incline.This is the same for any kind of pull downs if you’re tall like me. Anchoring the set to a doorway doesn’t work for me since I’m so tall and my arms are so long. Even if I get on my knees I can’t get a decent stretch out of them.I need to anchor them to the ceiling and since I live in an apartment that’s a no-no. I plan to buy a power tower soon though so hopefully that will solve the problem.The second is that you’ll most likely need to stack the bands for big, compound movements. You can stack ALL of them on the handles if you want and that’s a decent amount of resistance if you can get far enough away from your anchor. I purchased the atomic green band to help get more resistance and when I stack them all together it’s very difficult to stretch them when I can get distance from the anchor point.If you are careful, have good form and are deliberate in your movements you can do some solid squats, curls and shrugs with these as well, it’s not as satisfying as moving a barbell or a couple of dumbbells but it’s a workout and when you can’t hit the gym it’s nice to have the option, especially for the price and the minimal weight.Where the set really shines for me is in workouts like Incline Fly’s, Incline Presses and crossover’s or any kind of cable style movements (when I have a good anchor).Because the resistance lets up as you go back down in a press movement, you don’t need to worry about the stress on your shoulders as much and you still get that natural movement you get with dumbbells. So you can really stack the resistance and not have to worry as much about getting hurt. Heavier load, less danger, I like it.There’s also a lot of stabilizing involved so it encourages you to maintain proper form throughout your movement, another plus.I haven’t figured out how to do a deadlift style movement or anything reasonable for calves which is unfortunate but for almost everything else they are a nice alternative when you need them.Again for bigger guys you’ll probably want to order a couple of the big green ones and maybe an extra purple. Also, keep in mind that you will need a solid anchor and a space that allows you some distance. If you don’t have those things you’ll probably be disappointed.A FEW TIPS (some I’ve already covered).If you anchor to a doorway, you need to be standing on the side of the door that opens away from you. That way the door is held in place by the entire frame instead of just the latch.If you don’t feel like the bands are hard enough, stack them, connect several of them together or buy some more big ones and stack those. If you still can’t get enough resistance move further from the anchor point to where the bands are just starting to stretch at the beginning of your movement.Don’t wrap your bands around anything sharp or abrasive and don’t stand on them with cleats or anything other than flat soled shoes (I workout barefoot, but I have flat feet). Even small tears in the bands might cause them to tear and snap in your face. I snapped a band from my uncles set (different brand) and on further inspection the whole band looked like he worked out on a cheese grater or something, concrete floors, un-sanded wood beams, etc. All can be rough on the soft rubber.The nylon on the ends is kind of abrasive so if you’re doing movements that will cause them to move across or press against your skin you might want to wear a long sleeve or a forearm guard since they can scratch a bit, they don’t really bother me anymore but they did at first.All in all, I really like the set and I’m glad I bought it. I’ve traveled with it a few times now and it was great to be able to get at least some kind of decent workout in.Definitely recommend them and this brand seems to be well built and durable.Read more

    3. Mark W

      I have used these for a couple of days now and I love them! Door anchors work great so far and I really like the quality of the bands. I am really glad I got the package that included the Orange 35-40lbs and Purple 45-50lbs bands for the added resistance. The fact that I can mix and match saves me a lot of money and is a real plus as I progress in workouts. Very easy to change. I thought I had hadn’t received one of the door anchors when I received the shipment (there are supposed to be 2) and when I emailed customer support someone got back to me right away. Turns out it just got mixed in with one of the other items that shipped and I didn’t see it but they were willing to help me in anyway.Note to first time users: Make sure if you are using the door anchors that you have the ‘anchor’ portion as close to the door as you can and there is minimal slack. Otherwise, you can scrape the paint a little on your door frame when you start using them. This is more of a user caution though as they work fantastic.I like them so much I am trying to figure out a way to “anchor” the bands to an unfinished basement doorway frame that puts minimal stress on the bands. I don’t want to use the door anchors as I like them for when I need to use them on a hotel door or other spots in the house. Bag it comes with is nothing spectacular but does the job and seems to fit everything I need it to.Read more

    4. ALDB

      Adding a two year update because, man, this set is still going strong. There’s minor wear from weekly use but no where near needing to replace anything. Most impressively, the bands aren’t yet worn where they fold through the door anchors–the first thing that went on my old bands. I think it’s a combination of smooth rubber of the bands and the wide, smooth fabric of the door anchors. I love using it so much that I received a few more accessories for it this holiday–the heaviest, neon band and the protective sleeve so I don’t need to keep finding my shoes to protect my feet. I also got a bionic bar–different company–to try. Very impressed with the quality and value of this set, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to swap the gym for an at-home workout.I’ve done resistance band workouts for a while, enough to wear out my old bands. This replaces them and more. I bought this set because it includes two heavy resistance bands, which makes it a bargin compared to buying a regular set and then buy those bands individually. With the extra two bands, I can do pull-downs with as much resistance as I need, and it saves having to double up bands for arm workouts.I originally thought having two sets of handles and door anchors was too much (and I still have the handles and anchor from my old set), but I do find it useful to have an extra pair to save time switching bands all workout long. The carabiner hooks can shift around in storage, and it takes extra fiddling to get them into position to change bands, compared to my old set where the clips were sewed into place. I find I have to prep everything ahead of time for a fast-paced workout, so having the extra handles and anchors helps. I do feel like I’m constantly fidgeting with things now, though it’s getting better as I get more used to getting clips moved around and knowing which bands I’m going to need next. [2 year update: the fabric’s all broken in and slides right into place. I’d forgotten I used to have so much trouble with it.]The handles have some room to slide. I like this, as it makes it easier to do hammer curls and tricep extensions. I actually wished they slid easier (my old pair of handles have a much thinner nylon strip so they slide easily), but I know some people don’t like them to slide at all, so I think this makes for a good compromise between the two extremes. The door anchors work well. It feels like there is a rubber donut sewed into the end. Compress it, and it slides through the crack in the door and then pops back open to lock in place when the door is shut. I have not used the ankle straps yet. [2 year update: again, the nylon fabric’s softened over time so it’s easier to slide the handles into the position that I want. There’s no sign of wear on the handles. There’s some wear from the door squeezing the anchors but no where near worn out. I’ve used the ankle straps and they are comfortable.]It has taken me some time to adjust to all the band sizes and possible configurations. I will never understand why companies “color code” things but make the colors completely random, so I have to keep a sheet with all the colors and resistances written down next to them. The weight estimates seem fairly accurate–when I grab a band based on its resistance range, it seems pretty comparable to doing the same move with a free weight.The bag holds all the gear with room to add a jump rope. I love that can now carry equipment for an entire cardio and strength workout in one bag. That said, it’s a big bag. It resembles a large college text book in size. My scale says it weighs around 3.5 lbs altogether. Alas, if you are looking for something to put in your carry-on while you travel, this isn’t it, unless you pack really light or just bring the bands you’ll need. It does fit in the bottom of my jogging stroller, so I can get a workout in at the park while the kids play.I have only used this for a couple of weeks, so I cannot vouch for how it holds up long-term, but I do not notice anything that would make me think it won’t last.April 2019 Update: Five years and counting and still going strong. The nylon webbing on my purple and orange band had some minor fraying so I called the company and they sent out two free replacements absolutely no hassel. I am so impressed.)Read more

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