Body champ bcb5860 olympic weight bench with preacher curl, leg developer and crunch manage, dark grey/black

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  • make certain this suits with the aid of coming into your model range.
  • made in your health dreams: this multi-characteristic, heavy-duty 2. Five-inch square tube olympic weight bench comes with added attachments and accessories for whole workout circuits
  • better protection and comfort: the u-formed the front-leg stabilizer affords protection and stability at some stage in the workout. The racks have safety hooks on catches and a safe-grip characteristic to prevent your palms from getting pinched while re-racking
  • 7-role adjustable backrest: this bench press has customizable capabilities for ergonomic and superior schooling positions, which includes an adjustable complete-motion leg extension/leg lifts developer and an arm curl bar with adjustable foam rollers
  • attachments included: add-ons consist of the plate adapter, spring clip for leg developer, preacher curl pad, arm curl bar, and ab crunch with foam grip handles attachment. All are covered with the set; no need to shop for one at a time
  • compatibility: this workout bench is well matched with most 6- and 7-foot weight sets. The period between collars of the bar you intend to apply with this bench ought to be more than 38. Five”

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weight restriction:

most weight limit is 300 lbs. For weight set; three hundred lbs. For person weight

frame champ olympic weight bench bcb5860

this heavy-duty 2. Five-inch square tube olympic bench is built for the surely severe lifter. Delivered attachments to this set are the excessive-density padding preacher curl and crunch deal with so as to perform ab crunches for a notable center workout. The bench racks are built for both the 7′ or eight’ olympic bars.. The ‘u’-fashioned front leg stabilizer offers you an introduced safety and balance all through the exercise.

  • the adjustable weight racks can accommodate double responsibility as a bench press upright and adjustable squat rack
  • 7-function adjustable backrest with adjustable dual-movement leg developer
  • the racks have protection hooks, as well as, the ‘no pinch’ feature
  • the leg developer has oversized foam pads for safety and comfort and an olympic adapter allows you to apply either trendy or olympic plates
  • adjustable twin-action leg developer: with adjustable foam rollers for leg curl/leg extension.

    weight holder pegs with spring collar.

    7-position adjustable backrest: multiple decline/flat/incline/military positions for versatility in a single gadget.

    ab crunch with foam grip handles: attachment included.

    product description

    this heavy-obligation 2. Five-inch rectangular tube bench press rack is built for the certainly extreme lifter. This is not your common device or adjustable weight bench! Brought attachments to this weight bench set are the excessive-density padding, preacher curl, and crunch take care of as a way to carry out ab crunches for a awesome middle workout. The bench racks are built for either 7- or 8-foot olympic weight sets. The adjustable weight racks can work double responsibility as a bench press upright and adjustable squat rack. The racks have safety hooks in conjunction with the “no pinch” characteristic. The u-shaped front-leg stabilizer offers you brought safety and balance in the course of your exercising. The excessive-density foam backrest may be put within the flat position in addition to a couple of decline and incline positions. The leg developer has outsized foam pads for protection and luxury, and an adapter permits you to use both standard or olympic weight plates. The most weight limit is 300 lbs. Our merchandise include a clear guidance manual, and merchandise may be built in just a few minutes. Take hold of your preferred weight units, and get ready to apply our favorite exercising benches from domestic. Body flex sports is a non-public, own family-owned organisation set up in 1996. We’re dedicated to growing a fitness center-level health experience that makes it clean and less expensive to take your health to the next level. We make gym equipment you could always rely on. We make a factor of the usage of top rate-great materials, modern day production tactics, and strict satisfactory manipulate. We pleasure the health and nicely-being of body flex at the health and well-being of your body. Our ultimate purpose is to bring real blessings and wholesome effects to the strength, stamina, and soundness of your fitness. We measure our fulfillment in line with this cause and try to gain it via our crew of excellent workers, sizable studies, and improvement strategies. Whilst you need a gymnasium-great exercise at domestic, select frame flex sports activities.

    5 reviews for Body champ bcb5860 olympic weight bench with preacher curl, leg developer and crunch manage, dark grey/black

    1. ABC

      Just got the bench today. See pics. So, from the time I cut the straps on the box to complete finish it took me 2hrs exactly. I used, 1 17mm socket, 1 17mm wrench, 1 14mm wrench and 1 13mm wrench. There was 2 bolts missing and 2 extra, but I happen to have the exact size bolts that was missing in the package. A 6ft bar does fit perfect, and I have 1″ hole plates. I did load 3 50lb plates on front, leg extension peg for total of 150lbs. Could of held more I’d say. The bench, on my 6ft bar I loaded 6 50lb plates, plus my bar weighs 17lbs for a total of 317lbs, again, could of held more I’d say. And see pics. Read more

    2. Michael J. McKenzie

      I’ve been wanting to assemble a home gym in my home for some time now. Let’s face it, we all need to work out more. And I don’t want a device that’s just going to hold laundry (you know what I’m talking about). I’m going to admit, I’m a newcomer when it relates to a workout routine. But I know I need something versatile and that can workout every body group. So what did I want? I needed something easy to use and had multiple ways to work out my body. Let’s get right to it! Assembly was fairly easy. The “multi tool” that comes with the bench are a bit of a joke. I’m sure one could assemble this with these tools but it would be a pain in the glutes. I used my own tools and was able to fully assemble the bench in about an hour or so. Construction was solid and secure and the instructions were fairly easy to read. I’ve been using this set for about three weeks and I’m already seeing results. I use the bench press to work out my chest. If I need to work out different parts of my chest, adjusting the seat and the height of the weights is very easy. CAUTION: there are a pair of silver safety guards that help prevent the weights from accidentally being lifted out. Make sure to disengage these latches before you start your routine. There’s also a pad that helps you work out your biceps from the weights at the foot of the bench. Again, adjusting the height is easy and quick. The weight rod can hold about 8 standard weights for you to use. It also comes with an Olympic buffer for larger size weights. How many can that hold? I’m not sure, because I’m using standard weights. When I graduate to Olympic size I’ll update this review. I also stand and use a rowing motion to workout my triceps, shoulders, and upper back. The handles are very mobile so it’s easy transition from one set to the next. Also at the foot of the bench are two sets of padded fittings to work out your legs. Simply sit at the end of the bench and place your feet on the lower pads and you can work out your quadriceps, the muscles on your thighs. Lay on your belly and place the back of your feet on the higher pads and you can work out your hamstrings. This machine will work all your “beach body” muscles. It’s not a total workout system, but for the price, you really can’t beat the overall quality and results (AS LONG AS YOU WORK OUT!!). The only thing this doesn’t come with is a set of instructional guides that show you how to use each component. I know I’m doing something right because I’m seeing results, but is there something I could be doing better? Are there more ways to use the machine? I don’t know. For the quality I give this set 4 stars, but if it had those instructions, i would have given it 5 stars. Read more

    3. VGore

      Very good product. I was a little afraid of it being not so good in terms of material and workmanship, but I was proved wrong. Some folks complained about assembly instructions but they are very easy. With a little help from my son (which I didn’t really need), I was able to assemble the bench in a little less than two hours. The parts were all there and they fit very well too so no issues in assembling. The tools provided are clearly not going to work so you do need a couple of tools (spanners only) and I have included pictures. The only reason I give 4 stars is because there’s not enough spacing between the different parts. For example, if you are doing leg lifts, you may have to remove another part to have the right amount of room. You certainly need a 6 foot bar for bench press. You need about 8’x8′ space in order to have enough room to use this bench. Read more

    4. Matt

      Good machine overall, and I like it. It is solid built, especially for the price. It has set of minor issues that are not showstoppers, but they cause some annoyance. Assembly: + Not much complicated – Tools included are garbage. You can assemble it with the tools provided, but you will be much better with set of socket wrenches and adjustable wrench. Preacher curl + Does its job. – It is attached with the knob, and every time you take it off to do legs, you have to screw/unscrew it. Pull-out pin would fit much better. (hack: I’m using pin from arm curl bar) Arm Curl Bar + Easy to reach – Grips are not rotating. When you pull up your hands your wrists rotate slightly. Now the handles are covered in rubber foam, and do not rotate at all. This is sure way to give you blisters. Gloves help a bit though. Leg part + Does its job + Has adapter for olympic weights – (front facing) Arm Curl Bar. I’m a big guy, and when I straighten my legs fully, handles are hitting my knees. So instead of fixating arm curl bar with the pin as it should be, I’m pushing it all the way out. Bench + Nice, sturdy. – When you put bar on bar catch, it is blocking adjustment of backrest. You can’t simply pull it up, you need to at least lift bar a bit. Overall I’m satisfied. I use it daily, and it does its job just fine. But I plan to do at least few upgrades to it very soon. Read more

    5. Scooter

      To answer all the important questions: YES, it can go 90 degrees for military position. NO, you can not do squats on this (unless you are under 5 feet tall, in which case you would legally be a midget) YES, it is sturdy. YES, it is comfortable (especially for tall people) Here are some of the exercises you can do on this baby: * Bench Press * Seated Overhead Press * Incline Press * Preacher Curls * Leg Extensions * Seated Cable Rows * Hamstring curls * Situps (various degrees of incline) BEFORE YOU BUY IT, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TWO BIG ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES (or you will murder your hands) Cons: If you fail your repetition on the bench press and you don’t have a spotter, you will literally die. Read more

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