Body champ strength rack machine adjustable squat rack weight and bar holder for domestic fitness system with built in floor anchors balance

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  • ensure this suits by means of entering your version wide variety.
  • cozy garage: you can with ease save plates, weights, and bars with this sleek, compact power rack gadget. Your property gym can appearance organized, and well saved equipment prevents injuries and injuries
  • increase different device: pair this multi-use rack with a bench, weight units, resistance bands, and different accessories (bought one at a time). This rack will allow you to effectively and securely bench-press, squat, and more
  • pull-up abilities: our strength frame can keep as much as 300 lbs. You can easily use the connecting bar for pull-ups, striking leg raises, extensions, and more. You don’t need 1,000,000 portions of system attachments to get strong and live suit at domestic
  • stable base frame design: our energy rack device comes with four ground anchors and four rubberized ft to keep you secure at some stage in your workout. Whether you are hanging from the pull-up bar or resting among bench-press sets, you may stay relaxed
  • customise your exercise: our simple electricity rack body offers you the entirety you want to absolutely personalize your at-domestic fitness habitual. From resistance schooling to weightlifting to frame-weight sporting activities, body champ has got you covered

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in case you’re searching out a convenient, secure way to shop your exercise system and get greater out of your workouts, then look no similarly. Our strength rack device has the entirety you want. With 2 olympic plate weight holders and a couple of pairs of smooth-adjust, tiered peg-hook catches, you could easily store plates and bars whilst resting and among workout classes. There are 12 adjustable function settings, so you can without difficulty find a relaxed suit for you. Past organized storage skills, our strength rack let you maximize your at-domestic workout routines simply. We take protection seriously, and squats and presses are more secure than ever when you have the assist and security of our securing hooks. This facilitates to prevent damage and fallen weights so that you can preserve your frame and your floors secure. Other racks may be flimsy and volatile, however our station uses rubberized legs to live in location, and we’ve got furnished four floor-anchor holes so you can mount the frame easily. This rack can be used on its own for pull-united states of americaor placing leg increases and extensions, or you may pair it along with your different exercising equipment for a complete-frame exercise. Without difficulty build your resistance schooling whilst you add bands, revel in secure bench-presses while you rig it with a reclined or flat bench, or regularly add heavy weights on your olympic barbell so you can max out your lifting habitual. The most critical a part of any exercising gadget is being capable of use it the manner that you need it, and that’s exactly what our electricity rack stand offers. Primarily based in california, u. S., with over 50 years of gymnasium gadget revel in, we are committed to creating first-rate, available health equipment that gives our clients super cost. So what are you looking ahead to? It’s time to get to paintings with frame champ’s launch bench set.

8 reviews for Body champ strength rack machine adjustable squat rack weight and bar holder for domestic fitness system with built in floor anchors balance

  1. Chris

    I recently returned this item for a safety concern and issue. While benchpressing, and trying to rack the weight, one of the safety pegs came out. I also inspected the pegs and the welds aren’t that great. I then realized this rack is really not meant for heavy weights. Especially nothing around the 275-300lb range. The frame itself isn’t bad, it’s just the safety pegs. I bought two new pegs, however they both didn’t fit. You’ll need to find something that can fit 1inch holes, and 2.5inch by 1.5inch steel. I do recommend this Power Rack for use with suspension, resistance bands, and body weight training more than anything. It’s great for that purpose ( I purchased for weight lifting ). Also the width of the cage is on the narrow side. Both of my elbows can touch the support beams. In the end this cage is good for what it can be used for, but don’t expect to lift heavy weights and be safe while doing it. Especially if you are lifting alone. It’s for lighter use. If you can find better safety pegs, buy them! It’ll make this rack so much better. Awesome pull-up bar and perfect for small areas. I hope this helps. Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    The clips on this is a safety hazard if you are planning to use a barbell with it. They fall off if you aren’t SUPER GENTLE WHEN YOU rerack your barbell. I had to buy wrist wraps to wrap the clips around the squat rack because I almost hurt myself from one of the clips nearly falling off. Also if you have a bar with knurling it will be ruined because the paint on the clips and the squat rack will deteriorate when you rerack your barbell and it will slowly ruin the knurling on the barbell. For the price this squat rack is alright but if I could go back I would go pay an extra 300$ for a solid and sturdy squat rack. Read more

  3. Raknox

    Design of the rack, and quality and fit of the materials are excellent. All the metal pieces were in perfect condition and beautifully finished. The nuts, bolts, and washers were all on one vacuum-packed card, numbered and identified – almost no chance of being the wrong amount, scattered or lost. The instructions are very clear, well-illustrated and sensibly written in good English. No tools are supplied, understandably at this price. You’ll need two wrenches capable of working on 17mm (metric) hex head hardware. Ideal would be one ratcheting 17mm socket wrench and a combination (box end + open end) 17mm wrench, both with about 8″ handles. That’s what I used and it went together easily. At minimum you might get by with a 6″ adjustable wrench and some long-handled pliers, though it will be hard to get enough final torque on the bolts. I’m not recommending that… just sayin’. I use it only for pull-ups and find it very stable even on cushioned indoor wall-to-wall carpet with protective throw rugs as well. And I purposely assembled it with the floor mounting ears “inside” rather than “outside” as recommended, which reduces the footprint slightly at the cost of a little stability. My order was fulfilled by Amazon; delivered in a few days with only one through-hole torn in the box. No shipping damage to the parts and no factory defects. I read many reviews of the $90 units before settling on this one for $140, and I’m glad I moved up. Many folks with the cheapo units report hardware loose in the box and lost during shipment, parts damaged or defective, already rusting (!) etc. Also, those units typically have two-piece side bars whereas this has solid, one-piece struts. This rack may look like the others but it is far superior. For pull-ups I don’t think you can do better; only note that several other reviewers here find it wanting for heavy lifting. And this isn’t a premium price; it’s actually low for a good rack and very reasonable for what you get. A quality product from China… Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a solid peice of equipment if you are a home gym person. I am 246lbs and 5’9″ I can comfortably do pull ups and bench press on this rack without any worry of it breaking or falling. I’ve benched up to 200lbs on it safely. I’m very satisfied with the quality and durability. I haven’t done squats on it yet but I’d advise using the supplied anchor points if you plan on any heavy squats. Read more

  5. Samuel

    I like it so far, but the little bars that hold the barbell are kind of annoying. They have a huge lip on them that you have to be able to lift the bar over. Kind of annoying for squats. I also feel like the safety catch bars are kind of useless. They only extend out about 10 inches or so, and they wouldn’t really do much to protect you during bench press because of how low they are. Overall the rack is pretty stable and good looking, especially for the price. I put it together by myself in about an hour, but it would have been easier if I had a helper. Read more

  6. Ilya Tokhner

    great quality for the price. very sturdy. assembly took 2 people though, and a bit of sweat. Read more

  7. QD

    I really like this rack. It does what I need it too. I have it setup in my garage and it doesn’t take up too much space. I am able to do pull ups on it, but I wouldn’t do anything more hardcore. The only downfall I have with it is the pegs in the back only hold 2″ diameter weights and my weights are 1″. I wish there was a interchangeable feature to where you could rack either size weight. The pegs that hold your barbell and sturdy and I have no problem adjusting the height with them. Read more

  8. Bethany Resendez

    Nice and sturdy. Very great squat rack Read more

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