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  • the unique and actual bodyblade created via bodily therapist bruce hymanson.
  • smooth and variable resistive exercise. Mechanically adjusts to the health level of the consumer. Challenges each most important muscle institution.
  • lightweight and portable – travels everywhere. Weight: 2. 6 lbs duration: five toes.
  • a sophisticated overall performance education and conditioning device; 10 minutes a day for an entire electricity workout. Additional resistance for energy training but suitable for all adults.
  • consists of: bodyblade pro (1-34 pounds of resistance), wonderful 6 / electricity 10 dvd and exercising wall chart
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from the manufacturer

the bodyblade method is a a laugh, efficient, and notably effective shape of exercising and schooling

benefits consist of:

  • elevated universal power, balance, and coordination
  • stepped forward posture, balance, and flexibility
  • expanded cardiovascular fitness
  • advanced joint protection
  • more potent, greater reactive core
  • increased muscle patience
  • lean toned body in a fragment of the time of a conventional workout
  • the bodyblade technique

    the bodyblade approach consists of the bodyblade exercise techniques and products advanced through bodily therapist bruce hymanson to activate the center and extremities to provide a platform for rehabilitation, sport performance training, health enhancement and personal education. The end result is advanced characteristic, posture, balanced movement, and muscle definition for any person. No different schooling device can offer the equal first-class core balance physical games, shoulder and pelvic stabilization, and universal training advantages as the bodyblade.

  • utilized by all and sundry from rehabilitation patients to world-elegance athletes
  • a fun, efficient, and exceedingly effective 0-impact education approach
  • stimulates your thoughts and frame for expanded strength, balance, and coordination
  • robotically adjusts to the proper wishes and potential of each consumer
  • bodyblade robotically adjusts to your specific needs and contracts muscle mass 4. 5 instances per second.

    more flex = greater resistance

  • the harder you push and pull on the blade, the greater the arc or flex inside the blade, which requires greater pressure output from you to neutralize the velocity and movement of the blade
  • you have to start, forestall and trade guidelines of your own body even as controlling your mass 270 instances according to minute
  • how bodyblade works

    the important thing to bodyblade is the fast contraction generation (rct) which mechanically contracts your muscle mass up to 270 times consistent with minute. With over 600 muscular tissues for your body, bodyblade mechanically contracts the right muscle tissues on the right time each moment you’re exercise for a fast, powerful, and precise exercise. The tougher you force the bodyblade back and forth (flex intensity), the more the flex in the blade and the extra resistance you obtain resulting in a robust, reactive and stable body. The flex depth in 100% managed by the user.

  • your body will become the machine and the bodyblade turns into your workout partner
  • this first rate equalizer automatically adjusts to every one folks; the same blade in the fingers of distinct humans will produce a workout perfectly matched to the person’s size, energy, and muscle endurance
  • bodyblade trains movement via more than one muscle companies and patterns in place of isolating one muscle in one unmarried plane
  • bodyblade strengthens muscle groups in the course of the frame by way of varying the positions of the blade relative to the frame or changing frame position at the same time as using the blade
  • bodyblade seasoned
  • splendid 6 / power 10 dvd
  • exercise wall chart
  • weight: 2. 6 lbs period: 5 toes.

    1-34 pounds of resistance.

    utilized by seniors to world magnificence athletes, the bodyblade pro grants additional resistance for strength and energy training further to physical therapy and rehab needs.

    demanding situations each essential muscle organization; 10 minutes an afternoon for a complete electricity exercising.


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    7 reviews for Bodyblade seasoned package

    1. Howard

      I have used the Classic (48′ Bodyblade) for 20 years. The workout I get using the Pro (60″ model) s dramatically better. In the month that I have had the Pro, my entire body has strengthened. While my goal is fitness, my muscles have grown. I recommend the Bodyblade to anyone that wants one simple piece of equipment, that exercises your entire body. I use the Pro, walking (exercising both the upper body with the lower body simultaneously). I walk with the Pro for approximately 1+ miles daily, continually using the Body Blade with 11 separate routines for 20+ minutes without stopping. Once I complete the 11 routines, I repeat the 11 routines. Great piece of fitness equipment. Read more

    2. Scott Smith

      Former weight lifter with two bad shoulders, I was first introduced to this product by a yoga rehabilitation specialist and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this product would be helpful to me. Keep in mind it’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to exercise my arms AT ALL, 6 days with this product and my muscle memory is kicking in and I have biceps again! STRONGLY recommend only wish I’d known about it sooner. Read more

    3. Glenn

      This blade is phenomenal. One of my key pieces of gear for daily maintenance of the muscles in and around my shoulder and upper back. After multiple surgeries to graft and repair nerves in my brachial plexus this blade has been a great addition to my recovery and maintenance efforts. You are not going to get a rock hard core, it’s not a gimmick item. It’s a serious piece of gear for physical therapy and motor control of the shoulders, chest and upper back. I love it. Read more

    4. Carol from CT

      I bought the Body Blade because they had me using one in physical therapy after shoulder surgery and I really liked it. I decided it would be good for me to have my own at home so I could continue my therapy on days I didn’t have to be at PT and for once PT was over. The body blade has really helped me and even my husband started using it when he saw all of the benefits of the different exercises that can be done using it. It was well worth the money. Read more

    5. Doreen

      The bodyblade is alright. It’s not terrible but it’s nothing spectacular either. I bought this because I was having rotator cuff problems. This helped a little but I found doing isolated eccentric rotator cuff exercises with a weight and resistance bands much more helpful. Would I recommend it to a friend or family member? In short no, unless they cut the price in half. Very pricey for what it is. Read more

    6. waterdog

      Use the body blade for shoulder therapy and it works great. Even love to use it for triceps work outs as well. The DVD that came with it (and part of the high cost) was too warped to paly in DVD player so had to send the entire kit; blade, poster, DVD, to get DVD replaced. Same issue with the 2nd DVD. It looks like the way the blade/DVD are packaged, the edge of the blade lies on across the DVD and over time in storage/shipping, etc… the blade bends the DVD. The Blade itself: They promote the body blade as an overall body work out piece of equipment. I think that’s a bit of a stretch. The blade does not really engage your legs or abs to maintain stability. Yes doing squats or sit ups with the body blade does, but so does doing them without it. It is used in my physical therapy location for shoulder exercises and does an excellent job of firing the muscles stabilizing your rotator cuff. Also does a good job with getting your triceps to burn, more than any other exercise I’ve tried. The bicep exercises did not do much for me. Bottom line: If your looking for a total body workout from this, It’s a reach and would not get it. I bought it specifically for shoulder PT exercises my physical therapist, and shoulder guru, had me doing. For this I would recommend it (and triceps exercises) but look to see if there’s anything cheaper than this first. Read more

    7. Harlan Kanoa Sheppard

      I’ve struggled with an injury from a cervical whiplash. For a long time. I’ve been in and out of physical therapy, had an anesthesiologist stab me in the spine with needles a bunch of times and taken enough pills that they could be piled high on a dinner plate. Mmmm. Painkillers and NSAIDs. It’s what’s for dinner. To understand not what this does by why it has worked for me, it takes a little bit of examining what it does. This is a flexible flat bar. You cause it to oscillate by inputting energy into it, causing it to wiggle around (like that Shake Weight thing, but with less lewd gestures). The amount of effort that you put in is directly proportional to how much of a workout you get. If you stop wiggling it around, there’s not much of a penalty to it. Why is this important to me? One unfortunate side effect of an injury to the neck is that one or both of your hands might spontaneously rebel against you during the day. This is tragic if you’re in a laboratory, carrying some glassware or a thousand dollar microscope at the time. This is outright dangerous if you are trying to lift weights or anything where you’re investing lots of energy into a system. If you’re holding on to a rubber band under tension, it could snap out of your hand. If you’re holding those weights? They could drop on you. The beauty of this is its simplicity and its scalability. I mean sure, you could accidentally whack someone with one of the ends of break a pane glass window if you lost control, but it’s considerably less dangerous than other things I’ve tried. If you start to get weak, there’s no penalty for it. If you start to get tired, it’ll wiggle less and it’s more difficult to overdo it. I’ve been told by nice people whose names end in M.D. that I’ll deal with pain for the rest of my days. It’s much more tolerable if you can maintain some semblance of the strength and ability that your body once had. For me, the Bodyblade has been a wonderful step in the right direction. Added bonus, I found this in my Physical Therapists office. It had survived use in a commercial setting for or four years and still looked like brand new. I’m pretty sure it’ll last a lifetime. Read more

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