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  • ensure this fits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • 42 inch lengthy and weighs 60lbs while completely filled with water
  • two soft grip handles, two stop cap handles, and one long targeted cope with and give up cap grips allow for a extensive variety of motion
  • hydro-inertia is the usage of water to create an volatile resistance that increases core strength and stability at some stage in exercising. Trains stabilizer muscles, terrific for injury rehab, and visual feedback on shape/positioning
  • made in u. S. A., 1 12 months confined assurance, guaranteed now not to leak or we’re going to replace your product
  • weight is adjustable based totally on how a great deal water is in the hurricane. Max ability is 60lbs of water.
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from the manufacturer

bosu surge

think about a slosh pipe blended with a strongman log and you’ve got the bosu surge. The surge uses hydro-inertia to create risky resistance that will increase center electricity and builds stabilizer muscle tissues. The surge gives a completely unique mission via attractive muscle tissues at some stage in the body as it works to face up to and control the unpredictable nature of the moving water inner. The performance of hydro schooling resistance mimics real-existence conditions some distance higher than static weights together with dumbbells or kettlebells. The surge is an critical tool for included useful training, electricity schooling, and center schooling, and may be utilized by anybody from elite athletes to amateur health enthusiasts.

the surge is available in 2 sizes and is absolutely adaptable to anyone’s fitness level by way of simply including or doing away with water to reach the desired weight. Surge 60 weighs 60 kilos whilst the surge 40 weighs 40 kilos whilst fully packed with water.

train with water

the bosu surge can definitely target all muscle agencies: shoulders, back, middle, hands, glutes, and legs. The volatile water-resistance of the surge will get the whole frame ready for any take a look at of health or truely stronger to carry out day by day tasks.

the bosu surge provides a dynamic weight that actions with you. Tough your muscle mass unlike every other piece of system.

the bosu surge is right for incorporated practical training, power education, and core training, and may be used by every body from elite athletes to beginner health enthusiasts. The 2 sizes, surge forty and surge 60, are absolutely adjustable with the aid of virtually adding or doing away with water to reach the favored weight.

simply upload water

fill your bosu surge with as much as 40 or 60 lbs of water relying on which length of product you own.

3 unique grip options deliver the bosu surge the versatility demanded in modern-day performance schooling.

use the hammer grip for overhead lunges, turkish get ups, dead lifts, bicep curls, upper cuts, battering rams and bent over rows.

the lengthy bar is best for farmer walks, overhead lunges, ahead lunge suitcase rows and the front squats.

snatch the gentle quit grips for overhead lunges, lateral body push-pull physical activities, overhead seize, huge carry dead carry, diagonal lunges and break up stance rows.

the closing domestic gym

use the bosu surge as part of your property gymnasium. The three grip options and adjustable weight make the bosu surge the correct addition for small areas and domestic gyms.




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8 reviews for Bosu surge 60

  1. Katie Randolph

    I bought this Surge Storm 60 for my 17yo fitness-conscious athlete son because he no longer has access to the weight room at school or our family gym membership in these days of the 2020 pandemic. He is desperate to keep lifting and training in the hopes that his high school athletic career isn’t over; even if it is, he is looking ahead to triathlons and hopefully an Iron Man along with other recreational sports and adventures. I really wasn’t sure about it, thinking it could either be a godsend or a huge waste of money. But given that we neither have the room nor the budget for a home gym and full set of weights, I finally ordered it. Well, I’m thrilled to report that it has turned out to be a godsend and a huge hit with my son. That said, it definitely took some getting used to, with the water sloshing around and making it a bit awkward and unstable. Having read other reviews, we expected that and my son tried to be patient as he adapted to it. And now he loves it. He reports that while it’s not as heavy as he would like or use at the gym, the instability has increased the difficulty of his workouts and provided extra work for various muscle groups, especially muscles in his core. And he loves the versatility and different grips that allow him to do a lot with it. While he’s hoping to add some other pieces (he’s getting a dumbbell set for his birthday—shhh, don’t tell!), for right now this and his multi-function pull-up bar—along with various cardio—are helping him maintain strength and fitness. All in all, a great item and value and one I highly recommend! Read more

  2. Joe

    Per the item description: “Hydro-inertia is the utilization of water to create an unstable resistance that increases core strength and stability during exercise. Trains stabilizer muscles, great for injury rehab, and visual feedback on form/positioning.” So you see, it’s not intended to be a static weight. I haven’t been using it long, but I can tell you the potential here is massive. No, it’s not going to replace your barbell and weights, nor is it meant to. But I think it’s a great option to have if you want to diversify your workout. I guess it’s just up to personal preference, but I like the fact that it’s forcing me to stabilize a constantly shifting load. It’s also just FUN to use. And it looks cool. It’s too bad they don’t make 80 lb & 100 lb options! Read more

  3. Ricardo Bridges

    Ok I’m gonna say as a beginner once again from Weight Lifting to get back in shape this thing is amazing how ever it has down falls just like any product but for sale price of $130 from $200 u work with wht u get this wht I noticed the water to fill up 60lbs took almost more then 30mins also as lift water shifts from one area to another working diffrent parts of muscles u can feel it as u lifting in curls here are my down side matter wht it will leak small drops at time even if tighen correctly it normal just make sure to tighten as mumuch possible 2.the amount time to fill with water is time consuming took me about 30-mins-45mins to fill 60lbs 3. as u add more weight it causes the handles to move a bit becoming loose 4.almost lost cap becarefull it’s attached to box so make sure to check packaging carefully 5. The black ones are very difficult to tell wht is the weight with water when the lighter color ones are easier to tell wht quantity of water it has and weight maybe thts y they cost more 6.if not out the right quantity tthe weight of water will shift from one side to the other so wht I just did was fill it all the way then u can feel the difference in weight and balance not as much shifting during exercise 7.of not care full while tighing screw u can stripped the screw as ur turning it so becarefull 8.if not put the right certain quantity u’ll find it doing some sort of Gyro motion around u’ll feel it as u progress during diffrent Exercise over all $130 i highly recommend especially for beginners saves money from going to gym and easy to store way keep away from heated areas tht possibly tht the water inside Surge will evaporate it’s possibility Read more

  4. Iron Will

    I’m always looking for ways to invigorate my exercise program and the SURGE STORM 60 is a welcome addition to my equipment arsenal. It’s super for emphasizing the importance of core strength and stability (if you have any weakness in these areas they will be exposed!) The build quality seems solid and the design is very cool. Working out with the Surge Storm 60 has been tough – but FUN! Having so much fun with it, I’ll be looking to add some more from the Surge product line to my inventory. Read more


    I must admit that this is perhaps one of the more ingeniously simple devices for small flats. The stand-up position works just as well for a quick breakfast top then immediate workout starts. The flow of this water inside the device needs to be kept more at 80% to allow full-body adaptation to the immense weight shift in the exercises. I can do this at 4am with people living below me and have no complaints. Consider the wall chart exercise… they are actually killer exercises when I was dismissive at the beginning. In fact, all kinds of workout flows can create new oddly engaging exercise. Will admit using it as a paint easel at times with clamps… its just so sturdy. Read more

  6. Robert M.

    Great Product for the Home Gym Read more

  7. Kevin Crowley

    Very awkward trying to do curls with water sloshing around inside. Do not buy. Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    great product! use it all the time!! Read more

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