Cando 30-1800 blue non-slip % vinyl inflatable workout ball, 12″ diameter, 300 lbs weight capability

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  • cando inflatable workout balls make exercise a laugh and enhance balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength
  • capabilities a ribbed non-slip vinyl floor that offers extra grip
  • use as a seat to get paintings performed at the workplace, or as an workout device to training session on at domestic
  • excellent for fitness fanatics, athletic trainers, or even pregnant girls in birthing training
  • latex-free fabric helps a 300 lb weight capability
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cando inflatable exercise ball – trendy

cando inflatable exercise balls make fitness fun at the same time as improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and energy.

enhance your core strength through using them as a seat to get work carried out at the workplace, or as an workout tool to exercise on at domestic. They characteristic a ribbed non-slip vinyl floor that gives more grip for the most in depth workouts.

underinflate to give the ball a soft, delicate experience, or inflate it to its max for a firm bouncy feel. On the initial inflation, inflate the ball, wait 24 hours, then upload extra air to fill the all to its maximum length.

  • three hundred lb weight restrict
  • ribbed non-slip floor
  • latex-free
  • educate with a cando inflatable ball

    product description

    30-1808 size / shade: fifty nine” / yellow pictured in orange features: -used to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength or even only for fun.-used as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium therapy.-non-slip % vinyl surface that is ribbed for added protection.-can be ”beneath” inflated to offer a gentle, delicate feel or ”over” inflated for a firm, bouncy sense.-can assist up to three hundred pounds and are available a polybag. Alternatives: -to be had in yellow, orange, inexperienced, blue and pink colorings.-available in numerous sizes: 12”, 18”, 22”, 26”, 30”, 34”, 37”, 41”, forty seven”, 59” and seventy one”.


    Blue (11.8"), Blue (33.5"), Blue (41.3"), Green (25.6"), Lime Green (59.1"), Orange (21.6"), Orange (47.3"), Red (29.5"), Red (37.4"), Yellow (17.7")

    8 reviews for Cando 30-1800 blue non-slip % vinyl inflatable workout ball, 12″ diameter, 300 lbs weight capability

    1. FitQueen

      I use these balls for exercise, therapy, and dance. This ball is PVC, which makes for smoother gliding and easier cleaning.This is a little larger than the 10-inch balls that are sold for Pilates and yoga, which permits us a bit more surface to move on.This size = 30cm/17.7 inches is also good for beginner and intermediate exercisers who may not have the flexibility to develop the strength and core support to work with a 10-inch ball.Read more

    2. Mob Kawn

      Below was my original review but since then the smell has never gone away. After washing and rubbing down, the smell did dissipate but it came back. The smell is the only “Bad” for this ball but it is enough to give it a 1 star.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————“Ball is what and it is but works. The ball is big, I got it to lay belly first on ball just to stretch out my back after surgery and I do not need to bend down so it helps to have such a big ball. When not in use, it is a big blue ball in the living room so keep that in mind.Only real complaint… It smells horrible!!! I had to wash it twice in the shower with soap and followed up with listerine. Washing with soap and an alcohol isn’t best for the rubber / plastic I’m sure but something had to be done. Washing and rubbing down helped a lot but the smell is still there a bit. When you are face first into the ball and smell this oily chem smell, it is hard to relax. The smell does seem to be going away but wow, the smell. Just be aware and give it time to offgas.”Cando 30-1841 Blue Non-Slip PVC Vinyl Inflatable Exercise Ball, 42” Diameter, 300 lbs Weight CapacityRead more

    3. rachel

      have had this ball for 3 years now and couldn’t live without it! Used as an excersize ball (it’s intended purpose) and chair, but also use as a therapy ball for my autistic son. It is more ‘elastic’ for a lack of better words than a lot of the excersize balls we’ve purchased, which makes it great for therapy uses. We roll it over my son, bounce it on him and him on it. He stands and jumps, sits and balances to build core strength, sits with me as I bounce (adding extra excersize for mom and sensory stimulation for him – very calming). Before I got our first one I thought it would just sit in the corner collecting dog hair, but I was soo wrong. We use it almost daily (for three years – that’s saying something about the quality of the ball!) and it actually doesn’t collect hair like I thought it would. It has been so well used that we’ve purchased another one for nana’s house, but she’s decided she’s taking it to work so we’re going to get yet another one! The quality and feel of this is the reason that I’m not even trying a different brand – I have 3 others and everyone (kids and adults alike) agree this is the best.Read more

    4. Casey VanVleck

      I was very disappointed when I received this product. It was a gift and I received it right before we left town and when the recipient opened it there was no plug for where you pump it up! So useless unless I go find one. I was also disappointed that the package was ripped and smashed. Very poor presentation so I’m assuming the plug fell out at some point prior to getting in the box since the package was ripped. On the plus side I couldn’t beat the cost. I would of paid more for it to be in perfect condition. I guess you get what you pay for.Read more

    5. Tins

      This is a high quality material with the right amount of bounce. I purchased another to keep at my office. I would give it 5 stars if there were better instuctions included on how to inflate. Note that you need a full 24 hours to inflate to capacity before using this ball. Trying to rush it can result in a not so round shape.Read more

    6. Gloria

      This was such a disappointment. I can’t imagine that anyone from a retail organization would imagine a customer would satisfied with what they sent me. It took longer to arrive also because they took nearly four days to get it into the mail and when I excitedly open the bag my heart sank. I am including an image so that you can judge for yourself but it looked like it had sat in the sun for a least two years with no protection. While I am not fussy and understand color does not matter, items that have change color in such a dramatic fashion have also begun to lose elasticity and structure. I will not be surprised if it lasts half the time the other equivalent in the house lasts.VERY SAD!Read more

    7. Blerina Jaupaj

      The ball only lasted one month and it broke. It is a lot of money to break in a month. I was disappointed with the purchase.Read more

    8. Enrique Martinez

      effective for therapies. My wife is a PT and uses it for treatments on patients.Read more

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