Cando donut exercise, exercising, core education, swiss balance ball for yoga, pilates and stability education in fitness center, office or lecture room

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  • improve stability and electricity: can do inflatable donut balls improve center strength, stability, coordination, and flexibility.
  • use by every person everywhere: flat facet offers balance while sitting on the workout ball, however even as workout it provides instability to engage stabilizing muscle mass to increase fitness effectiveness.
  • perfect sit down-up device: specific layout lets in person to feature extra resistance to exercising by preserving the donut stability ball between their leg.
  • 5 colors and sizes: available in five color-coded sizes for adults and children.
  • professional grade durable layout: non-slip latex-free durable p. C material supports as much as 300 lbs.
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the cando donut exercising, exercise, center schooling, swiss balance ball for yoga, pilates and stability training makes fitness fun while improving stability, coordination, flexibility, and core electricity. The specific flat sided layout is the ideal opportunity to conventional exercise balls providing extra uses never seen before by using the health enterprise. Made from long lasting latex unfastened %, this health ball works flawlessly as a swiss ball, workplace chair, yoga ball, pilates ball, exercise ball, and even compliments your center schooling habitual. Presenting the advantages of a conventional balance ball, its flat aspect affords stability and offers new precise challenges for the consumer. The cando donut exercise balance ball may be used as a stationary contact point for the duration of take a seat usaand push-usaadding instability attractive middle muscle groups. The instability in the course of exercising make your health routine more powerful concentrated on specific muscle tissues. To add diversity in your sit-up recurring genuinely hold the cando donut exercising balance ball between your legs to have interaction your center. This ball’s specific donut layout is best for sitting as its flat aspects forestall the exercise ball from rolling. Additionally, the exercise ball’s can be flipped on its rounded side to carry out various sporting events. Exceptional for every age, women and men the cando donut exercise stability ball for yoga and balance education is used by bodily therapists as aids for vestibular movement and equilibrium remedy, via fitness lovers as an aid for stretching, yoga, pilates, and strength education, or even specialists for added comfort at a table to engage the user’s core at some point of the work day. Underinflate to provide the exercise ball a tender, mushy feel, or inflate it to its max for a firm bouncy sense. The ball’s latex-unfastened material helps a 300 lb weight capacity, and its ribbed non-slip vinyl floor gives extra grip for added safety. The cando donut workout stability ball is wonderful for kids to sit down on even as studying at school, or as an exercising tool to launch more energy at home. The cando donut workout stability ball is a brilliant device to fight restlessness inside the lecture room as sitting on it for the duration of the college day creates an tremendous outlet for extra power, adhd, and tension. Also, its shape and color offer a source of sensory play for youngsters and adults with disabilities.


Blue: 85cm, Green: 65cm, Orange: 55cm, Red: 75cm, Yellow: 45cm

8 reviews for Cando donut exercise, exercising, core education, swiss balance ball for yoga, pilates and stability education in fitness center, office or lecture room

  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought these to use in my kindergarten classroom and they are amazing! I did a lot of research about hyperactive students and how stability balls are helping them but I just could not imagine how I would control 20 balls rolling around the classroom. This solved my problem. I tried the larger size at first (the blue one) but it was too big for 5-6 year-olds. This size is perfect as long as you don’t overfill them like I did on the first few. ( now use the larger one as my chair during carpet time.I did a grant through Donor’s Choose and was able to supply every student in my class with one of these seats. I’ve had them for a couple weeks now and am happy to report that the students love them and so do I. Even my teaching assistant is pleasantly surprised by how well the kids sit on them without too much “horseplay.”For my two students who just can’t sit still this seat is a game changer. Now I just pull one up close to the carpet and have them sit on it so they can move around without distracting (or touching) the kids around them. Plus, they don’t feel like they are being punished like they did when I made them sit in a chair.My class sits at tables and I’m not sure these would work for older students at desks- they just aren’t high enough. But I would think older kids could be more responsible with a ball that can actually roll.To blow them up I used an air compressor and it was pretty quick and easy.I did have one student jab his with a pencil and put a hole in it, BUT he did it on purpose and judging by the amount of pencil marks on the ball he had to try several times. It didn’t pop or anything, just slowly leaked air.The hole in the middle does create a bit of air flow when students sit on it just right and bounce a bit. This is no big deal (no weird fart noises) but it does make the kids think their chair is leaking air.Read more

  2. A Lokovsek

    I bought this (BLUE) for my wiggly 8yo daughter. She is a hyper and fidgety child. We are doing online school this year and I needed another seating option for her at home. She loves my balance ball but it’s just not stable enough (with her constant fidgeting) to do school work. I came across this donut ball and figured we’d give it a try.What I like about it:Much more stable than a spherical ball without taking away her ability to bounce and wiggle to her heart’s content.What I don’t like:It’s lopsided. I did not blow it up to it’s (supposed) maximum size, only to about 25″ x 14″ high instead of the advertised 34″ x 18″. Honestly I didn’t plan to anyways because I purposely bought a size larger than my daughter needs right now. She tends to grow quickly and I wanted it to be able to grow with her in a way. I did attempt to fill it to the max just to test it, but the larger it got, the more lopsided it became. One side was quite noticeably higher than the other. So I deflated it to the size we currently need, and while it’s still a little lopsided, it’s not as noticeable and my daughter doesn’t notice.Overall, my she loves this and spends more time on it than her chair with wiggle seat or the regular balance ball. I’m just not sure how long it’s going to last.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    My students think it is a fun seat to sit on, but many end up falling off of it because they lean forward and it slips out behind them. It is made of a rubber that is like static and attracts all the dirt, grass, etc in my room. May need a cover soon!Read more

  4. Lauren Kielinski

    Great flexible seating options for my special education classroom !Read more

  5. Mary K.

    I was extremely disappointed by this product. The delivery was as promised, but the product itself was the problem. None of the 4 donuts I got was the same size, though I inflated them to the specs. they ranged in size from 18″ across to 12″ across though I bought 18″ diameter balls. The thickness of the rubber on each varied a great deal too. I am using them in my classroom because I paid for them myself, but I am exceedingly disappointed and will not buy this brand again.Read more

  6. Eleeza

    Update!I love the first one so I reordered a 2nd one only to find out, it was the wrong size. Super dissapointed and to think I got it as part of a birthdah gift. You can see the big difference from the picture, the 2nd purchased is the smaller green one.I bought this to start my classroom’s flexible seating. Flexible seating is so popular right now and I know some products are ridiculously getting high prices because of that. I am surprised that not a lot of customers are buying this because this is absolutely perfect! Compare to those yoga or exercise ball, this donut ball lessens the probability that a student might fall out of balance. I teach Kinder/1st so they are very little but as soon as I got this product, I know they will be fine with no accidents (hopefully!) because this is much stable than a ball. I am using it this entire summer to test it out and I will buy more soon.Read more

  7. Stacy

    I bought a green Donut Ball earlier this school year for my classroom. My students loved it; therefore, I was going to start adding more to my classroom. Unfortunately, the latest addition was considerably smaller than the initial ball that I bought – half the size at least. I have an orange Donut Ball and the latest green ball is as small as the orange. I am very disappointed. I am hoping the company or Amazon will make it right. My students were so excited about its arrival until we inflated it in class. What a bad deal.Read more

  8. Hannah Burleson

    I purchased 4 of these a little over a year ago, and they have been awesome in my classroom. My fourth grade students love sitting on them while they work. However, one recently popped and when I bought a replacement in the same color it was smaller than the first four I bought. I was disappointed that it was smaller than the first ones I purchased, and that it doesn’t match the ones I still have in my classroom.Read more

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