Cannon sports segmented leap rope for out of doors fitness and gym – colourful beaded ropes for children and adults

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  • olympic style: our today’s leap ropes feature a unique, multi-colour and beaded design for supporting to enhance rhythm, coordination and persistence.
  • design: the segmented bounce rope is made of diamond braided nylon and protected in heavy obligation plastic beads.
  • durable: hold leaping and skipping with a durable & spoil resistant jump rope that features easy immediately handles.
  • more than one makes use of: cannon sports activities segmented bounce ropes are perfect for domestic gyms, college playgrounds, journey fitness and exercise exercises.
  • dimension & color: our 6 toes olympic fashion jump rope functions a black and blue colorway.
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product description

the cannon sports activities olympic-style segmented soar rope is constructed of diamond braided nylon rope protected with destroy resistant plastic link sections and handles to growth the existence-span of the jump rope. Those jump ropes are great for every age/skill stages. The brought weight from the plastic segments are exquisite for developing leap rope competencies, athletic conditioning, velocity and each day workout.


6, 7, 9, 10, 16


Blue/Black, Red/Blue, Yellow/Blue, Green/White, Red/White, Yellow/White, Red/White/Blue

8 reviews for Cannon sports segmented leap rope for out of doors fitness and gym – colourful beaded ropes for children and adults

  1. RP

    This is a well made and sturdy jump rope just like the ones I had in gym class growing up. The last one we had was a flimsy “rope” and it was not easy to use at all. The size to order threw me off a little bit but I read another review and ended up ordering a size 8, it is a little on the large side for my 5 year old but an 8 year old uses it easily. I’m 5’7 and I can use it too, which is a bonus! Read more

  2. Squid466

    Says this is 8 feet but definitely is not 8 feet. I jump rope everyday and have many different jump ropes. I compared it to an expensive cross rope that is 8’ and it’s about 2 feet shorter. The handles are small and hard to hold. I guess for the money it’s ok for someone who is using it for a minute or 2. I wouldn’t recommend for anyone using it to actually workout Read more

  3. Silver

    I had NO idea what length of jump rope to order for my kids, ages 6 – 12. After reading the other review (the helpful one that said her 8 yr old could barely jump in it), I thought it would be the right length for my 6 yr old. When we opened it, he was ecstatic and loved the colors and really liked the beads, but even though he’s only 6, it is STILL way too small for him, unless he is doing high jumps. This is a great jump rope at a great price for a 4 yr old or small 5 yr old. As a gauge, my kids are 6, 7, and 12. When I ordered this, I also ordered a 7 ft, and 2 8 ft ropes. The 8 foot ropes are good for all 3 ages. If in doubt, go for the 8 foot ropes. I still gave this rope 4 stars. The kids love the 2-color look, the handles and the beaded look. The product decription should include appropriate height/age for the jump rope, but other than that it is a great jump rope, just the 6 ft is meant for pre-schoolers. Read more

  4. Chan

    My kids love these jump ropes. Items are as described and very durable. They have definitely come in handy since schools have closed. Great product. Great price!!! Read more

  5. C Johnson

    For the price we paid for it on Amazon, it’s a good deal. For this type of jump rope made of string surrounded by hard plastic joint pieces, it’s as good as any I’ve ever seen or used. Of course you can pay more for leather or other types of ropes and it well may be worth it, but for the lower price of this rope it’s a great deal and exactly what I expected. Works very well for skipping rope and is the right size (6 feet) for our 4 year old girl who’s about 39 inches tall or so. Nice colors – blue and yellow. Read more

  6. BS AZ

    Nice kid’s sized jump rope. My kid was excited to get it as they had been using similar ropes in PE class at school. It was fun to get the kid into skipping as I’ve been doing it for fitness for about a year and now we can do it together. Read more

  7. Shagail C

    Lol be advised that it’s for jumping rope with three or more people… size that I got. Not what I was looking for but great!! Read more

  8. Amare

    I had to return this product due to it being too small. However I did notice it was very durable and the value for the money was great. Read more

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