Cap barbell 14″ popular threaded dumbbell manage, pair or unmarried, more than one colorings

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  • specifications – 14” x 1. Three” x 1. 3”; three. 2 pounds
  • creation – made with solid steel and protected in a black powder coat finish.
  • functions – this dumbbell bar incorporates widespread 1-inch plates as much as a recommended weight capacity of 100 lbs. This allows for a variety of interchangeable weights for use for the duration of weight lifting workouts.
  • accept as true with – trust revel in. Cap has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has places international. Probabilities are if you have ever exercising out, you’ve got labored out with a cap product.
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5 reviews for Cap barbell 14″ popular threaded dumbbell manage, pair or unmarried, more than one colorings

  1. DM

    These handles are not at all what I ordered. I purposely wanted to order dumbbell handles with a metal grip NOT rubber (if you can even call it that – it feels more like cheap plastic.) The photo clearly shows handles with a metal grip, the description even boasts a deep knurling for extra grip and this product did not come like that at all. Also, the spin lock collars are made of cheap plastic. The box says they are “high impact” which I highly doubt. The collars didn’t even come with a rubber stopper in the center so they can just twist off even when the weights are on them. The whole thing must be a knockoff because it feels cheap and poorly made. Last thing, these are definitely just hollow “steel coated” rods, if at all. TLDR: These are NOT as advertised and feel cheaply made and of poor quality. Read more

  2. Josh Miller

    I recently received these handles so I cannot speak of their longevity and will, therefore, only recall facts and impressions about the product – not my experience with it. First, I DID receive the correct product, unlike a few unfortunate reviewers. The handles were black finish and threaded. The bar is an audibly thin tube, not a rod, and I suspect they will bend over their lifetime with any considerable weight being applied to them. They feel more like aluminum but after checking for magnetism they are definitely made of very thin-walled steel tubing. The tube is then capped with a plastic button to give the appearance of a solid material, but beware. The handle is a hard rubber. I only bought these because I thought the handle was knurled metal. I suspect, over a short lifetime of compressing the rubber handle (between the weights and collars) that it will crack, split, and fail. That would make them completely unusable. The handle should not have the burden of dealing with those compressive forces. Even a small weld on the “rod” would spare the handle, and give them a much longer usable life. The collars are 100% plastic and fit snugly (nicely) about the threaded tube. I don’t think being made of plastic will affect their longevity in any negative way. Further thoughts: – If you have uncoated plates, they could mar the nice hard plastic finish of the tube, which would expose the steel and possibly rust. – Fill the tube with concrete? – Over-priced, for sure (but, Covid) Read more

  3. rb413

    These handles are just OK. They can be used, but they’re certainly not great by any means. Quality control seems suspect. Ordered a pair of these, one handle was perfect the other had a serious defect in the grip area – it was almost triangular. No way you could work out properly with that defect. Sent them back and got a replacement set, again one handle is perfect and the other has a slight defect in the casting resulting in four raised ridges that you can feel depending on how you grab the handle. The knurling itself is not great either. They’re very smooth is some spots, pronounced in others. I have a pair of handles that I’ve had for many years (they happen to be York but the brand is not important) and have attached a picture comparing the two. The shiny new handle is the Cap, and the battle-worn handle is obviously another brand. When you hold these Cap handles up against other products you can really see where they lags behind in every area. In short, if you’re just looking for something inexpensive and don’t mind the questionable quality these will get the job done. If you’re serious about having a strong set of handles that’s going to feel right in you hands with heavy weight, and that will give years of quality workouts then these don’t appear to be your go-to. Spend a tiny bit more elsewhere because you won’t be happy with these. Read more

  4. Someone else

    See photos. Both rubber gaskets are too small for the grooves. One is permanently deformed, and the other is broken, but regardless they wouldn’t have fit. Both locks are chipped on one side. I’d imagine whatever factory these all came out of gave this particular brand a discount on some B grade or seconds. Box was heavily taped 100% in several Layers of packing tape, so it was probably a return at one point, as it will be again. Read more

  5. ThatE30Guy

    These are OK, in that they function as dumbbell handles. I have a few gripes: 1) The ones I received weigh in at 3.4 & 3.5lbs. While the difference between this and the advertised ~4.5lbs is not going to be the difference between me winning Mr. Olympia or not, it’s a little disappointing. 2) The collar nuts are wimpy. They weigh something like 0.3lbs and only engage ~2.5 threads on the handles. Between the light weight and loose fit, it is difficult to spin them on and off quickly…they catch and stop, requiring me to hand-turn them almost the entire way. I have a 20 year old pair of CAP dumbbell handles which weigh ~5lbs each and have MUCH beefier collar nuts which spin on and off very nicely. They don’t make them like they used to, as the saying goes. 3) The rubber snubber ring in the collar nuts is a nice idea in theory, but it really does not do much in practice. Read more

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