Cap barbell ab teacher silver/black, popular

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your model wide variety.
  • durable sturdy, ergonomic layout
  • creation fabricated from durable metal construction and ergonomic layout
  • functions: cushioned headrest for guide; weight 6. 50 kilos, width 25 inches, height 28. Five inches, depth 27 inches
  • comfort: easy assembly and best for home use
  • useful: tone and sculpt your center muscles with this clean to apply crunch tool
  • tone and sculpt your core muscular tissues with this smooth to apply crunch device
  • strong, ergonomic design will assist dispose of back and neck stress often associated with crunches
  • made of durable metal construction with a cushioned headrest for assist
  • assembles in just mins
  • includes restrained 30 day producer’s guarantee
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cap barbell ab teacher

tone and sculpt your center muscles with this smooth-to-use crunch device. The sturdy, ergonomic design of the ab trainer will help do away with lower back and neck pressure that is frequently associated with crunches. Made from durable steel creation and ergonomic design. There is a cushioned headrest for guide. Clean meeting and perfect for home use.

  • easy meeting and ideal for home use
  • tone and sculpt your core muscle tissues with this clean-to-use crunch device
  • sturdy, ergonomic layout will help take away again and neck pressure often associated with crunches
  • product of durable metallic creation with a cushioned headrest for aid
  • 27″ duration
  • 27″ width
  • 26″ height
  • weight: 5 kilos
  • product description

    product description

    the cap barbell ab instructor is long lasting, robust, handy and purposeful for your home workouts. Fabricated from durable metal construction and ergonomic design, this ab teacher features a cushioned headrest for guide and is fantastic easy to gather. Tone and sculpt your center muscle tissues with this smooth to use crunch device.

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    tone and sculpt your center muscles with this clean-to-use crunch device. The sturdy, ergonomic design of the ab curler will help remove again and neck pressure this is frequently associated with crunches. Manufactured from long lasting metallic production with a cushioned headrest for support, the device assembles in only minutes.



    8 reviews for Cap barbell ab teacher silver/black, popular

    1. William Arlotto

      As a loyal Amazon Prime member of 16 years I spend thousands of dollars (at least) per year shopping for anything and everything on Amazon and I have NEVER once received a product that was straight up hot garbage upon opening it until now. The head pad is made of irresponsibly cheap balsa wood that splintered through to cheaper fabric that has never been used on any piece of workout equipment I have ever used and it would be impossible to clean. Then you turn the head pad over and see the ridiculously poor “craftsmanship” question mark? I’m almost as amused by how heinous this product is as I am infuriated for the waste of my time and money. The CAP brand generally produces reliably acceptable dumbbells and barbells and I assumed this would be a safe purchase. I will never purchase anything from CAP again. Read more

    2. DebbieL.

      Very neat for a tiny home “gym” in my living room. Very easy to put together (directions very easy to follow) just be sure to put the head rest on correctly,( look at picture very closely there is a correct way to place it ) having said that all else is good. It comes with 4 different exercises one can do, is very light to carry around but not the least bit flimsy. There is one thing, I found the head rest to be horribly uncomfortable, it hits me right at the top of my spine so I solved that problem by wearing one of those air plane donuts around my neck. Other than that, if you want to do your abs at home for a very little money, this is the gadget that will work very well Read more

    3. Kris

      Back in the 90s I owned the original Ab Roller which was sold on an infomercial. I loved it and it really helped me keep my six pack abs. Fast forward all these years and I figured it was time to try something again to get back in shape. This may not be as well made is the original Ab Roller but it does the job and it was very affordable. It was all so easy to put together. Read more

    4. Heidi’s mom

      Love this! easy to put together, sturdy, just like the one i had in the 80’s that i lost somehow. Am ordering a duplicate for my summer house. highly recommend. Read more

    5. snymtns4

      In general, this is fine. The only thing about it, is in the description it states doesn’t use or risk the neck in using it wrong like you do with crunches. But, that isn’t true. Both my husband and I tried this and you still have to lift your neck up, like a crunch or sit up, and with no hands or anything to support your neck. When we tried it without lifting our necks, it was impossible. It wouldn’t even move if we tried to keep our heads on the pad. So, no matter what the description says of not using the neck or using those muscles wrong, it’s wrong. We’ve tried a few others like this and they are all the same, you have to lift your neck in order to get it to move. The neck pad is hard. Going up not a big deal since the neck lifts off of it, but going down when you can actually mostly put your neck on the pad, it’s hard and uncomfortable that i had to grab a small pillow, but that made it difficult. If you can do it, a good old fashion crunch works the same and at least you have your hands behind your neck for support. Read more

    6. Crystalwolflady

      I had a beautiful purple one of these years ago, when I moved it got lost :(. So I recently decided to get another when this book “Women’s Strength Training Anatomy Workouts” on page 171 says this type of Ab roller is “well designed and can replace machines”. So I ordered a new one. Not as nice as my purple, but after put together, very nice. The instructions are pictures. So make sure you are in the right frame of mind. to deal. 😛 It took about 45 mins to put together, laying out all the pieces to figure out how they fit together. One Philips screwdriver is included 3 screws & 4 screw lock thingy’s. The good thing about this crunch machine you can disassemble if you have to move, so that is nice. The crunch, It’s a concentrated movement very short, almost isometric. The above pic is from pg 91 “Women’s strength training Anatomy” by Frederic Delavier. Both books on Amazon & the ab roller too! Rec all of them!! All the Training books of Frederic Delavier, he has yoga stretch & Men’s weight training too. Best Weight training books now a days, b/c JoeWeider is gone. He also mentions in one of the books doing ab work at night can help relax the back muscles so you can sleep if your back is bothering you. I don’t know if that works but I’m going to try. Pic I scanned above has better instructions than what comes with the ab roller. (Use wise) So y’all can copy & print that page or buy the whole book which I do recommend. I am happy with the ab roller. Read more

    7. Marmay

      I cannot say enough about this Ab trainer. I use it every day and cannot say how invaluable this roller is. The best part of my home gym. I usually use it while watching TV. I usually do an average of 200 crunches and 100 sit-ups. Without the trainer, I would be lucky to do 20 crunches and the results are astonishing. Read more

    8. merne9

      I have owned this product in the past and it’s a great way to work out the stomach. It does keep my body straight and does not hurt my neck. Read more

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