Cap barbell five-foot strong olympic bar, black (2-inch)

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  • make sure this suits through getting into your model number.
  • production – made from terrific solid bloodless rolled steel with a black powder coat end; collars not covered; 30-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • functions – medium-depth diamond knurling for a relaxed grip; rotating sleeves to reduce pressure on wrists and forearms
  • flexible – get a full body exercise or target unique muscle agencies; perform a huge range of sports ranging from bench presses to squats and the whole thing in among
  • specs – measures 1525 millimeter (60-inches) in length; nine. 75-inch loadable sleeve period; 28 millimeter diameter for handgrips; 2-inch sleeve diameter to accommodate olympic (2-inch) weights; sixty three,800 psi tensile electricity metal; shaft length of 37”
  • accept as true with – accept as true with experience; cap has been a pioneer in the health industry for over 30 years and has places worldwide; possibilities are, when you have ever worked out earlier than, you have got used a cap product
  • it has a weight potential of 500 lb

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from the producer

cap barbell 5-foot strong olympic bar, black

made to be compact in length, this bar is an ideal addition to your property health club. The cap five-foot solid olympic bar in black is constituted of amazing strong cold rolled metallic with a black powder coat end and is designed for balance and lengthy-lasting overall performance. Observe: the compact layout of this bar makes it well suited with sure weight benches – please measure.

  • length: 1525 mm
  • weight: eleven. 25 kg
  • grip diameter: 28 mm
  • sleeve diameter: 2 in
  • functions and advantages

    the sleeves with bushings are designed to rotate, lowering stress on the forearms and wrists. Every sleeve has a loadable period of nine. 75” to accommodate olympic weight plates with a 2-inch middle hollow.

    constructed to be long lasting and resist exercises, this five-foot olympic bar is comprised of 63,800 psi tensile energy metal and lined with a durable black powder finish.

    this bar functions medium-intensity diamond knurled handgrips to provide a relaxed, non-slip grip whilst going heavy. The period among the sleeves measures 37” and the grip diameter is 28 mm.

    product description

    the cap five-foot solid olympic bar in black is made from wonderful strong bloodless rolled metal with a black powder coat end and is designed for balance and long-lasting overall performance. This bar capabilities medium-intensity diamond knurled handgrips giving the consumer a relaxed, non-slip grip while going heavy. The duration among the sleeves measures 37” and has a 28mm handgrip diameter. Every sleeve has a loadable period of 9. Seventy five” to deal with olympic weight plates with a 2-inch center hollow. The sleeves with bushings are designed to rotate, lowering stress on the forearms and wrists. Made to be compact in duration, this bar is a great addition to your own home gym. Bar is made with sixty three,800 psi tensile energy metallic with 13 inch knurled griping areas consistent with facet. The compact design of this bar makes it perfect for a home gym. Be aware: the compact design of this bar makes it compatible with certain weight benches; please measure). Collars are not protected. 30-day producer’s warranty blanketed. Please read cap barbell’s policy previous to buy to understand what the guarantee covers and what it does no longer.

    8 reviews for Cap barbell five-foot strong olympic bar, black (2-inch)

    1. marc

      I was bummed to see that the two bar ends were basically flopping around. The. At ends will not completely tighten. Where removed there were metal shavings inside the bar ends (removal was in and of itself a nightmare). Paint finish is crappy. I ended up just welding the ends on. Read more

    2. Buzz

      No good dam bushings the sleeves just sit on the shaft of the bar so the picture with the bushing on the inside is totally false advertising. Bushing are like a bare minimum on a bar. Read more

    3. Actual purchaser unlike the others here

      Terrible product, but you get what you pay for I guess. Upon opening, the first thing I noticed was that this barbell is actually PAINTED, not a black-colored metal alloy like most black barbells. Paint was flaking everywhere. The grip is painted over as to make the grip virtually non-existent (there’s no way I’ll be able to use this without gloves). And to top it all off, one side doesn’t even spin, which renders the barbell unusable. I’m assuming I can fix that by loosening it with a socket wrench but I don’t have one (and I shouldn’t have to buy one for this). The barbell is effectively unusable. I do not recommend this product. Spend a little bit more and get something worthwhile. Read more

    4. Daryn Ryo Wakasa

      Extremely disappointed in this product. The bar was exposed (see photo) when shipped so it came scratched up. Then when I unpackaged the ends of the barbell, there were a ton of scratches also. It’s as if I paid full price for a heavily used bar. I never post reviews so please know that I am being genuine and sincere when I say DO NOT ORDER. Read more

    5. Aaron Ayyob

      Its fine for a home gym. For the price, you wont find a better quality. A lot of low marks from people had me concerned, but mine works great. If you are looking to do some heavy lifting, buck up and pay a little more, but for casual lifting this works good. mine was not damaged during shipping like several other peoples. Read more

    6. Amazoner

      Arrived as expected BUT! The paint on the bar isn’t that great quality. It’s people off. Anytime the bar is used, paint flakes off. So if you’re buying this because it’s black, and it matches your gym- you might be disappointed to find that a regular ol’ natural metal bar may look better then a brand new one that flakes it’s paint. Read more

    7. Becky Hamilton

      The product that was sent to me is not the product shown in the picture. The ends of the bar are much smaller and look like a screw, it is not the standard Olympic bar bell ends therefore none of my Olympic weight plates will fit this bar! No other description was given to indicate the difference. Trying to send back not worth the money especially if you can’t use your own plates! Read more

    8. s2hypnotiq

      Ok. First off, for $60 shipped, I really cannot complain much. I ordered this with the intention to supplement my great home gym with a small bar for bicep curls and bent over rows. I have no intention of adding more than 45lbs on each side to this bar. Ever. Yes. It is PAINTED black. Yes. The shipping box it comes in was completely torn up upon delivery. Yes. It did have minor scratches from the aforementiones issues. I did read the reviews prior to purchase and expected these issues. It works as advertised. I have a ROGUE FITNESS olympic operator bar that I paid $300+ dollars for, so I DO understand you get what you pay for. For the price I paid for this bar, it is perfect for the use I intended it for. I will post an updated review if I have any issues with it. Read more

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