Cap barbell flat/incline/decline bench

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  • ensure this fits by getting into your version range.
  • health bench with four adjustable positions
  • upright, flat, incline, and decline settings. Dumbbell holder gives clean access to weights
  • foam-blanketed handgrips for comfort in the course of leg increases
  • weight capacity of three hundred pounds
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cap energy simple fid bench

the cap strength fid bench lets in you to differ your exercise with four specific flat, incline, and decline positions. Strong foot placement increases safety and sturdiness. Boom your agility, construct strength, and enhance your persistence. Functions dumbbell holders for clean get admission to and storage. Bench weighs only 26 lb. A excellent piece of device for a home health club with constrained space.

  • health bench with 4 adjustable positions
  • upright, flat, incline, and decline settings
  • dumbbell holder gives clean get entry to to weights
  • foam-covered handgrips for consolation in the course of leg increases
  • max weight ability: 300 lbs
  • bench weighs just 26 lbs
  • capabilities

    this weight bench offers a thickly padded, boxed stitched surface for sturdy, durable and at ease use.

    the smooth layout of the cap fid weight bench is considered one of it’s quality capabilities. With an assembled weight of just 26 lbs, you may be able to pass it around effectively. Plus, with four unique changes, you could use this bench for just about any workout recurring.

    carry out some of top and lower body sporting events even as incorporating dumbbell use to hit dreams and build / preserve muscle. This bench also can be used because the center piece for core exercises, and is notable for leg lifts, crunches, twists and extra.



    6 reviews for Cap barbell flat/incline/decline bench

    1. Amy

      We bought this 31 days ago. It just snapped in half in the middle of my husbands workout. He got hurt, the bench fell, the quality is a joke. Do not buy!!! (Don’t worry, you can get a refund within having it for 30 days! 🙄) Read more

    2. G. Raney

      1. ASSEMBLY GUIDELINES: Assembling this is NOT like assembling a piece of Ikea furniture. This kit does not include the tools you need to complete the job and if you’ve never turned a wrench before, you’re gonna have a bad time. I’m moderately handy and was able to put it together in just under 40 minutes. The tools needed to assemble this easily are: 13mm, 14mm, 17mm x2, 19mm(or 3/4″)x2 wrenches or sockets, and a knife. Two adjustable wrenches would work, but won’t be nearly as easy. If you have no tools and can’t borrow any from a friend or neighbor, go ahead and budget in an extra $10-$15 to get the basics you need to put this together. There was one review about the nuts being the type that can’t tighten all the way. They are like that by design; they have a little plastic thing that keeps them from spinning freely, so you have to use a wrench to tighten them. This keeps them from loosening on their own and keeps the bench together/stable over time (they are higher quality nuts). The knife is for opening the packages and trimming away any wood in the way of the screw holes on the back of the bench. One last tip about assembling this thing: for each section, start all the bolts and nuts BEFORE you crank them down tight. If something doesn’t fit, it’s because it isn’t lined up correctly and you need the thing to be wobbly so that you can wiggle everything into place and get all the bolts started before you crank everything down. This was most important for getting the back support all put together. This technique is really one of the basic keys to putting stuff together without troubles and should be done with everything. 2. Stability and Size: I’m 6’1″ weighing in at 170lbs. The exercises I’ve seen other benches struggle with the most are weighted incline situps. I grab a 20lb plate, hold it behind my head and do situps left, center, right. Benches tend to twist to the left/right on those situps and it is most unsettling. This bench did not twist at all! So, I can now do that exercise much more comfortably. The bench is small, but it supports my head and is narrow enough that I can get nice and low with my presses. A bigger bench gives me a little more confidence, but I’m sure I’ll work up to that with this little guy, too. 3. Folding and Storage: I’ll add a picture of it folded and of the pin that lets it fold. This area was the only area that the bench disappointed me in. I was hoping it’d fold somewhere in the middle to get shorter, rather than just flatter. When it is folded, it is still the full length, it is just flat. Either way, it still fits in my closet with my weights and sandbags. Without looking in the closet, you’d never know I have a gym in my 700 sq. ft. apartment. All-in-all I’m very pleased with this product. It was packaged well and only took 1 day to arrive (I live in a beach city near LA, so my proximity to it’s source explains that). It is sturdy and fits in my closet, exactly what I was looking for! Read more

    3. Traveller

      This bench is effectively junk. The welding is spotty (some parts are only partly welded on, likely to result in failure and injury. Assembly is unnecessarily difficult due to the multiple sizes of screws and non-inclusion of tools. Coating and connectors are offset in the seat parts (not a huge issue, but a sign of really poor quality control). When assembled, the bench is not stable but rocks from side to side. Read more

    4. Timothy C. Whitmire

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I have never left a bad review yet on Amazon, but for this product I had to. I am going to leave this written review as well as pictures of the product and its defects I received and hope that nobody purchases this product after me, I would rather pay $200 for a SAFE/WELL CONSTRUCTED product than this cheaply welded, quality control passing product that is completely NOT SAFE to use for anybody. The reason for purchasing this product was so my wife could use it as an Ab Bench and I could possibly use it for inclined bench press instead of my flat X-Training bench which I love. I’ll start with the good and end with the bad. GOOD: –Easy to assemble, no problems at all –Very light –Shrinks for storage purposes That’s all the good I could come up with for the product as I was not able to use mine due to safety risks/defects and I would not let my wife even touch it. DAMAGED: –Out of the box there was a huge dent in the Front Stabilizer leg (PHOTO) –one of the small backrest supports had a dent as well but I wasn’t worried about that one since you don’t see those anyways, they are covered by the seats, normally I’m not picky with those kinds of things because it’s going to end up getting banged up anyways –the Incline support does not line up to properly support your back, it’s very scare and unsafe . If I let my wife use this machine all I can imagine is her doing situps and the incline support slides out of place and she falls on her head.(PHOTO) –the ENTIRE frame WOBBLES, it wobbles SO much that I could never even imagine trying to bench press on this thing (or do ANYTHING on this bench). If you want to drop your weights and possibly injure yourself then use this bench but that’s not for me. –the bench is crooked, it leans to the left side so you can’t even lay flat on it, this is a result of one of the above mentions with the wobbling.(PHOTO) I’m sure there is something else wrong with it but I didn’t even finish putting this product together because it was so poorly built and was pissing me off that I even thought about buying this product because all of my equipment in my home gym is quality equipment. Read more

    5. anonymous

      The build quality is bad. The screws and welds are small and weak. I weigh 180lbs and felt like the bench would break while using dumbbells. Spend $50 more and get a proper bench which won’t endanger your safety. You’ll be much happier. It’s scary to read how many customers have had their bench break in half. Read more

    6. S. Veruva

      I weigh 130 — the 2 middle beams bent over the span of 5 month use and the screws holding it wore excessively (unknowingly), ultimately snapping and breaking as I was lifting 40lb dumbbells. Mind you I assembled everything pretty tight, but did not even realize the screws were wearing so easily. I’m very disappointed as I cannot even repair this… What a waste of money. Read more

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