Cap barbell neoprene coated single dumbbell

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  • ensure this suits by way of entering your version wide variety.
  • flexible – dumbbells offer the capability to target unique muscle group sporting events or a complete body exercising
  • production – iron core crafted from astm a48 grade 20 gray iron then precision dipped in 3mm of neoprene for safety and luxury
  • functions – original hex formed heads save you rolling. The medium diameter take care of presents critical grip and safety in the course of use. Black neoprene coating is durable and protecting
  • practical – perfect for training person muscle corporations or predominant muscle organizations, hitt training and taking walks
  • alternatives – this dumbbell organization from cap is to be had in sizes 1, 2, 3, four, 5, 6, 7, eight, 9, 10, 12, and 15 lb
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from the manufacturer

  • build muscle
  • improve core electricity
  • increase stability
  • better bone health
  • burn greater calories
  • elevated energy degrees
  • greater basic mood
  • and more!
  • cap barbell neoprene covered single dumbbell weights, black

    those cap neoprene covered dumbbell weights in black can be used to exercise all most important muscle corporations including palms, chest, lower back, abs, legs & core. Dumbbells are ideal for schooling person muscle corporations or accomplishing a full body exercising along with hiit workouts & functional schooling. Constructed for safety & comfort, the cap neoprene coated dumbbells have an iron core and are precision dipped in 3mm of neoprene. Every weight showcases the poundage on each cease.

    capabilities & benefits

    the neoprene coating on those dumbbells offers a at ease grip and protects health device from getting broken. The neoprene additionally protects your arms from getting callused and offers a layer of padding to your arms and wrists whilst acting dumbbell sporting events, along with renegade rows.

    the hexagonal shape of the dumbbell heads save you the dumbbells from rolling away while placing them down to carry out other physical games. Their anti-roll construction prevents risks, just like the dumbbells rolling over your feet, from going on in the first area.

    using dumbbells on your workout routine lets in you to target particular muscle corporations or carry out a complete body exercise. Dumbbell weights are flexible and may be used for all forms of paintings outs, which includes but now not limited to, isolations, useful schooling, and hiit workout routines.

    choose from 12 unique sizes!

    the cap barbell neoprene covered dumbbell weights are available in 1, 2, three, 4, 5, 6, 7, eight ,nine ,10, 12 and 15 kilos. Each dumbbell is dipped in neoprene for a comfy grip and clean identification. The load is also labeled on the stop of each dumbbell weight.

    select from 12 different sizes!

    the cap barbell neoprene covered dumbbell weights are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, eight ,nine ,10, 12 and 15 pounds. Each dumbbell is dipped in neoprene for a cozy grip and smooth identity. The burden is also categorized at the stop of every dumbbell weight.

    choose from 12 distinct sizes!

    the cap barbell neoprene coated dumbbell weights are to be had in 1, 2, 3, four, five, 6, 7, eight ,nine ,10, 12 and 15 kilos. Every dumbbell is dipped in neoprene for a cozy grip and clean identity. The weight is also categorized on the end of every dumbbell weight.

    choose from 12 extraordinary sizes!

    the cap barbell neoprene lined dumbbell weights are to be had in 1, 2, 3, four, five, 6, 7, eight ,nine ,10, 12 and 15 kilos. Each dumbbell is dipped in neoprene for a relaxed grip and easy identification. The burden is also categorised on the end of every dumbbell weight.

    15 lb

    10 lb

    5 lb

    1 lb


    10 Pound Pair, 10 Pound, Single, 12 Pound, Single, 2 Pound, Single, 4 Pound, Single, 5 Pound, Single

    8 reviews for Cap barbell neoprene coated single dumbbell

    1. Joseph

      We bought a Peloton because we needed something to hang our “goal weight” clothes on. It’s nice to have goal-weight clothes on display for a constant reminder to be healthy. Under the bike seat you’ll find two conveniently-placed holsters for hand weights. Well, I obviously didn’t like the way our new storage device looked with empty hand weight holsters, so I put these pieces of decor in there. They look and fit great. Quality coating, comfortable handles. Disclaimer: they are super heavy though, not sure if you’re aware, but the “5” on each weight stands for “5 pounds”. I wish I could get the same look but much lighter. Read more

    2. Iottie

      NO go. Does not conform with California standards. Even though I am not in California I do not want to use a barbell which has a warning label attached indicating that the products used to coat the barbell are known carcinogens. Attention CAP – get with the program and reformulate your product to eliminate cancer causing chemicals Read more

    3. Team Alpha

      You are better off buying all metal or neoprene bells from Target. These peeled immediately from general use. They weigh twelve pounds so that’s something. Not bad, not good. Overpriced for certain. EDIT: They peeled completely despite light/normal use. This revealed something interesting. The weight was coated in what appeared to be mud but was most likely casting residue from a “lost die” process. The weight underneath was substandard and filthy. The rubber won’t stick precisely because the metal weight inside must be cleaned of casting residue (clay) before coating. This is a terrible product and frankly not safe for commercial or professional use. Avoid. Read more

    4. hope47

      For the money these are good weights. I have them in 5, 8,10 and 12 lb. The diameter of the grips varies depending on the weight and is fairly large on the 10 and 12 lb. weights. I am a woman about 5’8″ and usually where large gloves so my hands are fairly large for a woman’s. The grips are just barely OK for me on the 12 lb. weights but they might be a little uncomfortable for people with small hands. The neoprene coating is pretty thick and it makes the weights easy to grip and they feel like they are well balanced. However, the coating isn’t 100% uniform, and on some of my weights there are little ridges and bumps where maybe the coating wasn’t dipped and cured as well as it could have been. For me these small defects don’t really affect the performance except that sometimes I can feel the little ridges/bumps under my hand a little bit depending on how I pick the weight up, but I don’t feel like it would warrant going through the hassle of a return. I wonder if maybe all weights of this kind might have similar small defects as part of the manufacturing process. All in all these are good weights for the money and I’m glad I choose to get them instead of the vinyl ones. Read more

    5. Amber

      These weights serve their purpose. However, they are very long. Much longer than I expected. If you have very large hands then you’ll love them. If you have smaller hands you will struggle sometimes. If your hands are not in the middle then the weight in uneven causing some issues (which in my workouts is frustrating. It slows me down trying to get that perfect grip.). The coating on the outside is what you would expect for neoprene and they do not slip. The coating does seem a little thin though. It’s already chipped off on the corner. My package arrived very damaged which I assume is from people not realizing they were picking up a 20 pound box. Read more

    6. MC

      Even though product arrived DAMAGED with the neoprene torn on 1 corner of both dumbbells and the ridiculously thin box was in pieces upon arrival with more tape than cardboard, they do the job. The picture of 12lbs is inaccurate as well since these are 15lb weights. It’s not worth boxing and returning 30lbs of weights so I’ll keep these and just buy the next ones from a different company. Read more

    7. Kimmie Smith

      These came exactly as advertised. I know that this is not the fault of the brand and is more of a delivery service issue. The box that arrived was open. I could tell that the packaging was appropriate because I ordered 2 of these and there was paper between the two. The box may be a little too thin because half the box was practically open when it got to my house. I’m sure between the weight as well as the delivery people handling the package didn’t assist. But once I opened it, the items weren’t damaged. I love that these barbells are neoprene so I don’t have to touch cold metal and whether I hold them with my bare hands or use fingerless workout gloves, I have a great grip either way! I bought these as I wanted to increase the amount of weights I use in my workout so it will take a bit of getting used to, but I’m happy to include them in my routines! Read more

    8. Ryan

      The product itself is okay but arrived cracked/scratched. We decided not to return it because it was a hassle to get the package delivered (when had to pay extra to have it picked up at a UPS store since it needed to be signed for and we live in a restricted access building). The weights work fine, just wish they did not look worn/used when we bought them new for $40! If I could attach a picture, I would attach a picture to demonstrate their poor condition. Read more

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