Cap barbell neoprene dumbbell set with rack

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  • make certain this fits through entering your model range.
  • versatile workouts – the durable, neoprene material covering these dumbbells is notable for indoor and outdoor workouts; use to target individual muscle agencies or get a full frame exercising
  • what’s included – a handy dumbbell storage rack with three pairs of dumbbells in 2-kilos, 3-kilos and 5-kilos
  • anti-roll layout – the hexagonal shape of the dumbbell heads prevents them from rolling when no longer in use
  • perfect for tour – this set is compact and best for travelling; don’t allow your exercises prevent at domestic
  • tone & beef up – dumbbells are an vital addition to any energy training recurring; build muscle, improve core strength, improve stability, burn greater calories, boom power degrees and extra via using dumbbells in your health ordinary
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cap barbell 20 pound neoprene dumbbell set with rack

dumbbells provide the ability to target unique muscle group sporting events or get a full frame exercising. The usage of dumbbells at some point of exercise routines offers many fitness advantages which include building muscle, enhancing center electricity, boosting stability, supplying better bone fitness, burning calories, increasing electricity tiers, enhancing universal mood and extra!

the cap barbell 20 pound neoprene dumbbell set with rack is a compact set this is perfect for tour and designed with a hexagon fashioned head so they do no longer roll. This dumbbell set offers the potential to exercise interior or exterior. The set includes a convenient storage rack and three pairs of dumbbells: 2 lb, three lb and 5 lb.

cap barbell 32 pound neoprene dumbbell set with rack

dumbbells are used to workout all foremost muscle organizations, including arms, chest, again, abs, legs and core. They’re perfect for isolation’s, absolutely body exercises, hiit workout routines, and functional schooling.

the cap barbell 32 pound neoprene dumbbell set with rack is a compact set this is handy for tour and designed with hexagon shaped heads to save you rolling in the course of exercises. This dumbbell set offers the potential to exercise honestly anywhere. The set consists of a handy garage rack and 3 pairs of dumbbells: 3 lb, 5 lb and eight lb.



8 reviews for Cap barbell neoprene dumbbell set with rack

  1. Geo

    I love how these weights LOOK and FEEL. The design is outstanding. They look great in my bedroom because they are all black and white, no weird mismatched pastel colors, etc. The poundage number is listed nice and big and clear and white on the side to see. Small complaint: the 3-pound weight white label writing somehow didn’t print properly on one side. Manufacturing error. The feel is outstanding because they are soft, great for rotator cuff and scapular work. The hexagon design ensures that they do not roll around. THESE ARE THE BEST HAND WEIGHTS ON AMAZON, AND I RESEARCHED THEM ALL! The only con is that the weight stand that comes with it is super-cheap plastic and wobbly, but then again I did not purchase these for the free stand. The stand does work, thought. Just be warned it is cheap. The weights themselves are NOT cheap and super durable and high quality you would except from CAP, which is like the ROGUE brand but more affordable. Read more

  2. Desert Wolf

    I ordered the all black color weights and what I get are the pastel colored set that I would never buy. I am a protective supervision caregiver for my grandmother and I do not have the free time to bring these weights to the UPS store to get a refund, so I will just remain unsatisfied with this transaction since the set is still the correct weight numbers at least for me to do my excersize. I just want this to be known so others can not hold high hopes on getting exactly what they ordered, but I will say the weight numbers are good, and they still work as they should, just not at all as described in color. Read more

  3. KLF

    I’m really happy with this weight set. I can’t stand that light weights are always candy colored and en eyesore in common spaces, so these all black units are handsome. I took one star off because the stand is a little wobbly as if the base isn’t level, but it’s plenty strong to hold the weights up (for now). I recommend this set. Read more

  4. Laurie Delguidice

    I was surprised by how quickly these came. The barbells are super nice and the quality is excellent! I can’t say the same about the stand. It’s made of a very cheap plastic. One of the screws didn’t have cut outs on the head so I couldn’t use it to assemble completely. On top of that, the stand is black and the screws are silver. I really wanted to give 4 stars but couldn’t bring myself to it because of the stand! Read more

  5. Jennifer Geier

    Seriously arrived with NO HARDWARE (screws) to assemble the stand, but obviously requires them!!! Very frustrating because I read this in the reviews that people were missing screws and I thought, “Oh surely that won’t happen to me.” And YES it did. The little rack is pretty crappy quality to begin with, but the fact that it’s missing screws makes it basically worthless (unless I just wanna run out to Home Depot to grab some). Weight quality is whatever. Nothing spectacular, but I like that they are black. I could’ve seriously gone to Walmart and gotten colored weights for less money. Pretty livid that the screws are missing. Grrrrrr!! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Packaged arrived on time. When you open package, be sure to locate the pins that are used to assemble rack and the smaller items used to fasten everything. I am satisfied with this purchase. If you want light dumbells made like the heavy ones and in a place to store neatly in a compact way, this is the way. Resistence bands and light weights provides a productive avenue to strenght training for anyone especially those with rotor cuff, bursitis, or impingement issues. Strongly recommend. Read more

  7. mmmpala

    This is a cute set to have for light weight lifting the quality is pretty good –the rack is made of plastic –keeps it organized -so far its pretty sturdy –but i should have purchased the more heavier set -but this set is good to have Read more

  8. Laxdal4

    I ordered this set specifically because it was all black. When it came in the mail the stand was purple and the bottom left screw was missing. Bummer. Read more

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