Cap barbell olympic 2-inch spring clip collars, pair, olympic

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  • make sure this suits with the aid of getting into your version variety.
  • 1 pair %.
  • accomodates 2″ bars.
  • cozy grip handles.
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8 reviews for Cap barbell olympic 2-inch spring clip collars, pair, olympic

  1. Simplylovelyhome

    I thought these were good then I realized these were terrible compared to: Clout Fitness Quick Release Pair of Locking 2″ Olympic Size Barbell Clamp Collar Great for Pro Crossfit Training Why I don’t like these: I work out about four times a week, mostly doing powerlifting. These collars are more difficult to put on compared to the one I mentioned above. I didn’t mind them too much…but my wife hated them when she lifted weights and I had to hear the complaints. After you put it on the bar you have to continue to squeeze it until you reach the weight plates. They do not easily slide through with one hand. When you are going up in weight for a workout it’s a waste of time and effort (especially for her). The quick release collars I mentioned above are much easier to put on, slide through and you just clamp it into place. In general I do like CAP products, I just don’t care for this type of collar. The spring clip collars just don’t work as efficiently as the quick release type. The good thing is they will never loose their strength or tightness. I’ve used them for almost a year and they are still tight. They do what they are supposed to do and keep the bar in place. If you are not an avid lifter, don’t mind the hassle, and most importantly have good arm strength this product would work for you. Otherwise, I would look at other types. Read more

  2. Xora

    Took over a month and 2 weeks to arrive. This is not even 2″ barbells. Your description is completely wrong! “Accomodates 2″ bars.” Read more

  3. P. BEAST.

    Delivered quickly. Well packed. After reading many other reviews, for the price, l figured, what the heck give it a try !! Maybe not such a good idea. As far as stiffness and hard to put on and take off ?? Come on man ! I have very regular smallish man hands and you might have to use two but you want it to squeeze tight right ?? Not really a big deal. As far as fitting , well , it fits my no name 2″ curl bar just right ! Nice and tight l loaded 100 lbs of bumper plates moved the bar from side to side . The clamps have excellent holding capability. If it fits your barbell ?? Sad to say, the many reviewers who complained that the clamps were too fat or too tight appear to be correct. These clamps do not fit the bar I bought them primarily for. That would be my hex- trap bar. I think in my case it might be the bars fault. The reason l purchased these clamps is precisely because the other set l purchased barely held the 150 lbs of bumber plates on. That would be the plastic snap-lock style. They would slide around aa much as 1″ per set, depending on the load. That was bad , these are worse . They do not come close to fitting ?? I can slide the clamp through the bar without even touching the bar…at all. !!! Anyway it’s up too you if you want to take the risk for 7 bucks?? If they fit your gonna be happy with them. If not, well you’ll be cranky . Maybe later l will add pics?? Hope this helps ?? Read more

  4. Bruce Lewis

    These collars, while they do grip the ends of the weight bar, take a LOT of force to open up and some of the chrome on the inside of them flaked off when I put them on my CAP Barbell Olympic weight bar. They work, but the product is relatively low in quality. I’m not going to return them because they work. But I will probably buy something easier to get on and off the bar without my having to use both hands and which, hopefully, won’t leave flakes of chrome on the floor when I attach them to the bar. I don’t know if the chrome flakes are from between the loops of steel or if it is from the inner surface of the loops. I haven’t taken them off to examine them (pointless, since they work). I really expected better quality from CAP Barbell on these. It would have been better to have them made of stainless steel than to have chrome plating on them. Especially since the chrome plating doesn’t seem to be well attached to the steel. Read more

  5. Brent P.

    I am by no means what one would consider strong, but I think these are perfect. My hands are above average so maybe I can just get around the handles a little better for more leverage, but I think these things are the perfect combination of stiffness and tightness. Sure beats the heck out of the last pair I had which are to blame for the nice dent in my drywall. True, I don’t change the plates a lot and tend to rep with the same weight but I think these things are perfect, especially for this price! Read more

  6. Katie

    Other reviewers claimed the springs were hard to get open, I can imagine if you had small hands that to be true. The handles are spaced more than i have previously seen. Within 20 minutes most of the black handles had all but fallen off . At the core the product holds weights on the bar and given the price i believe they will last. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    My wife and I use these at least 5 times a week for weightlifting and the CAP barbell spring clips work fantastically! Initially my wife had a rough time finding the strength to squeeze the clips together but it was nice to know the would hold my weight up on the barbell. We have had them for a few months now and they are still sometimes hard for my wife, but again it is reassuring to know they are still tight after owning them for quite some time. I would gladly purchase these again! Read more

  8. Karen B.

    So here we go again…another poor quality, not made in the USA, CAP product. You would think a simple spring collar would be within the capability of whoever in Taiwan is making these for CAP. Sadly that is not the case. I have a quality Olympic-style bar and these fit so tightly on the sleeve, even with the handle fully depressed, they scratch the plating. Also, they do not open and close easily. These did not cost that much so I just ordered a pair of Rogue Fitness OSO aluminum collars. A lot more money for those but they are made in the USA and I know they wont be crap like these things. I have noticed a pattern with CAP products lately and that is consistently poor quality. If you are going to outsource manufacturing overseas, please at least have some sort of quality standards. Not everything made overseas is crap, but it seems CAP accepts the crap and doesn’t mind passing it along to the consumer. If we keep buying their crap they will not be held accountable, so please don’t buy CAP if you can afford better quality products. Read more

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