Cap barbell three tier dumbbell rack, 51″

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  • ensure this suits by using getting into your version variety.
  • production: heavy duty steel construction with a black finish; 1,000 pound weight capability; 3 cabinets to without difficulty and properly load and sell off dumbbells
  • functions: three cabinets with 51 inches of garage area in line with shelf that’s over 150 inches of storage room for your dumbbells; lower 2 cabinets are angled; accommodates more than one sizes of dumbbell
  • meeting tip: do not tighten bolts till the rack is fully assembled; make sure to place rack on a flat, level floor before tightening the hardware, in any other case the rack may feel as if it’s far unbalanced
  • specifications: 51. Fifty seven” period x 25. 6” width x 37. Four” top; net weight of fifty pounds
  • believe: cap has been a pioneer within the health industry for different 30 years with places international; possibilities are, if you have ever worked out before you have likely used a cap product
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the cap barbell fifty one-inch three-tier dumbbell rack will keep your workout equipment organized properly, all in one location. It is designed to maintain a selection of dumbbells including hex cast iron, hex rubber-lined, chrome and pro-style. The metallic dumbbell rack features three angled degrees for easy lifting and garage. It is made from heavy-duty metal and has a weight capacity of one thousand lbs. This cap barbell rack features a black finish and could appearance best sitting in your weight room. It consists of 3 fifty one-inch racks that supply you with plenty of room to save your weights of numerous sizes. This dumbbell rack is an ideal piece of health device for a home gymnasium and gives a splendid manner to keep your dumbbells. Weights are not blanketed. Important assembly observe: do no longer tighten bolts until the entire rack is assembled. Ensure to vicinity the rack on a flat, degree surface whilst assembling, otherwise the rack can also sense as if it is unbalanced.



5 reviews for Cap barbell three tier dumbbell rack, 51″

  1. james

    For the price, this dumbell rack is super awesome. It is extremely sturdy and fits a full compliment of dumbells from 15lb to 70lb..the pic shows from top left: 15s, 20s], 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s, 60s…my 70s were in another room which is why the bottom right space is empty. I have two 5lb dumbells sitting on top the 45s and two 45 pound plates leaning like bookends on both sides. I converted my 1br apartment “dining room” into a mini gym..the width of the space it’s sitting in is 7.08 feet total from left to right. I’m including two pics of my adjustable bench also for scale. I totally thought this was going to be cheap cr*p and that I would be disappointed and send it right back. Happily not so. This rack is a arrived on time, no damage, all parts accounted for, its made of quality steel, assembles easily and with the weights on it this thing doesn’t budge. I can tell its going to last me forever. If you want a super awesome mini gym and are short on space, get this rack. This rack is AWESOME!!! Read more

  2. Kimberly

    Ordered on the 6th arrived on the 16th. The box was nearly destroyed. It had numerous holes ripped open and some areas had clearly been re-taped. It was not packaged well at all, nothing to protect the metal from puncturing the cardboard. I thought for sure stuff would be missing but all was good. It took about an hour assemble by myself. Super easy. The rack is heavy duty and very sturdy. It does not wobble at all. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because it takes up a lot of space. If you are putting this up against a wall, it’s 11.25″ from the wall to the back of the top rack – more as you go down each rack. It’s 26″ total from wall to the front edge so this is A LOT of wasted space back there. If you have limited space in your home gym, avoid this one for this very reason. Besides this, I think it’s a great quality rack and worth the investment. Read more

  3. HustonX

    Let’s get to what you really want to hear: “buy it and buy it now.” I bought a used one, it had no missing parts, it was sold as used, but really in VERY VERY good condition . The box had been opened “but never put together.” No parts were missing. None. Now, for anyone that says this is a flimsy rack, I totally disagree. I’ve been to many gyms in my life, this is a Gym quality rack. The rack is solid, it does not shake or bend, it is solid! S.O.L.I.D. Solid! I didn’t monitor time it took to put together, but I had no problems with; it I just focused on getting it right the first time. And I did. This is important: Do not tighten screws/bolts until the whole rack is assembled Please note: you will need an adjustable wrench. Yes they include an Allen wrench, but read this slowly “you will need an adjustable wrench.” I’m very pleased with this purchase. I am not a paid reviewer . I’m just a gym rat that finally has his own rack. I strongly recommend this rack. Let me repeat this, for someone that says this is a flimsy rack that shakes, they didn’t put it together correctly! Read more

  4. Peace

    This is my second time buying a CAP barbell rack (in 2019 and 2020)- and BOTH times there were no screws or bolts included to put it together (BUYER BE AWARE). I had to BEG the first time to get the bolts sent to me 2019 … after several weeks and numerous request of begging to get the bolts – they FINALLY sent them to me. We needed a larger rack- so we decided to buy one from CAP again (BIG-HUGE- MISTAKE, I never thought this would occur again… wrong I was). Once again the rack came with NO BOLTS, and CAPS customer service refused to respond- after several attempts of trying to do the right thing and BEGGING for the bolts versus asking for a full refund. However, they FINALLY responded.. when I emailed them and told them I’m returning the rack and will NEVER buy from them and will do a smear social campaign. NOTE: this had nothing to do with COVID-19 crisis either (the first time this happened was summer of 2019- so shame on me for trying to give this company a second chance!) I buy a lot of fitness equipment and anytime CAP pops up now, I avoid it like the plaque. CAP- word of advice- you should get your customer service corrected… because during crisis times- business that have good, responsive customer service will survive… and that you don’t have. So Good Luck CAP!!!! Read more

  5. Ismael

    The Cap Barbell 51″ 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack is the way to go! I was going to put down 4 stars because something went wrong with my first order, it never arrived on the date that it was supposed to arrive on. So I’ve waited two more weeks and then decided to contact Amazon and Amazon replyed super fast and they took care of everything. I was given two options a refund or a reorder of the same package without any cost plus an upgraded shipping option. Which this time it arrived just on time and I was very pleased with my order. It was easy to assembly and to put together, also as you can see in the pictures it can hold a really good amount of dumbbells which I don’t have enough of at the moment. I’m not sure if it can hold up to a 1000lbs cause I don’t have that amount of weight yet, but I would recommend this weight rack especially the 51″ one it’s just perfect for any home gym and/or I’ll go ahead and say that it can go even on any commercial gym as well. It’s really sturdy and heavy duty! This is definitely a great buy!! I hope that this review helps out a lot of people that are skeptical about purchasing this weight rack, I know I was but it’s definitely worth the buy. Read more

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