Cap barbell unmarried chrome dumbbell with contoured cope with

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  • contoured handles for an clean grip
  • high polish heads
  • industrial grade
  • 30 day assurance
  • sold individually for decided on size
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product description

those enormously reflective and appealing dumbbells upload a touch of sophistication to any domestic health club. The knurled chrome handles are ergonomically contoured to in shape conveniently in the consumer’s palm. Solid steel heads make sure most adhesion of the intense chrome end making the dumbbells ultra resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling related to most iron head versions


15-Pound, 20-Pound, 35-Pound

8 reviews for Cap barbell unmarried chrome dumbbell with contoured cope with

  1. David A. Tiangco

    This is a premium piece of exercise equipment. The polished chrome is clean and aesthetically pleasing. The handle is checkered for slip resistance and contoured in a convex shape that really fills the palm of the hand. It is noticeably less stressful and less fatiguing to manipulate than a traditional straight handle. I’ll definitely get a few more to give me a wide range of resistance to workout with. Read more

  2. Cuti8tushu

    . SUMMARY: A good product and it’s 45lb exactly compared to my hex 45lb dumbbell which only weighs 43.5 lb. It’s also smaller which is why I like it, approximately 1.5 inches shorter (lol yea not a big deal) than my hex 45lb dumbbell. Downside is that it’s not as shiny as the 10lb dumbbell same brand . DETAILS: I bought similar dumbbells from someone on craigslist but they are 10lb dumbbells instead of 45lb which I got here. They are the same brand name also, Cap barbells. In comparison they are not the same. The 45lb dumbbells I bought has a texture to the chrome instead of a smooth mirrored finish compared to the 10lb dumbbell, but still they are in fact “Highly reflective”. So the description is indeed accurate, to an extent. The reflective chrome is not as mirrored as the 10lb dumbbell for some reason. I’ve washed it to see if it was dirty but still wasn’t as shinny. Here’s a picture in comparison […] . MEASUREMENTS: 5″ contoured handles (fatter) 12″ length overall Read more

  3. looksharper

    These are great dumbbells, and the only reason I don’t give them five stars is the astonishing price. All dumbbells are very expensive, even the cheapest ones, which are very low-quality. These are top-notch, and unlike another review or two I saw – – my 15 pound set of two are accurate in weight. But almost 4 dollars a pound still seems – – a lot. Read more

  4. Diane Sasso

    First of all who orders one 5lb weight for $20.00…no one. This order is going back because it said “these” weights—where you would assume a pair…but no, only one 5lb weight arrived for $20.00 dollars. I don’t think so off to Dick’s I go …. Read more

  5. DAL

    What’s to say… they’re shiny and weigh 8 pounds. Read more

  6. Holly

    First off I want to state that this is for 1 dumbbell, not 2. I got the 3lb and 5lb so I can start on the right track for my set. I really like the way the handle part feels in my hand, since I’m double jointed and I can’t use the straight bar ones for certain exercises, so I wanted to start getting a set of these. I can’t wait to do more workouts with the dumbbell once I get close to a complete set!!! Update!! I changed it from 5 stars to 4 stars, I got a complete set of cap dumbbells rubber coated, when I sweat my hands get sweaty to. Well with these chrome ones I can’t grip them(I don’t want to drop them on anything, majorly my toes!). With my rubber coated, I can grip them a whole lot better. So they need to take that into consideration. Buying a complete set chrome would cost twice as much as what I paid on e bay for the rubber coated, they use the rubber coated in peak fit challenge, bob harper dvds, etc. So the 3lb and 5lb sets are all I have of these chrome ones. Read more

  7. Jay Keller

    These are really beautiful dumbbells. Not really a high-tech product, but high-tech execution makes these special. They will last many lifetimes, and look beautiful while doing it. You get what you pay for. Please store them at floor level so they can’t fall on your toes, I get scared when I see people place their dumbbels on a shelf. Read more

  8. Cyndy O.

    Happy with my Purchase! Fits my hand perfectly. Love the feel of this Dumbell! Read more

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