Cap lined dumbbell weight, single, diverse sizes

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  • flexible – dumbbells offer the ability to goal specific muscle institution or get a full frame workout.
  • creation – heads are crafted from astm a48 magnificence 20 gray iron joined collectively by means of a strong 1018 cold rolled steel chromed deal with.
  • features – unique hex fashioned heads save you rolling. The medium depth knurling on the ergo cope with offers essential grip and security in the course of use. Coating is extraordinarily durable.
  • practical – ideal for isolations, complete body, useful and hiit workouts.
  • choices – this dumbbell group from cap is available in sizes from 3, 5, eight, 10, 12, and 15-one hundred twenty lbs in 5 lb increments.
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dumbbells are used to exercising all most important muscle agencies, which includes hands, chest, back, abs, legs and middle. The benefits of dumbbell sporting events encompass muscle constructing, improving core power, boosting stability, offering higher bone health, burning energy, growing electricity tiers, improving universal temper and greater. Dumbbells are perfect for isolations, full frame, purposeful and hiit workout routines. The cap coated hex dumbbell heads are made from astm a48 class 20 grey iron with a durable coating and joined collectively through a solid 1018 cold rolled metallic chromed manage, supplying a robust, durable product.


40 Pound

8 reviews for Cap lined dumbbell weight, single, diverse sizes

  1. RocketDoc

    I’ll let the picture do the talking. Same order, two different weights. SMH Read more

  2. Jason M. Abbott

    Please note that the word weights in the header of this product misrepresents what you will receive. I realize I should have asked if this was a pair but with a price of $84.47 I believed that this would be two – 25# dumbbells for a price of $84.47 ($1.68/#) no just one – 25# dumbbell for $84.47 ($3.37/#) This “dumbbell” will be returning this dumbbell (notice no “s” here). Read more

  3. Rocky Johnson

    I ordered two(2) 45lb dumbells and received one(1) 30lb, and one(1) 40lb. Of course dealing with a return of 70lb of dumbbells is difficult no matter how you slice it. Very disappointed. Read more

  4. C.A.S.

    Seems like a quality product, however I’m a little upset that these are 2 different dumbbells even though they were purchased together. They have 2 different grips, came with 2 different labels and you can see that they have 2 different fonts. One is labeled cap and the other is not Read more

  5. SoCalSport and Fitness

    I ordered 2 50lb dumbbells for our personal training studio. They arrived on time though I do have to note one of the packages was completely falling apart (the other one stayed together OK.) The weights were no worse for wear due to the packaging issue. They are 50 lb dumbbells and can obviously take a beating. The weights themselves did arrive with a coating of pungent oil on them, but we wiped them down and it was not nearly as noticeable after airing out for a day. We have a collection of different dumbbells in our studio, including the solid hex dumbbells also sold by Cap, and we made the decision to go with the rubber coated hex dumbbells going forward. They are comfortable in the hand (not too unreasonable to grip as a small woman, though I wish we could find slightly smaller handles), have a nice aesthetic, and feel a bit classier/fancier than those not coated with rubber. They are more forgiving when racking and moving about as I have personally smashed both kinds into my hip bone and would choose the rubber for that any day. However, the dumbbell that came in the intact box arrived defective. See my photo attached – the rubber part of the weight was too far down one end of the handle. If held in the center of the grip, the weight was off-balance, which is potentially very dangerous when approaching a max chest press with this weight. I contacted CAP directly per Amazon that very day December 13th. I explained the issue and provided some information. On December 20th they sent me an order and tracking number for my replacement weight and it arrived December 27th. This time the box was completely covered in packing tape and 100% intact (I had made note to them the previous package arrived falling apart). The is dumbbell was perfect and we are excited to have a set in the studio. While the defective dumbbell was inconvenient, I have given a 5 star review because we are very happy with the product, especially for the cost (very economical), and I am very pleased with the customer service in correcting the defect (and no, we did not have to ship 50lbs back to them!) I expect to buy more products in the future from this company as needed. Just make sure you check your order for any defects before use. Read more

  6. Tomr

    I paid careful attention to the advertisement, the description etc. and was convinced I was buying a pair. Only one arrived and when I followed up the response was – “you only bought one”. When I expressed my disappointment at the misleading information the response was “too bad – that’s on you for not paying attention”. So, just be aware of who and what you are dealing with – and buy from another source who are clear and honest about what they are selling and what you will receive for your money. Read more

  7. no name

    This item arrived in a beaten up box but in good condition, however, it is of poor quality and its not worth $50 for only one weight. Note the vendor does not offer free return. I would not recommend this item. Read more

  8. Ridgerunner

    Picked up a pair of 25’s on sale from Amazon for $19.99/ea. Dumbbells arrived individually double boxed. Interior boxing was from CAP, secondary boxing appeared to be typical Amazon. Each dumbbell had “25” embedded in the rubber coating on each end. No other identifiable markings were on the product. No “CAP” designation other than the packaging which also states “Made in China”. The dumbbell is sturdy as it should be, the contoured grip fits nicely into my palm and the texture is sufficient enough to maintain a non-slick grip. My wife states that the texture is too rough, that is debatable. The dumbbell has a slight odor to it, a rubber/chemical smell which is not overpowering and I’m sure will wear off over time. UPDATE #1: After 2 nights sitting in the garage, on foam/rubber exercise flooring, the dumbells left an oily residue where they made contact with the flooring (see picture) The one criticism I do have is that the poundage markings are not colored in contrast on the black rubber. This, I foresee to be more of an annoyance when stored next to 20s or 30s. Nothing a home remedy can’t fix though. Overall, great value in my opinion for the price, now to find some 35s on sale. UPDATE #2: I’ve since picked up a few other sets of the CAP brand dumbbells as I feel they are of good value. I did notice one additional criticism on the 25’s though… the numbering alignment is off. Meaning, all of the numbers on my other sets are read from the outside of the dumbbell in… on the 25s its read from the inside out (or upside down if you will). I quickly picked up on this when racked with others. Read more

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