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  • ensure this suits by way of getting into your model range.
  • get horny abs in just eight mins an afternoon: core max 2. Zero is scientifically designed to combine eight muscle-burning physical activities in eight minutes an afternoon in a single amazingly effective system.
  • dual- action resistance: electricity-assisted rebound machine provides resistance & guide in each guidelines, maximizing consequences & minimizing strain.
  • personalize your workout: personalize your recurring with 3 resistance levels. Burn energy & company up even as you’re sitting down
  • bonus: middle max 2. Zero comes entire with a dietary manual, digital down load exercising movies & fast outcomes workout chart
  • compact: folds for easy storage! Center max 2. 0 is designed without problems and feature in mind! You may without difficulty save center max 2. 0 in small areas and take it out daily.
  • care commands: hand wash
  • protected additives: exercising chart, vitamins manual, and exercising virtual download
  • sport type: exercising & health
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middle max 2. 0 is designed with capability in mind. The palms fold flat so it can be without difficulty saved below the sofa, the mattress, and pretty much any compact space.

core max 2. 0 is first-rate for users of all fitness stages. There are 3 ranges of resistance and they’re smooth to adjust in only seconds! Middle max 2. 0 combines 8 muscle-burning sports in 8 minutes an afternoon in one amazingly effective system. Ultimately, you could get the 6 p. C. Abs you’ve usually desired!

core max 2. Zero comes absolutely assembled. Once you get rid of it from the container, just modify the two palms to the preferred stage of depth to begin entering into form!

this buy comes with an workout guide, meal prep guide, and virtual exercise downloads, all totally free.



8 reviews for Center max smart abs and total body workout cardio domestic gym

  1. Kirsten Blackburn

    I just got this, in like 24 hours, seriously! Super fast shipping super nice packing and it was already completed, NO ASSEMBLY AT ALL😍 it is beautiful and super sturdy, 4 settings and it comes with lots of workouts and even a diet plan for two weeks! I’m super excited to give this a go, I’ll update in a couple weeks or so!! Wish me luck:) Read more

  2. Waihe’e 808

    I’m not one to exercise but owing this Core Max Smart Abs kinda got me started. It’s simple to use and I do not feel like I am straining my back when doing sit ups. Read more

  3. arale

    When I was checking the Core Max – it gave me an option to purchase this one as a newer upgraded version. It’s the same, so don’t spend another $10 more on this one. It works, BUT for me was not on all body parts. In 10 days my tummy certainly was a lot flatter, but my arms and legs stayed the same. I’m starting to work longer than the 1 minute on both arms and legs and see if that’s going to make a difference. Read more

  4. Dlyag

    I have used the Core Max for a long time now. Excellent product but not this newer design. When in Level 1 and pushing down with my leg the front of the machine lifts off the floor and bounces back down hard on the floor. Some genius thought to make the platform smaller but did not give it enough leverage for Level 1. Will not buy this product again. Read more

  5. April

    I’ve turned my dining room into a gym and this perfect size piece of equipment is the right size. First thing I liked is there is NO ASSEMBLY!!! They get 5 STARS just for that. The hardest thing about this delivery was getting it out of the box. NO ASSEMBLY Y’ALL, NO TOOLS NEEDED. Next it comes with a guide on what you should eat and it comes with a guide on different exercises you can do. I have already used it and I’m headed back down to use it again. Great Purchase. Read more

  6. BMW

    I received the produce yesterday and I did 50 sit-ups. My core is absolutely destroyed right now and I’m hoping this machine will help me build it back up. Wish the seat had a little more cushion in it but overall it feels great. Read more

  7. Elizabeth

    I was in debate to get this or not but seeing as in my area the air is bad, the heat is bad and the gyms are closed I decided to get this to motivate me before wedding dress shopping. The product came one day delay but intact. I also purchased resistance bands that arrived one day ahead of core max. I can see why people would say it’s unstable. If you just look at the workouts on the paper and try them out, you may feel the seat lifting but I watched the workout videos provided on the website given for free and paid close attention to how they were sitting and I felt no unstableness. If this product is new to you should be doing all that you can to familiarize with how to best use it and safely for you and you body and not just assume that because assembly and the exercise look easy that you should jump right into it. I look forward to waking up early and doing the 8 min training video and also just doing sit ups while watching tv instead of bumming it. Read more

  8. Velma C

    Great for set ups but I got to be careful because it slips a little bit Especially if you’re doing it on the rug as far as trying to do like the bicycle have to put it somewhere that it holds it in place because it will slip Read more

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