Champion sports activities ball base

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  • make certain this suits by getting into your model variety.
  • plastic ball base offers more stability while the usage of fitpro or brt balls.
  • sixty five cm balls and up.
  • model wide variety: fpsl
  • package deal dimensions: nine” ( h ) x thirteen” ( l ) x 12″ ( w )

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product description

the champion sports exercise ball base is a flexible tool that offers greater balance in your exercise ball exercising. Proper for balls sixty five cm and up, this base is a tremendous device for those new to the usage of an workout ball. You can additionally use the bottom to shop a single ball and prevent traumatic approximately it rolling away. It also affords a outstanding way to transform your workout ball into an office chair. This can assist you construct core power and better posture at the same time as seated in front of a laptop. So, outfit your exercise ball and feature a device for achievement with the champion sports activities exercise ball base.

8 reviews for Champion sports activities ball base

  1. Nanci M. Walker

    I laughed so hard when I received this. It’s a little plastic pot liner for plants that is re-branded with a sticker to say that it’s an exercise ball stand. It’s absurd. Someone in Italy is laughing all the way to the bank. Read more

  2. Tonya Maxwell

    IT DOESNT hold the ball in place, it isn’t the type I ordered… Not worth the money, or the hassel of retufning… Read more

  3. icecubes

    Works well! Holds the ball in place when not in use. Not meant for sitting on the ball while you’re exercising, bc it’s too flimsy. But I don’t think that was its intended use. Read more

  4. Eric Hagstrom

    This is nothing more than a plant saucer. Nothing fancy and way smaller than I expected. I used to to keep my exercise ball sturdy when I use it as a chair at my computer where I do my Amazon reviews. I stopped using it because it made no difference and was actually in the way. To hold a ball in a garage, it’ll work fine. But so will a paper plate, a piece of rope, or just about anything else you can come up with. Read more

  5. Amber A.

    I think I may be confused on what exactly a “Ball Base” is. I thought it was for sitting on with your ball, but it seems as though its just meant to rest your ball on it when you’re not using your ball. Its very uncomfortable when trying to sit on your ball while it is seated in this ball base. Thanks Read more

  6. Pamela Nixon

    it slips off to the side rather than keep the ball nestled. I had hoped it would make the ball easier to scoot up to my desk with having to roll it and get the dirt that the ball picks up from the floor on my clothes. Disappointing Read more

  7. Winter Soldier

    NOT made for over 65 cm ball, unlike the description. This is mader for the medium or small ball NOT over 65 cm ball. Very poor advertising for Amazon! Read more

  8. Rachel Cooper

    Small for a 45 centimeter ball, unless it’s only used to store the ball. I wanted to use it to stabilize a ball for my child to sit on at her desk, but once weight is applied it spills over the stand and the stand is no longer serving its purpose. Read more

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