Champion sports activities exercise remedy balls, 8 sizes, leather-based without a-slip grip – weighted med ball set for weight schooling, balance, plyometrics, cross training, core strength – heavy exercising ball

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  • raise your routine: champion sports activities provides exercising equipment that makes your health dreams as exciting, convenient, and conceivable as possible. Our leather-based medicine balls are no exception – mixing unwavering performance with attractive aesthetics
  • non-slip, controlled grip: the exterior is made of artificial leather that lends itself to a supple texture but remains smooth to keep – even if sweaty. Keeping a regular grip is easy whether doing floor exercises, weight lifting, or aerobics
  • unmatched, lasting durability: using expert-grade, brilliant materials, our weighted ball will maintain up to every throw, slam, or elevate you put it through. Top class, strengthened sewing in addition guarantees durable functionality
  • made for an expansion of exercise: the champion sports multi-purpose remedy ball set was created to be utilized by fitness professionals and beginners. Our gym accessories can be used in a variety of instructions which includes pilates, yoga, aerobics, or pass training
  • blend and fit: this medicine ball series gives an array of sizes, hues, and weights so you can always mix up your exercising ordinary, including task and range while you’re feeling bored and stagnant or going mild on low-strength days
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champions are made, now not born – we provide the tools to get you there. Even though surprisingly-effective for some matters – hand-held weights, kettlebells, and cable machines may be restricting in terms of what you may do with them. Medication balls have emerge as the go-to for lots trainers, therapists, athletes, body-developers, and health club-goers. They’re top notch due to the fact they deliver the weight and density needed to build muscle and get toned. However, they also can be used for balance and core sporting activities, plyometrics, and increasing agility and stamina. The champion sports activities collection of medicine balls provide a diffusion of weights to customise your exercising. Our remedy health balls are made with a artificial leather shell that creates a relaxed, ergonomic sense whilst additionally maximizing grip and managing. It also ensures long-lasting overall performance and use. Wearing a selection of amusing colorations, those weighted balls are attractive, making health experience a little less taxing and extra exciting. Product description: all-cause health medicinal drug ball; substances: high-density rubber, artificial leather shell; colour alternatives: crimson/white, yellow/white, blue/white, orange/white, green/white, teal/white, pink/white, black/white; weight selections: 4-five lb, 6-7 lb, nine-10 lb, eleven-12 lb, 15. Forty three lb, 17-18 lb, 19-20 lb, or 21-22 lb.


11-12 Lbs, Orange, 14-15 Lbs, Green, 17-18 Lbs, Teal, 19-20 Lbs, Purple, 21-22 Lbs, Black, 4-5 Lbs, Red, 6-7 Lbs, Yellow, 9-10 Lbs, Blue

7 reviews for Champion sports activities exercise remedy balls, 8 sizes, leather-based without a-slip grip – weighted med ball set for weight schooling, balance, plyometrics, cross training, core strength – heavy exercising ball

  1. B & L

    I purchased this medicine ball to add to my growing home gym. I know Champion is a quality company and I saw the price of the 9/10lb 2 KG ball and couldn’t pass it up. Plus this was an actual medicine ball not a slam ball, I wanted a real old school medicine ball, this one is that. At first when i unboxed it, and took off the plastic I felt a bunch of sand and got worried. That is completely normal. The ball was in perfect condition and felt exactly the way I wanted it to feel. I’ve already used it twice and it’s perfect. Good quality, no odd smells, great feel when you are holding it. Perfectly sized and weight too. It will definitely last! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. For the price you can’t beat this ball. Some other sellers were offering cheaper priced slam balls and then they would say medicine ball in the description so it’s confusing. This is a medicine ball, made of leather and you can’t feel anything shaking around inside it’s great. It came next day as promised so shipping was on point. I will definitely be purchasing a heavier version of this same ball to add to my gym in the next month or so. Thanks for being exactly like described and still making the quality we all care about! I appreciate that. I definitely recommend this medicine ball 💯!Read more

  2. Chronic Shopper C

    Let me preface by saying I like my fitness equipment to look nice. I needed medicine balls and chose these bc they fit my exercise intent and look nice.I can’t speak to the durability as I use mine for mostly core work exercises and with partner workout tosses etc. so no slamming on the ground for me.Also, the balls aren’t perfectly round like a sphere. This is due to what I presume is the material it’s made of.The finish on these balls is why I drop it to 4 stars as the surface is slick and if you’re not prepared it will slide out of your hands. Even during tosses with another partner you have to grasp it firmly. Unlike other rubberized balls with grips there is very little tact. My first one of these was the 14lb. One. It assaulted me when I dropped it on my face bc the surface was slick, my hands were sweaty, thus it slipped out of my hands. Broke my glasses too. I was like poor little Ralphie.These balls are very handsome and have their uses for exercise. I would recommend using them with gloves to improve stability and manipulation capabilities due to the slick surface. They look adorable lined up on my little restoration hardware stand.Read more

  3. each1teach1

    Ordered 12/13/19 at 8:51 A.M. and received the order on 12/14/19 at 2:30 P.M.! Packaged very well! Medicine ball is leather, stitched well, and looks very durable.This product’s description says 4-5 lbs. However, the ball has “4 lb” printed on the leather, and it weighs in at exactly 4 lbs.Although my daughter’s volleyball trainer said to get a 5 lb medicine ball, I’m satisfied with this product. However, the ball is a lot smaller than a volleyball (13s travel team).Read more

  4. Casey

    The best medicine ball I’ve ever purchased! I’ve been using these balls at my gym for over a year. Every time we need to add more equipment I order these – there’s no need to even look at other brands. Ball slams, core exercises, wall balls – you name it, this product will deliver. Over time you may notice sand leaking if you do a lot of ball slams with them, but it took several months and thousands of slams for me to ever notice leakage (which is to be expected with this construction). It is so versatile and the perfect size. Brands with larger balls tend to hurt members hands who have arthritis and a lot of women have trouble holding onto them. This products compact size alleviates those issues. This repeat custom would recommend these for any gym or home gym!Read more

  5. Allie

    Overall it’s a good product, decided to just buy one before I got multiple to see how durable it is. I havent had it that long, but so far it seems to be holding up pretty well and it gets the job done.My only issue is from the time I purchased to the time I received, the pictures changed. When I purchased, the medicine ball pictured look old school and just said Champion on it, not Rhino in giant bold letters, and the one I received says Rhino. I’m a chunky girl just trying to lose a lil fat, I don’t need a ball calling me a rhino. I’m only kidding, it’s not a huge deal. I did honestly like the look of the other one a lot more, but when it comes down to it, it’s a tool and the way it looks doesn’t really matter. Just hope there’s not a difference in quality down the line.Read more

  6. babspace

    OMGs, the effort required to find a decent, standard, medicine ball! I don’t want something I can slam on the floor, or throw against a wall. My neighbors would kill me!I was a bit concerned about ordering this one as, at the time, I saw some reviews stating what was received was not what was shown in the description. Not sure if they’re shipping different balls to different countries but I ordered one in kilograms and got one in pounds. NOT the biggest deal, as it was in the range listed in the description. Glad to see they are fixing the issue, now, though.The ball is a smooth leather, with some tack. It may be too slick if you have dry hands, especially at first. But with use I’ve found I’ve had little trouble holding onto it. There is a bit of give to help with grip, too. I’ve had no problems with seams splitting or it getting knocked out of shape the few times I’ve dropped it (while tossing in the air). I plan on sticking with this brand for all future medicine balls.Read more

  7. Mary Franks

    I got this to attempt to work out while on quarantine. A lot of people were charging a fortune in shipping for dumbells and other workout equipment since they were being stopped price gouging for items. So this was a good priced item to use and workout with. It does the job, and I’m actually taking it to an outside fit camp this weekend since there aren’t a lot of places open and the trainer I’m working with is building up her personal equipment. I’m happy I bought it and would buy it again. Once I get stronger I’ll order some heavier ones.Read more

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