Champion sports rhino promax slam balls, gentle shell with non-slip grip – medicinal drug wall ball for slamming, bouncing, throwing – workout ball set for weightlifting, trx, plyometrics, go schooling

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  • mix up your habitual: the rhino promax slamball offers a a laugh and unique way to get an effective workout without the use of conventional fitness center device. Contain our jumbo slam balls into your exercising to enhance speed, agility, cardio and middle strength.
  • smooth, advanced grip: brandishing our proprietary rhino pores and skin leather-based shell, users revel in a cozy yet managed, non-slip grip. The exercising ball’s massive, ergonomic build makes it easy to throw, seize, and slam – even when sweaty.
  • unmatched power and performance: presenting more deliver and soar than normal medication fitness balls, our slam ball become built for substantial put on-and-tear and extreme floor contact. Its sturdiness will maintain up to every slam, throw, or maneuver.
  • complete frame exercise: slam wall balls challenge major muscle groups in addition to smaller, stabilizing ones. Adding these heavy balls to cardio hobby, weight education, or exercise instructions guarantees a full-frame exercising from head-to-toe.
  • mix and healthy: this weighted slamming ball collection gives a selection of weights and colors so you can constantly blend up your exercise habitual – including assignment and variety whilst you’re feeling bored and stagnant or going light on low-power days.
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8 reviews for Champion sports rhino promax slam balls, gentle shell with non-slip grip – medicinal drug wall ball for slamming, bouncing, throwing – workout ball set for weightlifting, trx, plyometrics, go schooling

  1. Michael Taylor

    I bought this for my wife in December of 2019 and am now writing this review in August 2020 (photo from August 2020). She’s done probably 25-30 CrossFit workouts using this for strictly wall balls. We paid 31.99 for this wall ball at the time and we selected it because it was so cheap and we were still starting out building up our home gym. Overall I would purchase it again for 31.99 but we’re looking at getting a new one because this one just isn’t good enough. You get what you pay for. 3 stars. Not bad but there are certainly much better products out there.Pros:Cheap – at the time, this ball was super cheap compared to competitors. With COVID19 I see it’s over $70 on Amazon now which is crazy. I would absolutely avoid this ball for $70. For 31.99 like we paid? Yeah that’s more worth it.Well made – as stated above this has been through 25-30 workouts and there are zero issues with the stability of the ball. No signs of wear on the seams. In fact, this is almost a con as I will discuss belowCons:Too sturdy – this thing is hard. Like really hard. There is almost no flex which means that when it comes to catching it, it almost slips through your fingers. Because the exterior is so smooth it contributes to this problem. Do not get this ball unless you’re experienced with the weight of the ball you’re selecting. This thing is difficult to catch versus the myriad of other balls we’ve used for CrossFit, especially when round 5 rolls around and you’re dying.The bounce – sort of tied into the above issue, this ball won’t just stay where it falls. If you’re doing your last rep or taking a break and let the ball hit the ground then it will bounce a foot or two in the air, remain unstable, and roll away from where you’re doing wall balls. It’s super inconvenient if you’re doing a workout for time and this thing rolls away.Read more

  2. Danny

    First off, THESE ARE NOT SLAM BALLS. Many medicine balls of this variety get negative reviews simply because people use them for slamming and blow out the seams. That is not what they are intended for. If you want a slam ball, buy a rubber ball filled with sand.Secondly, this ball does seem to be very well constructed. I opted for the “elite” variety for that reason and the stitching seems to be very well done. I am confident that this ball will hold up to heavy use, and possibly even a little slamming. However it arrived to be with one glaring flaw: it was shaped like a badly deformed egg. That is not ideal when doing any sort of bouncing or tossing, the ball can go any which way and throw off your workout. Almost all medicine balls will eventually lose shape and need to be replaced, but I’d rather not start from the beginning like that.So, I am returning it without even using it, and will spend the extra money for something more reliable (and round). I received it yesterday and am shipping it back today. I’m sure I could easily exchange it for a new ball until I received one that was the right shape, however I am deciding to try a different route.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Very disappointing. Does not hold up in commercial gym environment. Seams busted on everyone we ordered. Might be ok for home use.Read more

  4. Trina

    These Slam Balls are not weighted properly and are not balanced evenly. They are crooked and the weight inside is not evenly distributed, making them awkward to use in exercise! I would highly suggest researching elsewhere. Not what we expected for the price and brand.Read more

  5. Bada

    Seems well made and has held up to some good thrashings. My only complaint is the the surface is a bit too slippery. It is hard to get a hold on when you want to slam it. Maybe banging it on some abrasive surface will help, but I am afraid that will shorten its life.Read more

  6. George Devidze

    I wanted to get a light medicine ball like this one for my kids to work on their tennis game. The heavier ones cause them to lose their posture when simulating strokes. This light one is perfect for them (9 and 10 year old boys). In fact, I will also get a 2 lb ball to have a lighter one. We’ve thrown this against the wall, slammed it down onto the court, etc. It seems to be holding up just fine.Read more

  7. Teddi L. Jones

    Bought these for our gym just under a year ago. They are used for personal training purposes, so they are not being used improperly and the lacing on 3 of them is coming apart.Read more

  8. Treasure

    After the first use, the ball became lumpy and does not toss or throw evenly. The exterior is very smooth and silky, and very difficult to catch or throw. As a personal trainer with a decade of experience, I would not recommend purchasing this item.I am highly dissatisfied as I cannot use it with my clients (too lumpy, too smooth surface) and will be buying another jam ball/slam ball/plyo ball of a different brand – i’ve used the rogue balls in the past, but they’re just quite expensive lol & this was an inexpensive option… I guess you get what you pay forRead more

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