Champion sports wrestling and gymnastic floor mat clean tape – multiple widths and lengths

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  • make certain this suits by way of entering your model number.
  • sturdy mat tape secures smaller wrestling and gymnastic padded mats collectively for accelerated protective floor space
  • offers advanced preserve and is simple to apply
  • dimensions: 3″ huge x 28 yds period (eighty four ft)
  • color: clear/obvious
  • unmarried roll
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champion sports mat tape facilitates you seamlessly be a part of your wrestling mats to create a larger vicinity, and fast fixes tears and rips. The tape offers advanced preserve, and is easy to apply.


3" x 28 yds, 3" x 36 yds, 4" x 28 yds, 4" x 36 yds

8 reviews for Champion sports wrestling and gymnastic floor mat clean tape – multiple widths and lengths

  1. Anon

    I work out at a facility with very old folding tumbling mats. Their padding is still sufficient but their Velcro no longer sticks well, and the mats were always coming apart. We were thinking about replacing the mats, but this tape has provided an excellent solution. It’s soft and flexible, is kind to the mats, holds them together firmly, and leaves no residue. We stitch the mats together with a 2ft strip of tape on each adjoining edge. After use we peel off the strips, stick them to their mat, and put the mats away. It takes just a couple of minutes to tape the mats and we can reuse each strip up to 20 times, so a roll lasts a long time. This tape is doing a wonderful job of prolonging the life of our mats, and has turned out to be a very worthwhile purchase. Read more

  2. Alex

    I used this tape to connect multiple 4×6 martial arts mats in my basement for jiu-jitsu. We were previously using duct tape (Gorilla Brand) and replacing it every few weeks. This stuff has been in place for a couple weeks now with use a couple times a week by 4 decent sized guys on it and shows no signs of wear or peeling up. It seems to stretch a little which seems to help it stay in place. And to the people upset because they thought they were getting 4 rolls, read the description carefully on everything you buy and don’t be an idiot. This tape is the cheapest I’ve found so anyone who has shopped for this stuff before and thought they were getting 4 rolls for that price is a ding dong. Read more

  3. Purchaser

    We have a 10′ x 10′ wrestling mat for our son. It’s in two pieces and we have to fold it up and move it out of the way very often. This tape holds the mat together perfectly and safely. We have only applied it once and moved the mats dozens of times already and we still have almost the whole roll remaining. Very happy with this tape. Read more

  4. J. Hamilton

    The picture is misleading – but just about everyone uses stock photos these days INCLUDING some of the 3rd party websites recommended by less than satisfied buyers (one reviewer was so upset by the photo when he only received one roll, that he recommended we all go to a 3rd party vendor… who uses a photo of 5 rolls but is clearly selling only 1 roll at a time: oh the irony). Short answer is the tape works as advertised and is a good value. Read more

  5. Julie

    We use this to hold our carpet down at the sport shows we attend for our business. It lasts for the whole weekend and peels up easily at the end, which is good as we would be charged if we left residue on the floors Read more

  6. bumgrappler

    this keeps your mats together even during cold weather. don’t go cheap.great quality. no residue Read more

  7. kenneth c dunbar

    I bought this to help tape up some old gym mats I got used. The tape itself is good for a time, but it does lose some of its adhesive quality over a fairly short time (three months or so). I have to continually re-tape my mats. Good for a quick fix, but if you are going permanent, I recommend a vinyl tape of some sort. Read more

  8. Alli G

    I got this tape to bind two treadmill mats together that I use for aerobic / kinect exercise activity. Got the mats so I wasnt making so much noise for our downstairs neighbors. The tape is working just like I had hoped. It is strong, and doesnt roll up on the edges. It is a smooth texture. The only thing i didnt like is that it stunk really bad for a couple days after rolling it on the mat. But I guess I expected some kind of stench from tape. Read more

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