Closing body press wall set up doorway pull up bar

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  • the hooked up doorway bar: the wall mount doorway pull up bar is the ultimate frame press extraordinary that combines the distance saving versatility of a doorway pull up bar and the inflexible overall performance of a hooked up bar for better workout routines each day
  • all welded metallic: the rigid mount doorway pull up bar supports awareness on form so you can successfully growth rep counts in three grip positions. Thick 1. 25” tubing stands a full 4. 25” off your wall to leverage your doorway for full variety of motion
  • easy installation: the wall mount doorway pull up bar is precision engineered for easy domestic set up and includes assembly instructions, complete hardware, and usa tech assist
  • ideal anchor: anchor elective body weight resistance trainers to turn your pull up bar into a complete bodyweight gymnasium. Entire full sets of pull u. S. And different tough physical games proper from day one with assisted workout variations. [sold separately]
  • designed in the u. S.: remaining body press is a north carolina organization devoted to handing over higher workouts every day. Consists of prime eligible shipping and united states of america customer support
  • keep with confidence: the wall mount doorway pull up bar is subsidized through final frame press against producer’s defects for 10 years
  • observe: 36 inch bar and minimal 38 inch width required for installation

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  • specifications suggest it is 36″ huge; i’m assuming this measurement is give up to quit at base of brackets. Also, inner width, bracket to bracket?
  • specs suggest it’s far 36″ wide; i’m assuming this size is stop to give up at base of brackets. Additionally, internal width, bracket to bracket?

  • what is the distance middle to center among the top and backside of the vicinity for the bolts? I plan on mounting this on 6″ (real 5 1/2″) beam.
  • what’s the gap middle to center between the pinnacle and bottom of the location for the bolts? I plan on mounting this on 6″ (actual 5 half”) beam.

  • what is the minimal distance between the slotted holes on each mounting plate?
  • what is the minimal distance between the slotted holes on every mounting plate?

  • would this be able to hit the king studs on 3 doors – 32. Seventy five inches, 36. Seventy five inches and 34. 75 inches huge (frame widths at the both aspects included)?
  • would this be able to hit the king studs on 3 doorways – 32. Seventy five inches, 36. Seventy five inches and 34. 75 inches wide (frame widths at the both aspects blanketed)?

    8 reviews for Closing body press wall set up doorway pull up bar

    1. Rob M

      I think this is a great piece of equipment and a good value. I mounted it in my man cave shed, and it is working well. I like the diameter of the grips. It is wider than some. If you are considering this, keep in mind that if you mount it on a flat wall, your knees will brush up against the wall. That might be fine for some. If you mount it over a doorway, be sure that the door opens all the way and will not obstruct your pull-ups. If I could change something, I would make the grips knurled. But even so, it’s a Five Star product. I’m really glad they didn’t put some lame foam padding on the grips. I wouldn’t have bought it with that. My only other piece of advice is that if you have really broad shoulders, this might be too narrow for what you want. That is kind of a judgement call, but go to a door frame and put your hands at the top and over the vertical trim and that’s about the width of the grips.Read more

    2. Matt C

      6′ 2″ 200lbs … does not budge. SOLID and great pipe diameter. As for install … instructions recommend a socket attachment to your drill. That is unnecessary, and may not offer enough torque. I recommend using a standard socket set to set the lag bolts into the 5/16″ pilot. This bar will last a lifetime.Read more

    3. Ken

      Lets say it is 4 1/2 stars. This is a really nice pull-up bar that works out very nicely over a doorway: The cost was reasonable, it seems very sturdy and it was easy to install. For just being one bar, I like that it lets me vary the grip depending on whether I am doing pull-ups or chin-ups. having my hands canted just a slight bit really makes them easier on the elbows. The only con I had that kept it from 5 stars is the grip surfaces are too slick. The manufacturer used a very slick gloss finish and there is not any knurling on the bar to aid with grip, particularly if I am sweating. I did remedy the problem by wrapping the bar with medical tape.I would definitely recommend this pull-up/chin-up bar.Update 7Sep20: I was considering buying a second one for a buddy, but they raised the price to $110. I bought mine for $59. 😳Read more

    4. Jeffrey Drews

      This turned out to be the perfect bar for my purposes. The overall length was 38 inches and I put it just above a closet door. I can get a quick workout in the morning just to keep up my strength and mobility. I like to match this with a push type exercise like dips for instance. Don’t let yourself go and not be able to do the things you like in life through physical limitations due to a sedentary lifestyle. Keep active. Keep fit.Read more

    5. Clay Butler

      Sexy bar that looks and feels awesome. Angled bar provides many options if certain angles and grips hurt your elbows or wrists. Thicker than most bars. Unfortunately I can’t get maximum use out of it because my door frame is really tight, so only medium grip pull ups and chin ups or my right elbow slams into the door to my home office. If I would had mounted it on the outside of the office so I could get full use…well I wouldn’t be alive to write this review as my partner would had killed me.Read more

    6. bookworm

      A very solid alternative to the type of pullup bar that fits in the door frame. If your door frame is standard (use a studfinder and measure your door BEFORE you order), its hard to beat this bar. It is not only wider but higher off the ground so that you don’t have to bend your legs if you’re not too tall when doing different exercises. I actually messed up the install by drilling too large holes, but fixed it by using structural screws instead of the lag bolts in a different spot.The only negatives for me is that I would have preferred a straight bar without the angles in it. When I hang gym rings, they tend to fall down into the middle of the bar instead of staying where I placed them. I kind of fixed that with some gaffer tape near the sloped parts of the bar. The second nitpick is I wish that the bar was a little further from the base, so that it would give more clearance when you are doing things like ring flys so that the rings don’t bang into the doorway. Still recommended.Read more

    7. Dr. D

      I didn’t use this for a doorway as my header trim is too tall and I would be hitting my head on the ceiling. Instead, I mounted it on a drop down beam that just happened to be the perfect height for me. The angles are very comfortable and the different grip options are a plus. The only negative is that the finish is smooth throughout and I felt the need to improve the grip. I wrapped it with athletic tape and now it is ideal. The bar seems very sturdy and strong and I can’t imagine any problems with it as long as it is mounted properly.Read more

    8. Bob Evans

      A great and strong bar that came with good hardware. It makes an assumption that all doorways have 16 inch 2x4s on the side. My house does but they don’t go above the doorway as the ceiling is high and angled. So I put a 2×10 above the door. Secured it the 2×4 posts and then mounted this on the 2×10. That not only worked fine it helped to move the bar 1.5 inches out farther…even better. Very strong and good welds. Easily support 300+ pounds person.Read more

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